A tit for tat would serve the Islamists right!


By Abul Kasem


It is no secret that in Islamic countries non-Muslims are subject to apartheid treatment.  The worst human being is one who happens to be a non-Muslim in an Islamic state.  We do not need to search the encyclopedia to find this truth, nor one has to be an erudite pundit to figure this one out. The recent events in the Islamic paradises like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan...etc. have shown the world how it likes to be a non-Muslim in these places.  Of course, the Muslim majority of these paradises have little idea on how these hapless minority groups feel about their precarious situation. They (the Muslims) do not realize how frightened, frustrated, unloved, and alienated these people (non-Muslims) are. The recent massacre of the Hindu minority population in Bangladesh led by the Islamic groups of various shades amply demonstrate what it means to be a minority in a Muslim majority country.  The only crime of these unfortunate people is that they are not Muslims although all of them are the natives of the land of their forefathers for millennia.  Their only fault is that they belong to religion/s which Islam abhors and they want to keep their faith no matter what may happen to them.  The Islamists will spare no pain to get rid of these religious people in a very systematic manner.  The clear message from the Islamists is this: 'we shall force all infidels (non-Muslims) to get lost from their ancestral land so that we can eventually occupy all these infidel lands and property, and establish a 100% pure Islamic state'.  Period.


Are the Islamists right or wrong in kicking out all the native non-Muslims where the Muslims are in great majority?  Is it an ethical dilemma for them?  What do the main stream Muslims (with absolutely very little knowledge of  'real Islam') think of this uncivilized and barbaric action of the Islamists?  Is there any theological (Islamic) basis for the atrocities committed by the Islamists on the minority population?


For the simple minded Muslims the answer is very easy, too.  Islam is not responsible for these land grabs by forced exile of the non-Muslims.  Islam is a religion of peace, mercy, and tolerance to others. Islam ensures protection of people of other faith.  Islam can never sanction Muslims to slaughter and grab the land of the native non-Muslim population.  Not all those perpetrators of minority killing know about Islam. This is what most Muslims think.


Let us search Quran, the source of all knowledge and truth.  Let us see what Quran has to say on this.


God gradually reduces the land controlled by unbelievers...21:44 (Quran)


What is the message in the above verse?  God (Allah) clearly says that He will make sure that the unbelievers will slowly start losing their land when a country falls under the hand of Islam. Is there any confusion?  I ask those Islamists who always hide under the pretext of 'misquoting', 'out of context' argument.. Can you please tell us: is it a misquote?  What is the context of this verse?


Here is the complete verse translated by A. Yusuf Ali


21:44 Nay, We gave the good things Of this life to these men And their fathers until The period grew long for them; See they not that We gradually reduce the land (In their control) from Its outlying borders?  Is it Then they who will win?


This verse has sealed the fate of the non-Muslims in an Islamic country.  There should be no confusion in the minds of the non-Muslim natives who are unfortunate enough to fall under the hands of Islamists as to what future awaits them.  Make no mistake about this.  It is an Islamic duty to forcibly expel all non-Muslims and distribute their lands to the Muslims when the Muslims get upper hand in state matters.  This is the agenda behind the religious persecution of the Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan.  This is the reason why the population of Hindus in Bangladesh decreases from a high of 40% before the creation of Islamic Pakistan (East) to the present level of around 10%.  This is the reason why there will be no Hindus left in Bangladesh in around 40 to 50 years time if the Islamists remain in power.  By the way, the Hindu population in Pakistan is now around 3% from a high of around 30% before the creation of Islamic Pakistan. Do we need more proof?  The Prophet himself exiled all unbelievers from the Arabian Peninsula. Here is Sahih Bukhari on the exile of all the non-Muslims from Arabia:


Mohammed exiled all the Jews from Medina...5.59.362

Mohammed told the Jews that they will be exiled from Allah's land while he was preaching to them...9.85.77

Mohammed allowed the Jews and the Christians in Khaibar to stay in their lands in exchange for their labor and fruits; later on they were expelled by Umor by force …3.39.531

Umor expelled the Jews and the Christians from Hijaz (Arabia)…3.39.531

In his death bed Mohammed ordered the pagans to be expelled…4.52.288


I do not want to burden the readers with too many quotes from Sahih Bukhari.  Some of these quotes are very lengthy. Please click the link below if you want to read the entire ahadith.




