Leaving Islam



Slaying Islam

By Ali Sina

"The following article is a modified version of a letter written in response to a passionate young and patriotic Iranian who questioned whether ideologies and in particular Islam can be "killed"? The language as well as the content of this article reflects the language and the content of the letter of the questioner"

Today many Hindus are angry with Gandhi for not being firm against the Muslims and allowing Pakistan to separate. But I believe this is very unfair judgment against Mahatama Gandhi. The blame should not be placed on Gandhi. There was nothing that he could do to keep India together. To hold Gandhi responsible for the separation of Pakistan from India is like blaming Dr. Bakhtiar for letting Khomeini take over Iran. This blame rests on the shoulders of Jinah and the racist mentality that Islam inculcates in its victims. It is Islam that indoctrinates its believers to consider themselves “pak” clean and the unbelievers “najes” filthy. It is Islam that cannot tolerate people of other religions. Jinah was not a religious man but he used religion as an excuse for his separatists ambition. Gandhi could do nothing vis-à-vis this much religious hate. The great master tried his best and he even praised Muhammad to ebb the animosity of the Muslims. But Islamic hate is too strong to be subdued by love.

Gandhi was unable to stop that much hate. You cannot win a Muslim by love. Once a person becomes a Muslim he loses his humanity; his reason is gone; his sense of justice is vanished; his heart becomes full of hate. He thinks of killing the unbelievers; he despises people who are not Muslims and hate consumes his being.

Today the Hindus of India blame Gandhi for caving in to the Muslims, which at the end, as they claim, cost more lives. What could Gandhi possibly have done? Should he have brought tanks and gunned down the Muslim separatists? Would this have subdued their hate? Would this have stopped them from wanting to have their own country? Of course not! Recall what General Yahya Khan did in Bangladesh. He invaded that country (then called East Pakistan) when Mujib al Rahman from Awami League of Bangladesh won the election. 90,000 Pakistani solders took the country, massacred 3,000,000 Bengali civilians, mostly intellectuals and raped up to 250,000 women. This rape was sanctioned by a leading Mullah of Pakistan by the authority of what Quran teaches to do with the non-Muslim women captured in war. Avami League was declared un-Islamic and therefore the killing spree and rape was licensed. Did this stop Bangladesh from getting her independence? Force is never the answer. Gandhi could do nothing to stop the disintegration of his country. The disease was already advanced. The disintegration of India was inevitable.

Islam is a disease that destroys everything. It devastates lives and tears apart families and nations. The hatred of the unbelievers is encouraged in Quran. A Muslim is not even allowed to pray for his own father and mother if they do not believe in that cult 9:23. Wherever Islam goes the disintegration of that country follows. This disease must be stopped before it spreads.

Now we know what to do. We have to eradicate this deadly disease and destroy Islam. Taslima Nasrin said that fundamentalism is a poisonous branch shooting from the trunk of Islam. Until the trunk is alive it will keep growing poisonous branches. The solution is to cut the tree. You fight against fundamentalism in one place and ten more fundamentalists and terrorist movements shoot out in other places. The world must realize that Islam IS fundamentalism. It IS terrorism. You cannot fight against Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism without fighting against Islam itself.

According to the western etiquette, it is not politically correct to criticize people’s beliefs. This may work in the West. But Islam is a totally different animal. You have to deal with Islam according to its own standards. The standards of Islam are intolerance of other beliefs. If we want to stop fundamentalism, the Talibans, the Hamas, the Hezbollahis and Islamic terrorism in Philippines, East Timor, Kashmir, Turkey, Egypt, Africa, USA and anywhere else, we have to kill Islam. We have to aim our darts at the heart of Islam. We have to attack Muhammad and destroy the credibility of Quran.

