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Let Walker Walk Away. Put America On Trial. 



By Ali Sina  


"You should be shot with the same gun used to shoot your son."

 The threatening, angry voice of the anonymous caller told John’s mother, sneering at her “Great parenting job”. Reported Time magazine 9/29)

This coming Friday, John Walker Lihdh, the American Taliban, will be sentenced for treason against his own country. But did he act alone or are there accomplices? 

John Walker is singled out as a traitor, the man who shook hands with Osama bin Laden and conspired to kill his own countrymen. Yet John Walker is innocent. The culprit is the society that is now condemning him and prosecuting him. This young man did nothing wrong. He simply believed in the lies that the American society, the American media and the American politicians told him. He was looking for peace and everyone told him that Islam is the religion of peace. The politicians lied to him, the media lied to him and the society lied to him. He should not stand trial. It is this sick “politically correct” society that should.

John’s interest in Islam began when he was just 12-years-old. His mother took him to see Spike Lee's film, Malcolm X. Time magazine quotes her saying, “He was moved by a scene showing people of all nations bowing down to God."

But did anyone care to tell that child that the god these people are bowing down to instructs his followers to kill other people? Did anyone tell him that this god is a paranoid, petulant, despot that despises democracy and hates women? Did anyone tell him that this god is not the same God that Christians and Jews worship?

Of course not—because that would be rude.

That would hurt the “sensibility” of the Muslims and one should never offend others by making derogatory remarks about their religion.

In fact, that young boy received total approval and blessings from his parents to pursue his heart’s desire as they too were ignorant of Islam and did not know that Islam is not a religion but a dangerous cult, dangerously overgrown. In the September 29th edition of Time Magazine, it statesJohn’s parents were pleased to see that their son had found something that moved him. And at a time when other parents they knew were coping with their kids' experimentation with drugs, booze and fast driving, it all seemed fairly innocent. Marilyn (John’s mother) would drop young John off at the mosque for Friday prayers. At the end of the evening, a fellow believer would drive John home.”

The American society also did not see anything wrong or alarming about a young American converting to Islam. He would stroll with his awkward Islamic outfit up and down the streets, and the good American folks did not get especially worked up. “It was just another kid experimenting with his life, with his spiritual side, certainly nothing to fear or loathe” writes Time.

Instead of investigating the real truth about Islam, John's father allowed himself to be fooled by what he defined as the “Islamic custom of hospitality for fellow believers.” (Which in itself should have been telltale of the cultic nature of Islam) And instead of warning his son of the dangers of Islam, he tried to “appreciate” his faith. One day he tells John, "I don't think you've really converted to Islam as much as you've found it within yourself; you sort of found your inner Muslim."

But unbeknownst to his parents and the rest of the gullible Americans, this young impressionable teenager was gradually being brainwashed to hate his own country. As Time reports, “a language teacher [in Yemen] says Lindh came from the U.S. already hating America.”

It continues: “Lindh's correspondence from Yemen evinces an ambivalence toward the U.S. In a letter to his mother dated Sept. 23, 1998, he refers to the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Africa the previous month, saying the attacks "seem far more likely to have been carried out by the American government than by any Muslims."

Americans are gradually becoming familiar with the Islamic tactic of committing the crime and blaming it on the victims. Everyone has heard the fantastic story of 4000 Jews not showing up for work on the fateful morning of 9/11 made up by Muslims. Actually, Muslims in Islamic countries still rehash this same nonsense.

So this innocent boy is led to believe that Islam is a religion and he tried to learn it and practice it with all sincerity and eagerness. He begins studying and memorizing the Quran and in his notebook he writes a passage that reads, "We shall make jihad as long as we live."

By becoming a Muslim, John Walker Lindh alienated himself from the rest of his countrymen. According to the Quran, Muslims are not supposed to take as friends and protectors the unbelievers (Q;9:23).Muslims are asked to fight those who do not believe in Allah (Q;9:29) and murder them (Q;9:123) A Muslim is not allowed to accept another religion (Q;3:85).

So, it's no wonder, that when John wrote back to his mother after the U.S. presidential election in 2000, he referred to George W. Bush as: "your new President" and added, "I'm glad he's not mine.” Of course not! A Muslim cannot accept the rule of an unbeliever He must disobey him, fight with him and endeavor to kill him (Q;25:52).

John Walker is just a victim of “politically-correct America”. Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who called the Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan “freedom fighters”?  So John went on to become a freedom fighter. What is wrong with that? Didn’t President George W. Bush repeatedly announce, “Islam is a religion of peace”? Why jail a follower of the religion of peace?

As required summer reading for first-year students, Prof. Sells of the University of North Carolina has compiled a book called “Approaching the Qur'an” where only “nice” teachings of the Quran pertaining to the Early Revelations are handpicked and the violent, bloody verses that call for killing, looting and raping the unbelievers have been left out. This is nothing but deception. Young Americans are being lied to. A false image of Islam is being portrayed to them. And when our young kids believe in the lies that we feed them, trust our judgment, and then go on to believe in and practice Islam, we brand them as terrorists, jail them, and prosecute them. Isn’t this hypocrisy?

How many newspapers, television shows or radio programs have the courage to call a spade a spade when it comes to Islam?

Which one of our politicians has the mettle to stand in front of a camera and tell the nation that Islam is not a religion of peace; watch your kids? On the contrary, Islamic propagandists are given the free tribune to twist the truth and promote their lies. CAIR (the Council of American-Islamic Relations) is planning to furnish thousands of libraries across the country with Islamic books hoping to find new John Walkers. Mosques are being built in every city and town throughout the country to instill the hatred of America amongst the American kids. There is not a single day where someone does not die in the hands of Islamic terrorists somewhere in the world.

What will it take for America to wake up and realize that Islam is not a religion but a very dangerous cult?

When are we going to pay attention to the teachings of the Quran and understand that the terrorists are not aberrations but the real Muslims following the real teachings of their holy book?


Ali Sina is a founding member of Faith Freedom International, a movement of ex-Muslims striving for the freedom of faith and freedom from Faith in Islamic countries.


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