 Now, let us turn around one hundred and eighty degrees. Let us see how the Muslims are living in non-Muslim countries like USA, Europe, Canada..etc. What do we notice?  We see a complete opposite story. All these non-Islamic countries are governed by secular laws which give the Muslims the same/equal rights, privileges and obligations as any other non-Muslim citizen of them in a just and fair manner. The Muslims are completely free to practice their faith in public and in private according to their doctrines. They enjoy absolute freedom to propagate their faith to all. Some non-Muslims become Muslims, some even become Talibans.


In these un-Islamic countries we see how the Islamists play their game/s. The Muslims living in these infidel countries take full advantage of the freedom of expression, complete freedom of religious rites and the democratic system to advance their agenda. They are at full liberty to construct, mosques, Islamic schools, Islamic banks, Islamic businesses and what not.  But the Muslims back in their Islamic paradises completely ban or severely restrict this freedom to the non-Muslims living in their (Islamic) countries.. In some Islamic paradises preaching of any religion other than Islam is punishable by death (like Taliban controlled Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran). In Islamic Saudi Arabia, the construction of Churches, Temples, Synagogues are strictly forbidden. The mere possession of the Bible in Saudi Arabia may invite death penalty. We can find many unfair rules in other Islamic countries as well.


Is this a fair game? Why should the Islamists have the full freedom to do whatever they want in infidel countries whereas the non-Muslims will have to undergo so much denials of their basic human rights? Why should not the non-Muslims living in Islamic countries enjoy the same freedom as the Muslims enjoy in non-Islamic countries? The entire world is seriously pondering on this gross unfairness of Islam. The Islamists have no answer for this genuine question. They become ostriches  whenever this question is posed to them. They pretend as if they did not hear the question. They practice double standards unashamedly and unabashedly to say the least.  Any fair minded person will be simply disgusted at this gross injustice.  However, a true Muslim is not perturbed by all this.


Did you ever think what will happen if the non-Islamic/secular countries decide to get even?  What if the infidels too decide to  play the same game of the Islamists.  What if they start saying. "Let us deny those freedom to the Muslims that the Islamists deny the non-Muslims".  Here I am listing some steps  that a  non-Islamic country may choose to impose on the Muslims living in their country.  This list is not comprehensive and is merely designed to demonstrate to the Islamists as to how it feels to be a non-Muslim in an Islamic paradise. Many Muslims will be greatly offended and will show anger after reading this list.  No apology is sought, for, let the Muslims wake up and listen to what the world is feeling today. Yes, the world community is disgusted, and fed up with Islamic tyranny.  The 85% of world population who are non-Muslims will, one day, simply rise against Islam and demand to get even with Islam if necessary, by force. Make no mistake on this. They had had enough.  Moreover, they have the means to bring the Muslims to their knees.  The non-Muslims have those nasty Daisy Cutter bomb, lest we forget.


Here is the list: Please note that I have included reference/s where appropriate to indicate the same/similar provision/s for the non-Muslims living in an Islamic country.


Note: For Quran, Hadith and Al-Hedaya click the following links if you want to read full details.

For English translation of Quran

For English translation of Sahih Bukhari (Hadith)

For English translation of Sunaan Abu Dawud (Hadith)

For Al-Hedaya (Islamic Jurisprudence).


A non-Muslim should not be killed for killing a Muslim.  However, if a Muslim is found guilty of killing a non-Muslim/secularist/freethinker he/she will be executed immediately.

 Ref:: No Muslim should be killed for killing an unbeliever...1.3.111 (Sahih Bukhari).

A believer shall not be killed for an unbeliever, nor an accomplice...14.2745 (Sunaan Abu Dawud)



The blood money for a killing a Muslim should be half the blood money for killing a non-Muslim.

Ref: The blood -wit for a woman shall be half of that of a man. Similarly the blood-wit for a male Christian or Jew is half that of a male Muslim. Al-Risala (Malik Manual) 37.04



A non-Muslim's life is more sacred than a Muslim's life. 