I am not an enemy of religion in general. A good religion can deliver a lot of peace and serenity to its believers. I would never decry what someone holds dear to his heart and drives solace thereof. Even though I personally do not need a religion to love humanity and experience the divine, I will not belittle the sacred beliefs of other people. My enmity is with Islam. The reason is, as I reiterated often, Islam is not a religion of love but a doctrine of hate.  While Islam is alive there will be no peace. I believe my responsibility in this world is to expose Islam and eradicate it. But that is already happening. Let me pretend to be prophetic and declare that in one generation, Islam is gone. One generation and there would be nothing left of Islam but a name and a bitter memory. I know you may think this is too presumptuous and an audacious remark, but there are several factors coming together that makes this a synch.

1) 70% of the population in Iran is young. The history has shown that in any country when the number of young people exceeds the adults a revolution is guaranteed. This is a social and biological phenomenon and has nothing to do with the political condition of that country. Remember the Hippy Movement among the Baby Boomers in America?

2) Another factor is the general malaise and the discontent. This is very characteristic of the condition in Iran.

3) The 3rd factor is the presence of a repressive and dictatorial regime. Well, we have one of the most repressive regimes in Iran.

Put all of that together and you have a revolution waiting to happen. This revolution is not something that we can instigate or prevent. I am not advocating revolutions. It is going to happen as a historic necessity. But what we can do is to educate the young generation so that the revolution does not get out of hand and is carried out peacefully and without the bloodshed. The revolution need not be a violent one but it would be a total shift from the way we think and of our values. Our task is to create guidelines for the generation born and raised in the Islamic Iran to learn about democracy, respect for human life and embrace the values of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This revolution will certainly end the rule of Islam in Iran. Khomeini had warned that the end of the rule of the Islamic regime means the end of Islam itself. I believe he was prophetic in that statement. When we have freedom of expressions we will be free to denounce Islam or discuss it openly in radios, TVs and newspapers just as we do now through the Internet. Books will be printed against Islam and the exodus from Islam will take momentum. Today many Iranians are offended if you call them Muslims. This feeling will only be generalized when everyone learn about the true Islam and realize that the crimes perpetrated against them by the akhoods and mullahs were not aberrations from the true Islam but they were the real Islam.

After Iran, immediately other Islamic countries will followsuit. Unlike Christianity that managed to survive and probably will remain the religion of many people for centuries to come, Islam will vanish altogether overnight. Islam grew overnight and will die overnight.

I am longing for the day that humanity becomes united and we embrace each other as brothers and sisters. However, religion is often the cause of disunity and Islam is the greatest obstacle. But its end is nigh.

Many modernist Muslims have become desperate and to save their faith, they blame the Mullahs and believers for not practicing the “true Islam”. That is whitewashing the truth. Such posture may be politically correct but is intellectually dishonest. We have to expose Islam and show that the tree is rotten from its roots.

Look around yourself! See those Iranians who have rejected Islam now love the entire world, and see how they respect the rights of the people who have different beliefs. See how they respect the Baha’is, the Zoroastrians, the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the agnostics and the atheists, the very people that they hated while they were blindly following the Messenger of hate. By rejecting Islam they have set themselves free of their religious hate. Now they see themselves as humans and feel united with the rest of humanity. All the prejudices and religious hate is gone. Then look at those who are still caught in the claws of Islam. See how they spew venom at everybody. If we get rid of Islam, we will get rid of our hate against each other and we can be a united nation again and build a hate-free world.

Our responsibility is to expose Islam. We have to aim at the heart of this beast. Don’t buy the western cliché that people’s beliefs are sacred. That is a fallacy. People are sacred, their beliefs are not. If a belief preaches hate that belief is not sacred. It should not be respected but denounced and repudiated. You have to fight it even if its followers are offended. Nazism was never a sacred belief, even if millions of Germans believed in it. Pay Muslims with their own coins. Muhammad desecrated the holy places of the pagans of his time and demolished their idols. Let us pay them back in kind and demolish their idols. Albeit, unlike Muhammad who used sword and spilled blood of innocent people, we use our keyboards and love them.

When Gandhi praised Muhammad, he either did not know the truth about Islam or as a politician he could not say the truth, which would have fueled the animosity between the Muslims and the Hindus. As a Hindu it was not his business to criticize Islam anyway. But we know the truth and we are children born in Islam. It is our responsibility to open the eyes of our fellow countrymen and women and save our motherland from this monster.

