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Who is paying for Barack Obama's lavish vacation in Hawai'i?


 Kailua Beach Park

Americans are losing their jobs, while Obama is going to party in this beach at Christmass. Who is paying? Eight years ago Obama could not pay his credit cards. Everything changed when he found the gold mine called public service. It's surely a change you can believe in.

Executive Editor

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin demands that Barack Obama disclose who is paying for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle in Hawai'i.

Martin says Obama may elevate arrogance, corruption and ripping off American taxpayers to new heights with his insatiable appetite for high living at public expense.

(SAN FRANCISCO)(December 26, 2008) Internet powerhouse Andy Martin will hold a San Francisco news conference today, Friday, December 26th to demand that Barack Obama disclose who is paying for his lavish and extravagant "vacation" in Hawai'i. Martin brings his "National Conversation" on Obama to the West Coast with stops in San Francisco and San Diego through December 31st.

"Americans are losing their jobs. Auto workers are being asked to return to pre-war wages. People are reducing spending, corporations are cutting back. And America's 'Marie Antoinette Obama' is spending money like there's no tomorrow.

"There are four possible sources of payment for Obama's expensive lifestyle in Hawai'i: (1) Obama's own money; (2) money from private donors; (3) Obama's campaign cash; (4) "Transition" money from U. S. taxpayers. Who is footing the bill for airliners, and $9 million home rentals?

  1. "Obama is not a wealthy person, certainly not wealthy enough to personally foot the bill for airliners and the rental of $9 million residences. So who's paying?
  2.  "If someone is paying Obama's bills, who is that person or persons? We have a right to know who is buying influence and access with Obama.
  3. "If Obama is using campaign cash to support his lavish lifestyle that also appears to be illegal; at a minimum Obama owes taxes on funds he is converting to personal use.
  4. -"If Obama is misappropriating Transition funds paid for by taxpayers to subsidize his vacation that amounts to stealing from the federal government and every American.

"During a campaign for office, contributors legitimately support the candidate's activity and of necessity pay for everything associated with moving around and campaigning, including transportation, hotels, food, etc. No one questions campaign spending. But the campaign is over. So where is Obama's Hawai'i cash coming from? Obama is spending a fortune on a 'vacation' that is costing someone a bundle. If Obama is stealing his vacation money from taxpayers, that is an outrage and reflects contempt for the hard times Americans are experiencing.

"What's wrong with flying commercial, instead of using chartered airliners? Staying in hotels instead of $9 million homes? If Obama thinks he can satisfy the boobs who voted for him by running around half-naked at the beach he is in for a real shock on January 20th.

obama's chartered plane

An airplane chartered by the Obama

"The president of the United States should set an example of austerity and restraint during this period of economic challenge. But Obama is going in the opposite direction, trying to revive the 'imperial presidency' with the vengeance of a master rip-off artist. Super-fly Obama seems to think the American people owe him and Michelle a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. What a disgrace. In making fools of us Obama is making a laughingstock of the presidency.

"And what a disgrace no one in the mainstream media has started acting the unpleasant questions about where Obama is getting his money to pay the expenses of his vacation in Hawai'i," Martin will state.


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