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The truth is that everything you do is offensive to Muslim’s sensibilities. If you go to a beach wearing a bikini, you are offending the Muslims. If your teenager daughter goes to a disco, she is offending the Muslims. If you consume alcohol in the presence of a Muslim, you are offending him. If you eat your lunch in public during the month of Ramadan in a Muslim neighbourhood, you are offending the Muslims. If you preach your religion in an Islamic country you are offending the Muslims. If you keep a dog as a pet in your house, you are offending the Muslims. Your very existence is an offense to Islam because:

”Whoso desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers." 3:85

And in this world:  

"Fight them, [the non-believers] and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of Believers",  9:14,

As for the Jews and the Christians:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the last day... and fight People of the Book, who do not accept the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute by hand, being inferior" 9:29  


Verses such as these are altogether numerous in al Quran. It is because of these that Abu Hamza al Masri, the outspoken Muslim cleric in London, has called upon Muslims to wage “Jihad on West's doorstep”.  He organized a conference a year after 9/11 and called that day “a towering day”. He said that killing Americans and taking their money, is okay. He believes that the murder of non-Muslims is the right thing to do because, as he sees it, "in modern civilization wives are deceiving their husbands and husbands are deceiving their wives and there's homosexuality and drugs”. As a doorman at London discos, of course, this was the kind of life he was familiar with prior to becoming a Muslim “holy” man. But what is shocking is his readiness to kill those that, according to him, still live in sin.  

In an interview with Al-Jazeera network, the third-in-command of the Al Qaida organization, Mohammed Al-Asuquf is reported to have said that Al Qaida has 6 nuclear bombs hidden in undisclosed US cities, which will be detonated with one week intervals killing an estimated 15 million Americans, because as he puts it: “Today, Americans live like maharajas, wasting more than any other people, spending more than $80 billion per year just on gambling. They've lost any notion of spirituality and live in constant sin. With each passing day the USA demonstrates that it doesn't know how to live with other peoples; for this, it deserves destruction.” 

Later this interview was declared to be an email hoax. Whether a hoax or a bluff to invoke panic, the point is that Muslims see it as their business to impose their sense of morality on the rest of humanity and the method that they have chosen to implement it is terror. 

The daily occurrence of acts of terrorism, from Philippines to Indonesia, from Russia to Nigeria, from Israel to USA and virtually in every country where Muslims reside, demonstrates the fact that Islam, far from being a religion of peace, is a cult of terror with one objective and that objective is to dominate your life and conquer the entire planet for Allah, the imaginary deity of an schizophrenic, narcissist insane man. Failing to see that is a gross mistake that could cost more lives than what was lost in the two great wars of the previous century. 


What can be done?

Well, I am glad you asked. It is high time somebody asked this question because if we act we might still have time to do something about it before the king of terror strikes and most of humanity goes up in smoke. The first step is to pull out our collective heads out of the sand and confront this reality face to face. This is a challenge not as simple as Mr. George W. Bush and Mr. Tony Blair presents it. They are politicians and as such must play to a wide constituency, which means having to operate most of the time within the safe borders of political correctness. Speaking and telling the truth at all times and in all places becomes a delicate matter. However, given that this reality is not about to go away and most likely will only get worse, it does not nor will it matter how many terrorists are captured or jailed or even executed. So far, only the United States has allocated 100 billion dollars to fight against terrorism.  As promising as that may seem on the surface, the overriding reality is no amount of wealth will be enough to eliminate terrorism. This terrorism is motivated by an ideology and it will not go away until that ideology is defeated. There are tens or hundreds of Islamic terrorist organizations, thousands of active terrorists and millions of potential terrorists, each waiting to snap into action and murder tens, hundreds or even thousands of people.  Just take a look at the images coming from Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and all other Islamic countries, to see the support that Osama Bin Laden enjoys by millions of masses. This man is a hero and a role model for millions and millions of Muslims across the planet. Each one of them is a potential terrorist. You kill OBL, hundreds more will rise from beneath the rocks. 


People need encouragement for what they do and so does OBL. He feels what he is doing is important. He is validated and confirmed by millions of Muslims who openly praise him. If he did not receive this overwhelming praise he and his team would not have had the incentive and would have left their terrorist enterprise for something more rewarding. In other words, as long as the average Muslims back the Islamic terrorists, this problem is not going to go away. As long as OBL and other Islamic terrorists are not denounced by the masses of Muslims, as long as the majority of Muslims see the terrorists as heroes, their number will keep growing.


Terrorists do not grow on trees. In order to become a terrorist, to the level of emotional sacrifice that you become ready to give up your life to kill, you need to have the right milieu. You must have intense hate of those whom you plan to kill.  You must have the support and encouragement of the people around you and you must have an unwavering assurance that you will be compensated. All these conditions are there for terrorism to bloom in Islamic countries. The hatred of the unbelievers is taught in the book of God. The textbooks and the curriculum of the school kids foment the hatred of the Western countries, especially of Israel, and America. The newspapers and the media are given the freedom to accuse the West for all the ills of their own societies. The criticism of the corrupt and dictatorial regimes in Islamic countries is prohibited; in its lieu the criticism of the West is encouraged.








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