Is Pakistan alone, this time?

By Tahir Aslam Gora


(If Pakistani nation is not willing to leave the hollow slogans and shallow ideology, it has to go alone on the rivers of hot waters and on the deserts of religious hell.) 

Musharaf Government is repeatedly denying the involvement of Pakistan in any terrorism. Wajpai Government is taking it just another denial type of statement. But facts are clear. If Pakistan can support America to eliminate terrorism from Afghanistan, then why canít help to eliminate terrorism in Kashmir? Terrorist species is the same. 

There is same network of Islamic terrorists, same jihadi formulas and same ISI. Yes, this is just because of the ISI that Pakistan canít help in eradication of terrorism from Kashmir. ISI and Pakistan Army were not willing to demolish the self-created barrier, Taliban Government but there was no choice. 

There are still groups in Pakistan Army who are not happy with the killing of Taliban Government. Although, these unhappy groups canít afford War with India but they are habitual to do some thing in India. This time, India canít let Pakistan to play with the same style. Pakistani Government may not be involved directly in this attack, but the base and support of terrorist organizations exist within the Pakistan Army and within the ISI. 

There is one very significant question at this moment that why Pakistan is alone this time? If we accept the Raag of Pakistani media for a minute that India is a very traditional enemy of Pakistan and America is an infidel nation, but China, the greatest power of the region and 2nd power of the World is not speaking in favour of Pakistan unlike itís past? Why Islamic Brother country Iran is silence? Why six states of Central Asia is quite? 

The answer is very simple. Pakistan Armyís spokes power ISI left Pakistan alone. ISI did whatever, has been exposed to the world communities. President of Uzbekistan has already accused ISI to be involved in his murder conspiracy. Tajikistan indicates Pakistanís involvement in its civil war.  Other central Asian states blame Pakistan Armyís role to indulge religious  fanatics in their states. 

Iran is annoyed till the recent past intervention of Pakistan in  Afghanistan. Iran is also angry on the massacre of shias in Pakistan at the extremist inclination of ISI towards wahabism. The oldest friend and Great ally China is now not ready to overlook the involvement of ISIís created Islamic terrorism in Xinjiang Province. The people of old

East Pakistan canít forget the brutality of Pakistan Army. Afghans are not ready to forget the destruction of Afghanistan by Pakistan Army during the last 22 years. 

Here is another question, why ISI and Pakistan Army did all this. The answer is very simple, Religion. Pakistan Armyís structure is based on the religion. Pakistan Army is supposed to spread the spirit of Jihad, wherever is possible. They love to do Jihad with their own Muslim Brethrens. 

They did Jihad with the massacre of Muslim Bengalis, Muslim Afghans and within the country with shias and Christians. Pakistan Army was doing this since the birth of Pakistan, and then Pak Army got opportunity to do Jihad with Russia with the blessing of America. During this Jihad, Pak Army realized that they must create Fanatic state for their worldwide activities. 

Afghanistan was chosen with the advice of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaidaís executives. With this new alliance, Pakistan Army increased the encouragement of fanaticism many times. These religious militants enhanced the massacre in Kashmir and created more problems for India. Highjacking of Indian plan in the last week of 1999 proved direct involvement of ISI, Taliban, Osama and terrorist groups like Jaish Mohammed. The drop scene of highjacking was so funny as well as disgusting. 

Pakistan always saved its neck with the Americanís alliance. But this time, Pakistan has been proved as a center of terrorism for America too. Although, Musharraf did a lot for America, but he had no choice on one hand and on the other hand ISI misguided Americans in Afghan war. This was the best time for America to understand the dual role of Pakistan Army and ISI. 

Right now, no body is with Pakistan. All neighbours and regional forces are annoyed with Pakistan. Pakistanís religious ideology at last has been proved fake and hollow. Now, not only Pakistan Army, Pakistani people also need to turn the country modern and peaceful place. If Pakistani nation is not willing to leave the hollow slogans and their shallow ideology, it has to go alone on the rivers of hot waters and on the deserts of religious hell.







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