Islam Itself Is On Trial 


By: Ampbreia 


After the shock and horror that was 9/11, quickly followed by the knowledge that our attackers had committed the atrocities in the name of Islam, the immediate reaction of many Americans was to strike out at the Muslims among us. Perhaps aware of this, most leaders of Islamic countries hastened to assure us that they sympathized with us, that Islam was really about peace, and that those terrorists who'd attacked us did not represent "True" Islam.

One of these, the Islamic Regime of Iran, held off on their "Death to America" rallies for a whole week or two in condolence and thousands of ordinary Iranians actually held a candlelight vigil for our victims in Tehran's Azadi ("Freedom") Square. However, the Islamic Regime soon showed its true colors by actually sending it special militia to beat up and arrest those masses that held sincere vigil for us.

In other Islamic countries, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (ironically our first allies), the Muslim masses declared their sorrow for our losses also, but then deflected blame from the terrorists themselves by saying that it was our own fault because we supported Israel so of course Muslims were going to be attacking us.

Unlike other Muslims, the Palestinians didn't even put up a pretense in the first place: no, they literally danced in the streets to celebrate our losses.

How do I know this? Probably the same way most of you do: international forums and news services on the Internet. In order to get the fairest possible picture, I selected news services belonging to the countries whose opinions I was interested in, rather than sticking only to our own national news services, which I could expect to be naturally biased in our own favor. What shocked me about news from the Islamic countries is the extremely poor light they cast their own religion in: it was all saturated with outrageous propaganda tactics, unadulterated hatred of us, and an extremely low regard for life and humanity in general!

Very soon, Muslims on American soil, American or foreign, were being targeted for abuse and high scrutiny. Seeing the obvious social and political hazards of this is, I think, is why our President decided to make that speech of his about how Islam is a religion of peace and the word Islam actual means peace. It was a necessary lie. I won't knock him for it; he still took appropriate actions while using this to keep the peace at home. He could have gone further by shutting off all American relations to Muslim people, but it isn't the American way to shut people out or shut them up. The U.S. has always been a refuge for anyone and everyone. An isolationist policy would end that as would in fighting on the home front. It's been allowed to happen from time to time and it was always very ugly and regrettable when it did.

Logically, I understand. Emotionally, I still want to strike out against Islam in every way possible, including by isolation. The balance between logic and emotion is common sense and harmony. Maybe they would prefer to commit murder in the name of God and never even question it, but most of us would rather talk things out with our would-be attackers, try to reach equilibrium or understanding, only use killing as a very last resort, and then only via military action. We don't believe in murdering innocent civilians for political purposes or any purpose at all. It amazes us that anyone could.

It's too easy to fall into the US and THEM mentality. It really would be better to find some common ground instead. Wouldn't it?

Shortly after 9/11, Mr. Bush's tactful "Peaceful Islam" speech, and our first forays into Afghanistan, we got to see a televised video of Omar Bin Laden clucking over his 9/11 successes with his cronies in some bunker. The man and every word he uttered was Evil Incarnate, to say the least, but one thing he said stuck out for sheer idiocy: He said that Islam was attracting new followers all over the world in response to 9/11. I just couldn't believe anyone could make such a stupid deduction, but I could see exactly where he was getting this idea: blind optimism and the noticable fact that Korans and books of Haddith were suddenly selling like hotcakes here, as were all books that had anything at all to do with Islam. Americans were also descending on mosques and the Internet to learn all about Islam.

It didn't mean Americans were converting to Islam en masse as OBL assumed, though. Far from it!

When Mr. Bush said Islam was really peaceful, I suspect that I was by no means a minority in seriously doubting this but really wanting to believe it nonetheless. I have friends and relations that are Muslims. Many Americans have Muslim neighbors that seem like perfectly nice people. We don't want to have to be afraid of them. We don't want to have to hate them either. Religion is a private affair in the U.S., so it shouldn't come between people. Right? But seemingly it was Islam itself, a religion, which had attacked us.

For those of you Muslims that still don't get it, understand this: Islam itself is on trial here for crimes against humanity. As Islamic terrorism against all people - Muslim and non-Muslim alike - continue to date and so-called "peaceful" Muslims won't even demonstrate against this trend except in Iran (an important and noteworthy exception I feel), Islam has continued to condemn itself. So tell us, Ummat, can you live with us peacefully and we with you? Or must we destroy you in our own self-defense? It's up to you: action to back your claims of peace. Placating speeches are NOT enough. I mean, come on, get REAL







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