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Is the real Islam, as Schwartz suggests, a tolerant religion? He asserts that in the ancient history of Jews and Muslims their relationship was harmonious and stresses that for most of Islamic history, when Jews faced Christian persecution, they fled to Islamic communities in the Middle East, where they prospered. He in turn reminds his readers of the last century’s holocaust in Auschwitz and Dachau, affirming that Islamic countries have never demonstrated such a magnitude of intolerance. 

When one looks at the facts as given by the history of Islam, it becomes evident that the animosity between the Muslims and the Jews did not begin 100 years ago as Schwartz thinks but rather dates back to Muhammad’s days. From the history of Islam written by early Muslim historians, we learn that when Muhammad entered, Medina that city was a prosperous and vibrant community of Jews, and six years later, there was not a single Jew left in that town. They were either banished or massacred. 

Kitab al-Aghani, [a book of songs, an important source for information on medieval Islamic society] traces back the first settlement of the Jews in Medina to the time of Moses. They were merchants, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, artisans, and farmers. Al-Baladhuri, in Futuh al-Buldan (the conquest of the towns) says that a second Jewish immigration, according to the Jews, took place in 587 BC, when Nebuchadnezzer, the king of Babylon, destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed the Jews throughout the world.

The Arabs in Medina were relatively newcomers. In 450 or 451 A.D., a great flood in Yemen, forced various tribes of the people of Saba to migrate to other parts of Arabia. Among them the Bani Aus and the Bani Khazraj settled in Yathrib (later named Medinatul Nabi (Prophet’s Town, now abbreviated to Medina). The Arabs were unskilled people. Jews used to hire them for menial works such as peasantry and domestic services or as helpers in their shops. Muslim historians admit that Arab Jews were living in Yathrib for centuries. In language, dress, civilization and way of life, and even names, they had completely adopted Arabism. They inter-married with the Arabs and therefore genetically were the same people. In fact, nothing distinguished the Jews from the Arabs except their religion. The Jews have been living in Yathrib for 2,000 years. The Arabs were refugees who settled there only a couple of hundred yeas before the arrival of Muhammad.  

Arabs can hardly be called peaceful people, nevertheless, in Arabia, prior to the advent of Islam; religiously-motivated hostilities were inexistent. Being polytheists, Arabs were tolerant of differing religious beliefs. Pagans, with their 360 idols, Sabeans, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians, lived side by side, practiced their religions and preached them openly in marketplaces. Religious intolerance in Arabia was introduced by Muhammad.  

When Muhammad migrated to Medina and found the Jews unwilling to accept his new religion, he turned against them. There were three Jewish tribes in Medina: the Bani Qainuqa, the Bani Nadir and the Bani Quraiza. He banished the first two tribes after confiscating their wealth and properties and massacred the men of the third tribe taking their wives and children as slaves. Shortly afterwards he raided the Jews of Bani Mostaliq and then Kheibar, another Jewish city where the rest of the Bani Nadir had found refuge and after committing widespread slaughter of the able men, and taking the young women as sex slaves he ordered the elderly and the unwanted to cultivate their own lands that he confiscated and demanded the payment of half of the proceeds as Jizyah. It is important to note that in none of these wars of genocide, the Jews fought back. These were not wars but sudden ambushes. Jews sought refuge in their quarters. Muhammad cut the supply of the water to them. Their infants died until finally they had to surrender and submit to his harsh judgment, which comprised banishment, enslavement and massacre.  

At his deathbed, Muhammad’s last wish was to cleanse Arabia from all the Jews and the Christians; "No two religions are allowed in Arabia"; he willed and Omar carried out his will a few years later.

Therefore, one of the biggest holocausts of the Jews actually took place in Arabia, at the hands of the Prophet of Islam. Of course, Muhammad did not kill six million Jews, but he killed or banished all of them until none were left. Schwarz; being a new Muslim is certainly unaware of these details that are hardly advertised by Muslims. Instead of going to a mosque and being overwhelmed by the silence of its walls, he should have read the biography of Muhammad written by Ibn Ishaq or Tabari, both books translated into English. 

After the battle of Khandaq, Muhammad falsely accused the Bani Quraiza, the last Jewish tribe of Medina, of treason and breaching their treaty. He laid siege on their quarter and cut the supply of water to them until they surrendered. Then he ordered all the men including boys who had reached puberty to be slain and took their wives and children as slaves.  

“Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi:
I was among the captives of Banu Qurayzah. They (the Companions) examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubes) were killed, and those who had not were not killed. I was among those who had not grown hair.” Sunan Abu-Dawud 38, 4390  

What Schwartz has to say about this? Apart from the fact that Muhammad lies and it was he who breached his treaties and not the Jews, did all the men including boys with pubes deserve to be killed? Did the women and children deserve to be enslaved?

Muhammad claimed that Gabriel came and said to him “You have laid down your arms? By Allah, we angels have not laid them down yet. So set out for them." The Prophet said, "Where to go?" Gabriel said, "Towards this side," pointing towards Banu Quraiza. So the Prophet went out towards them.” Bukhari 5.59.443

Can any sane person believe that an angel of God goes to his prophet and says kill some of God’s people? Couldn’t God kill his “enemies” without the help of his prophet and his moronic followers? Aren't these examples set by Muhammad the inspiration behind the Islamic terrorism today? 

After these helpless Jews surrendered, this cunning self proclaimed "the best example to follow" decided to wash his hand from the heinous crime that he was about to commit and took away all blame from himself. He called upon a ruffian called Sa’d who was his bodyguard and who was wounded and in pain, to pass judgment on the prisoners.

“When the tribe of Bani Quraiza was ready to accept Sad's judgment, Allah's Apostle sent for Sad who was near to him. Sad came, riding a donkey and when he came near, Allah's Apostle said (to the Ansar), "Stand up for your leader." Then Sad came and sat beside Allah's Apostle who said to him. "These people are ready to accept your judgment." Sad said, "I give the judgment that their warriors should be killed and their children and women should be taken as prisoners." The Prophet then remarked, "O Sad! You have judged amongst them with (or similar to) the judgment of the King Allah." [Bukhari 4,52,280]

Does Mr. Schwartz know about these stories? After reading the "generous " Quran and crying for that "beautiful, beautiful" book, is there any tears left in his eyes to shed for the victims of Muhammad's holocaust?  

Jews and Christians are called dhimmis (protected people). They are called so, because Islamic law protects their lives, on the condition that they pay a protection fee, called Jizyah, with “willing submission and feel themselves subdued” (9:29). When a dhimmi used to take his jizyah to the Islamic authority, he had to be submissive, and despite this, the Mullah slapped him, insulted him and kicked him, even though symbolically, in order to humiliate him and comply with the spirit of the law.   

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