Allah' Plan for the Dead

Dec, 25. 2001

By: Mamluk

My understanding of Muslim burial of the dead is that a dead person is buried and kept in the burial ground until the Day of Judgment when he/she is resurrected and judged by angel Gabriel who will determine whether he/she will go to heaven or hell depending on his/her performance when he/she was alive. The process will be repeated for all Muslims who number over a billion on earth today. Non-observance of this burial practice is an unpardonable deviation from Islamic Principles whereby the person involved will not be considered a good Muslim and will surely not go to heaven. The Day of Judgment may come within a year or a thousand year or anytime in between or after that. 

While the Muslims are confident in their knowledge that there is in heaven and hell sufficient space available for all resurrected Muslim men for their daily activities, such as, reclining in expensive couches, feasting on choicest dishes( I have not found out where those expert chefs come from. I will not be surprised if many of them are from Pakistan and Afganistan because they make excellent naans and fairly good tandoory chicken whereas most Egyptians and many Arabs relish on fried camel's testicles as I have been told), frolicking and having never-ending sex each with 72 white-skinned, wide-eyed Houris with a few good-looking boys joining them now and then, elaborate torture chambers for the deviant Muslims and all non-Muslims, the implication and effects of this scheme of governance, as designed by Allah(Praise be upon Allah) and Mohammed(PBUH) for Bangladesh is enormous if one thinks about it. I have not found out in Quran or in Haadiths exactly how Muslim women are evaluated on the Day of Judgment and exactly how and where they are dispatched after it is all said and done.
Anyway, the implication for Bangladesh may be understood rather easily when one thinks about the land area of Bangladesh available to Bangadeshi Muslims to do their things. Bangladesh currently has a population of 130 million souls of which 88% are Muslims(source: World ALMANAC 2002). The surface area of land needed for burial of an adult is usually 2 sq. yd.=2 yd x 1 yd. I square mile land area is equal to 3097600 square yards where 1.5 million Muslims can be buried shoulder to shoulder. Current Bangladeshi Muslim population will need about 8 sq. miles of land area after they die in preparation for the biggest day in their existence(dead or alive), namely, Day of Judgment which they must face in front of angel Gabriel. When one keeps in mind that millions of Bangladeshi Muslims have already died in historical times and the fact that 60% of land in Bangladesh must be reserved for agriculture with an additional 25% of land reserved for other human activities, Allah(Praise be upon Allah) must have some contingency plan for countries like Bangladesh for storage of those dead bodies. I wish I knew the plan. 

Other peoples of Abrahamic faiths also believe in basically similar concepts. However, many Christians and Jews in Europe( a few in other Christian countries) are resorting to cremation not knowing if their Gods will bestow on them the same favor that Allah(Praise be upon Allah) is considering seriously for the Muslims of Bangladesh and may be for the Muslims of the rest of the world. Incidentally, it costs between $5000.00 and $10,000.00 to bury one corpse in the United States today. 

From a scientific and utilitarian point of view, land is for the use of the living- human beings, animals, birds and plants. Of course insects are there everywhere. It is criminal to use up land for storage of corpses. Time is approaching fast when some Muslim nations will need to sit down with Allah's(Praise be upon Allah) agents and consider and plead for major amendments to Allah's(praise be upon Allah) basic plan for disposal of corpses. 

Here I include some quotatios from a recent newpaper report that has great bearing to the article Allah's Plan. Quotations are as follows: 

"Attorneys suing a cemetery company accused of recycling graves showed grisly photos and video footage Thursday of crudhed vaults and human remains discarded in the woods"; 

"That body is placced to rest for eternity is now destroyed, maligned and abused"; 

"There are several hundred people who have purchased graves, premium contracts years ago, that do not have a place to be laid to rest"; 

"Whenever her mother died last year, the cemetery operators dug up the man's vault and threw most of his(her father) remains in the woods".   







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