The fight against Islam should not stop once we eliminate the barbaric regime of Iran. At that time we have to intensify our fight. The Muslims will do all the tricks in the book to stop us. They would ask us to leave them alone. They would plead, “to you your religion, to me mine”. But we should not give them any truce. We should use all the media in our disposition, we should write as many books as we can, we should spread knowledge as much as we can until Islam is eradicated completely.

Islam is a religion of Ignorance. It thrives through ignorance. When you fight the ignorance, Islam will die. Islam is the religion of darkness; the light of knowledge will dissipate it.

The first step is to establish our freedom and the freedom of speech. Then, it is possible to eliminate Islam in one decade. Few will remain but they will be ashamed to declare their religion publicly. The Mosques will be deserted and many of them will be converted to museums, libraries and music halls for our kids to practice and perform. They will be the most beautiful libraries in the world. Finally our majestic Iranian architecture will be in the service of our culture, knowledge and art.

Hundreds of books and articles will be printed refuting Islam and the Muslim scholars will be challenged to answer them. The weakness of Islam will be exposed and its death will be ascertained. Just as the Islamic fanaticism from Iran spread to the neighboring countries, the massive denouncing of Islam will also affect the intellectuals in the entire Islamic world. The scholars in other Islamic countries will start to debate. For the first time the Muslims will see the real face of Islam. People will grasp the power and rule of the Mullah and religious authorities will end. Islamic countries will compare the progress of other non-Islamic countries to their own and see how Islam has hold them back from progress and has reduced them to poverty. Within a generation (less than 30 years) Islam will be a dead corpse. There will be nothing left of it except a sore memory and a bad name.

This is the greatest change that is going to take place in our (Islamic) world in the coming decades. It will be the renascence of the Islamic countries. The intellectuals and the freethinkers of this world have a tremendous responsibility. It is up to them to make sure that this renascence is not derailed by violence. The renascence must take place in our minds and social clashes must be completely avoided.

Islam teaches violence. Muslims would seek every opportunity to use violence and defend their religion by violence. They will call for Jihad. They will use terrorism. This is the way that Islam has grown and this is the way that it has maintained its grip for 1400 years. Islam’s strength is in violence. Violence is the method of choice for Muslims. It is encouraged in Quran and the Mullahs will call for it again. We should not let that happen. We should not give them this victory. We should avoid situations where they may be tempted to use violence. We have to avoid personal confrontations. The clashes are the clashes of ideas. We fight against Islam, not Muslims.

Islam must be attacked from two fronts. One is Muhammad himself, his immoral character is an eloquent proof that this man could not possibly qualify to be a messenger of God. His weak moral fiber must be exposed. There are plenty of Sahih hadiths that reveal the less-than-holy personality and conduct of the messenger of Allah. The second front is Quran. We have to make everyone see the errors and the absurdities of this book. No one can ever write a book more damaging to Islam than Quran. The Masses of Muslims who read that book daily, do not understand it and are unaware of its barbaric nature. Those who know it are vaccinated against reason. They have taken small doses of this poison every day for so long that now they are immune to any logical and rational thinking. They see with their own eyes the fallacies of Quran, its errors and its barbarism, but are unmoved, unaffected, untouched. It is inconceivable that any human being with a grain of conscience read the absurdities of Quran and not be aghast.

Once this ideological revolution takes place among Muslims, the effects of that will reverberate in other parts of the world and the thinkers of other religions will see the absurdities of their own Faiths and will come down hard at the irrational beliefs of their own fathers. Fundamentalism in one religion feeds the fundamentalism in other religions. It is as if there is a competition and people of all religions vie with each other to be more fanatical. When the Taliban issued the Fatwa that the Hindus in Afghanistan should wear distinctive badges, immediately a terrorist Hindu group that calls itself Hindu Unity issued a warning that they will start killing the innocent Muslims in India if Hindus is Afghanistan are harmed. This senseless competition has brought the world to the verge of a catastrophe of unimaginable consequences.

