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Why they do that? Why they write books that are not veridical?


The answer is money. These so-called scholars have sold their souls to the wealthy Saudis and their Royal family. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia finance heavily the publication of these revisionist books and TV documentaries. These material are intended for the consumption of the Westerners and are designed to lure them into Islam. The entry of the Westerners into Islam is advertised in the Islamic countries as the proof of the validity of Islam and the Muslims are confirmed in their faith. Although the westerner was duped to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, his conversion validates the faith of the Muslims in Islamic countries who know that Islam means war, that it means Jihad and that paradise is under the shade of the sword. 


Islam is a cult of ignorance and a gigantic terrorist organization, even though many Are not aware and would not readily admit that. When western apologists, motivated by greed or ignorance declare Islam to be a great religion, this serves as confirmation for those millions of Muslims that their way is right and now the Westerners, who are in any ways superior to them, are discovering it too. Islamic countries are poor. They are backward and uncivilized. Muslims see the technological and the scientific advances of the West and have developed a social complex of inferiority vis-a-vis the western world. Unaware that Islam is indeed the main cause of their backwardness, they cling to it as the last straw to salvage their sinking ego. The conversion of the Westerners is highly advertised in Islamic countries and the books written by Western apologists are translated and cherished as they provide a soothing balm to their otherwise bruised self-esteem and boost their battered ego.


The fact that these Western apologists claim Islam is a religion of peace is irrelevant. That is their personal opinion and as such counts for nothing. What matters is that they have acknowledged that Allah is God and Muhammad is his messenger. What Allah and his messenger say is what matters, not what Western apologists might believe.


On August 26, 2000 Srinagar Journal published an article written by Barry Bearak about Asiyah Andrabi, a Muslim woman, born in a well-to-do middle-class family of doctors. She became a fanatic Muslim, started wearing burqa, tossing colored dyes in the faces of women without Hijab, advocating violence, raising her sons as terrorists with gun in their hands, encouraging her husband to take other wives all because she read a book about the conversion of Western women to Islam. That is all she needed to be blazed by fanatical fervor and turn a terrorist.


Islam is an edifice erected on lies and deceits. We cannot win the war against Islamic terrorism unless we demolish the deceitful foundation of the ideology that underlies it. In this war, truth and only “truth will set us free”.  This truth cannot be announced in Islamic countries. That possibility simply does not exist. This sun must dawn from the West and gradually illumine the horizons of the East.


Of course it won’t be easy. Muslims are prone to throw tantrums to get their way. In the story quoted above, “the Nigerian Government has appealed for calm and has assured Muslims that those responsible for the article, which appeared in ThisDay newspaper, would be brought to book, for exceeding “the bounds of responsible journalism." And “ThisDay has retracted the offending article and has published apologies.” reported the BBC.  Also the pageant was moved to London. Another victory of Islamists. Violence pays. 


Did really the author of that article exceed the bounds of responsible journalism? Did he say anything that was untrue? Javiryah, Rayhanah and Safiyah were beautiful young girls captured when Muhammad raided the tribes of Marisi', Qurayza and Nadir. The prophet slaughtered their husbands, fathers and loved ones and slept with them in the same day he captured them. The first two refused to marry him and remained as sex slaves in his household until he died. According to the hadith, the reason the prophet chose these girls was because they were the prettiest.


From a Hadith we learn that once he met a lady from Bani Jaun called Jauniyyah.  “When the Prophet entered upon her, he said to her, "Give me yourself as a gift." She said, "Can a princess give herself to an ordinary man?" The Prophet raised his hand to pat her so that she might become tranquil..." Bukhari V. 7, B.63, N.182: 



Muhammad raped the young women, all teenagers captured in war. He said it is okay to sleep with captured women even if they have husbands. 4:24. So what the journalist said was not beyond the pale, to say the least.  What Muhammad did was far worse than that.  It must be asked, why should the journalist be brought to book for telling the truth?  Sadly, this is how Muslims win every time. They have threatened to kill Falwell and Robertson; they assassinated the Japanese translator of Satanic Verses; issued a death fatwa against Salman Rushdie and attempted to assassinate his editor. I urge you to circulate this story. The media who runs a story against Islam is not going to be safe. But we have to ask ourselves, if now that the Muslims are so few among us, we fear retribution to speak our minds, what will become of our freedom when their number is that much greater, particularly in the west?


In closing, let us remember the lesson that history continues to teach:


 "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke  



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