A non-Muslim's evidence in court is more credible than a Muslim's.  If a non-Muslim robs a Muslim then the Muslim must find at least another Muslim to file a case against the non-Muslim perpetrator.  It will be assumed that a Muslim is more dishonest than a non-Muslim.  A Muslim cannot testify against a non-Muslim.

Ref: Pakistan's Islamic justice system considers the court testimony of a non-Muslim to be inferior to that of a Muslim.   


The honor of a non-Muslim woman is much superior than the honor of a Muslim woman.  If a Muslim rapes, a non-Muslim woman then the Muslim perpetrator will face death sentence.  However, if a non-Muslim rapes a Muslim woman then the perpetrator will not face death sentence but only a mild jail term.

Ref: If a Christian rapes a Muslim woman he is to be killed immediately by any Muslim. But a Muslim cannot be executed on account of a non-believer, Al-Risala (Maliki manual) 37.27  


Any Muslim who tries to convert a non-Muslim to Islam will face execution.  However, non-Muslims can convert a Muslim to any religion without any fear of prosecution.  In fact, proselytizing the Muslims will be highly encouraged by the state.

Ref: This provision does not need any academic reference. The recent Afghanistan ruling of death sentence for preaching a religion other than Islam says it all. Many other Muslim majority countries like Malaysia, Nigeria etc. are in the process of drafting similar rule (possibly without death sentence).   


Any non-Muslim who converts to Islam will be beheaded.

(Ref: Whoever changed his Islamic religion must be killed...9.84.57 (Sahih Bukhari) 


No new mosques will be allowed to be constructed in non-Muslim countries. However, non-Muslims will be encouraged to construct their worshipping places on all unused Islamic mosques by demolishing them.

Ref: The construction of infidel places of worship in a Muslim territory is unlawful; but those already founded there may be repaired. Al-Hedaya Vol.II (Hanafi Manual)

Allah's apostle commanded to build a mosque where idols were kept...2.0450  (Sunaan Abu Dawud)  


The Muslims will only be allowed to repair any damage to their existing mosques that were not destroyed by the non-Muslims.

Ref: Section on infidel places of worship. Al-Hrdaya Vol. II (Hanafi manual) 


The number of mosques in any city will be strictly limited.  All surplus mosques will be destroyed.

Ref: Please look at daily newspaper reports on the systematic restrictions/limits placed on non-Islamic places of worship in Islamic countries and then compare that with how many mosques have mushroomed in secularist/infidel lands. 


All Muslims living in non-Islamic countries will be declared Zhimmis.  They must pay Jizya tax in addition to other taxes like income tax, road tax, customs duty etc. They must pay this Jizya tax with submission; that is, they must go personally to the tax collector's office and pay the tax to the sitting collector while the Zhimmi stands.  This is done to humiliate the Muslim and to let him get the feeling of inferiority.

If any Muslim refuses to pay the Jiziya tax, he either will become a non-Muslim or be killed.

Ref: Unbelieving people of the Book (Jews and Christians) pay jizya tax with submission; if they do not pay jizya tax or convert to Islam then kill them...9:29 (Quran)


No Muslim will be allowed in the military service, neither can they hold any high-ranking Government position. Even in the private sector no Muslim will be allowed to be the boss. This is to ensure that no Muslim interferes with the running of a non-Islamic secular system of Government and gets the upper hand in the running of a business.

Ref: God will never grant authority or triumph to unbelievers...4:141 (Quran)

Might, strength and honor belong to God, Mohammed and the believers...63:8 (Quran)

The believers should not take even their fathers, brothers, or sons as friends if they resist God and Mohammed...58:22 (Quran) Please visit Saudi Arabia to see this part of Quran in action


No Muslim male will be allowed to marry a non-Muslim or secularist/freethinking female without first renouncing Islam and converting to a non-Islamic faith or become a secularist/freethinker.

Ref: Do not get your girls married to unbelievers until they (the unbelievers) believe...2:221 (Quran)


However, a non-Muslim male can marry a Muslim female without he converting to Islam.  Their children will be of non-Muslim faith or a secularist/freethinker.