However, the reverse of that is also true. Once the bigot fundamentalists of other religions see Islam is dying and it is under attack by the intellectuals of its own; once they see that Muslims themselves have risen to slay this beast, they will have no reason to exist. To fight with other fundamentalist is the raison d' etre of the fundamentalists of any religion. When there is no one to fight with, there is no reason to be.

Once I was active in an Internet based discussion group, a Hindu used to come and read my anti-Islamic material to use as ammunition against his Muslim opponents. One day he sent me a surprisingly refreshing email. He thanked me for opening his eyes. He said that my criticism of Islam has made him question his own religion and made him see that there are similar flaws in it too. He confessed that he is no more a Hindu but a Humanist. It’s important to note that I had never said a word against Hinduism and I don’t know much about it. Isn’t it wonderful? By fighting the dogmatism and superstitions of our own beliefs we are fighting against dogmatism in general and we are bringing about the world unity! :-)

This is an exciting time to be alive. You and I and ordinary people like us, can actually change the course of history. We can kill the monster of religious hate, liberate its victims and not only usher them into a new age of enlightenment but ease the tension between Muslims and the rest of the world and establish universal peace in this planet.

Peace, love and unity will reign in this world when we eliminate hate and ignorance. Islam is the biggest source of hate.



A strong comment on Dr. Sina's "Slaying Islam" article

       Mohammed Ayoob <[email protected]>
       [email protected]
       Re: A different thinking - Need your intellectual criticism / comments.
       Thu, 05 Apr 2001 09:25:45 -0400

Much of this is crap. He does not know that the leading ulema in pre-partition India were at the forefront fo the nationalist movement, that the Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Hind, the leading organization of Islamic scholar was an ally of the Congress, that the Deoband theological seminary was the hotbed of anti-colonial, nationalist activities. Jinnah and the his supporters knew little about Islam as a religion and were involved in a political project to use Islam to further their secular (this worldly) ends. Also, one should not ignore the mistakes committed by the Congress in its approach to the Muslim elites who were feeling insecure about their place in a post-colonial and
democratic India where Muslims would be reduced to a permanent minority. The presence of Hindu nationalist trends both within and outside the Congress exacerbated these insecurities and played into the hands Jinnah and the Muslim League. Analysis that is
ignorant of context and the complexities surrounding a situation is not only meaningless it can be very dangerous as well. His analysis of the Islamic revolution and its aftermath in Iran equally, and in this case deliberately, ignores the context in which Khomeini and his followers came to power. "Little knowledge is worse than none"! I had never heard of the fellow before.


Mon, 9 Apr 2001

I have some comments about your "Slaying Islam" as well. The situation in Indian subcontinent prior to 1947 division was quite complex. And that cannot be compared with the present day Iran or Iran in the past. Muslims for their age-old orthodoxy decided not to learn English. That is why in many parts of India, they became far behind Hindus in societal progress. There was jealousness, low self esteem. In addition to that we have to take into account of the feudal system in parts of India (like in Bengal). In feudalistic Bengal, a good number of landowners (we call them Zamindars) were of Hindu faith. The exploited class was Muslims. So there was societal exploitation on religious lines. Also, the caste system in Hinduism brought more bitterness among Muslims in some parts of India. Brahmins, the upper caste was behaving as if they were the Whites of South Africa under apartheid. Jinnah exploited and utilized all the grievances of Muslims. Although Pakistan was separated on the basis of religion on the surface, there were undercurrents of a class struggle in a dominant constituency like Bengal. History showed without Bengal's participation, Pakistan would not have been a reality. Regarding Pak army atrocity, I have some comments too. It is true Pakistani army wanted to cleanse East Pakistan out of Hindus. There was systematic ethnic cleansing. But all the 250, 000 raped women were not only Hindus. There was sizable Muslim women as well. In fact, Pak army wanted to wipe out Bengalis from their ancestral land. Muslim and Hindu Bengalis suffered equally in many instances. That is all for now.

Sincerely yours,

Jamal Hasan

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