Heaven and Hell

By Shafiya

April 2002


One day a tableegh jamaat fellow came over to my place to give a call for daawah'...that's what these guys call for preaching. This particular man was very angry ...angry for no particular reason but for the fact that the world is bearing the weight of 5 billion non-Muslim kafirs. (Little did he realize that I was one among them). His only deep wish was that by some miracle that they all convert or at least die for rejecting such a `true' religion like Islam.


Then he made my mouth water by speaking about the pleasures of heaven that Allah has in store for the true Muslims. All about the full bosomed virgins and fruits and wine.... Then he tried to terrify me with visions of hell and informed that this was in store for the kafirs.


`So?` I asked him `mother Theresa is going to hell?`. This man was visibly embarrassed and stumped. He expected that like his flock I’ll listen and not ask questions. Still he said `Yes...she'll go to hell for rejecting One God and believing in Trinity...for rejecting Prophet Mohammad ...for believing that the koran was false,  by believing in the crucifixion of Jesus.'...`and mahatma Gandhi?..dalai lama?, St.francis?. Robert Koch?...Louis Pasteur?.. Florence Nightingale?., Henry Dunant (Founder of Red Cross) and hundreds of other people who dedicated their entire lives for the well being of humanity(some even questioned the existence of god) all will burn in hell?” I asked. `Yes` was the reply `They'll all burn in hell for rejecting the true message of Islam.


`But Osama Bin Laden?` I asked ....`Allah willing he will grant eternal paradise for the great Mujahid of Islam` was the reply. `Ayman al Juwahiri? the Abu Sayyaf fighters?` I Asked `Yes, all Mujahids who give their lives for Allah will go to heaven` was the answer.


Now we can draw our own conclusions from here...you just have to believe in Islam and you can indulge in barbarous deeds. But those who are not Muslims even if they are noble characters, they are counted among the first class criminals. According to Islam, for indulging in shirk and kufr (disbelief). The very fact that one is a non-Muslim makes him a criminal. So Osama was justified in killing American infidels for they are not innocent in the true sense of the word.








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