Ref: Lawful in marriage (for men): chaste believing women; chaste women of the Book...5:5 (Quran)


The Quran will not be allowed outside the perimeter of a mosque.  Quran can only be recited inside a mosque without causing any noise pollution If any non-Muslim complains then the mosque will be closed down/destroyed.

Ref: Please visit any Islamic paradise like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan...etc to see for yourself.


Any non-Muslim found with a copy of the Quran will face execution.

Ref: Death for possession of the Bible in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan


Muslims are unclean.  So, they will not be allowed to enter any place of worship of the non-Muslims or seminar/forum of secularists/freethinkers nor will they be employed as a care taker of these premises.

 Ref: Mosques are for the believers only...9:18 (Quran)

Pagans are unclean so let them not enter the sacred mosque...9:28 (Quran)


Any non-Muslim male or a secularist/freethinker who converts to Islam will be given three days to repent and leave Islam.  If he chooses not to leave Islam then he will be killed. For female apostates she will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ref: Al-Hedaya VolII (Hanafi Manual) Capter IX of the Laws concerning Apostates


All Muslim males must wear yellow turban while venturing out; all female Muslims must cover themselves completely with black chador (with only eye slits for vision) while venturing out.  This is done to identify the Muslims on the move. Any Muslim violating this rule will be arrested and subject to lashing at police stations.

Ref: The whole world knows about the Islamic ruling by the Talibans for the non-Muslims to wear yellow badges whenever they go outside home


Muslims will be subjected to blasphemy law.  If any Muslim slanders the apostles of the non-Muslims or the Philosophers of secularism and freethinking, he will be put to death.  No repentance will be accepted from the Muslims.  The non-Muslims and/or secularists/freethinkers will share the properties of such Muslim blasphemers.

Ref: This is a notorious Islamic law in Pakistan. The latest victim of this barbaric law is Dr. Yunis Sheikh. It is probable that countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh may, soon enact this uncivilized, inhuman law because these countries are slowly falling into the hands of Islamists and the Talibans.


Islamic freethinkers will be executed without giving them a chance for repentance.

Ref:Al-Risala (Maliki manual) 37.19 A freethinker (zindiq) must be put to death and his repentance is rejected.


If any Muslim tries to attack a non-Muslim without provocation except for self-defense, he will be killed.


All Muslims will be treated with great suspicion.  In case of trouble, the Muslims will be the first suspect and victim.

Ref Does not require any reference. Remember 9-11?


Muslims will be subject to their Sharia/Hudud laws on criminal offenses.  This means that if a Muslim is caught stealing/shoplifting his one hand will be chopped off. If he repeats then his other hand will be chopped off.  For the third stealing his one leg will be chopped off...and so on.  Sharia/Hudud laws will not apply to other citizens.

Ref: This require no reference. The whole world is aware of the barbaric rules of Sharia/Hudud laws.


If a married Muslim commits adultery then he/she will be stoned to death.  If the Muslim adulterer/adulteress is unmarried then he/she will receive one hundred lashes.  If any non-Muslim is involved in committing adultery with a Muslim partner then he/she will go scot-free.  No punishment will apply to these non-Muslims.


If a Muslim woman is taken as a prisoner/captive then the prison guard can molest/have sex with her. However, if the prison guard molests any non-Muslim or secularist/freethinking female prisoner/captive he will be subject to strict disciplinary actions.

Ref: Iranian Mullahs/prison guards have regular sex with women prisoners/captives convicted of apostasy/waging war against Allah before these women are killed. See here to read about "women's paradise"


Are you enraged?  Of course, you are.  This is exactly what it feels to be a minority in an Islamic paradise.


Please note that Afghanistan is still Islamic.  It is still ruled by the Sharia/Hudud laws.  Just because the Talibans are gone does not mean that Islam had exited that difficult land.  Therefore, do not expect anything better from the current Islamic regime.


Abul Kasem, a real person who lives and breathes Australian air, writes from the great city of Sydney.

Comments could be directed at - [email protected]






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