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 The Greatest Lies on Earth 

Syed Kamran Mirza

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The English word ‘lie’ means: a false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood; or something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.  In this mortal world we often need to dealing with many lies or deception. There are many different classes or degrees of lies that human beings need to encounter daily. Some are very light or nominal lies which are less harmful than the other lies which are dreadfully harmful for the society. Some are small lies and some are very big lies. As such, some are very dangerous lies which effects mankind in terrible way. In this write-up I will delve some blatant and big lies of the history of mankind which affected human society tremendously. In these, I will put the false statement with very brief supportive comments. If some one disagrees with me, then I will provide more valid reasons for my comment/comments.


Following are some greatest lies on earth:


(1)    “Prophets (Moses, Jesus and Muhammad) spoke with God!” This is the top most lie on Earth. Any body whoever read Bible or Quran, or studied the life history of these Prophets can easily catch the real truth that they lied blatantly with their disciples. There is no valid reason or logic to believe that, the creator “God” suddenly decided to talk on daily basis just 2/3 thousand years back (after a loooooong silence for millions of years) with a bunch of utterly illiterate Middle-Eastern guys from pure desert of Arabia. And then He decided again to remain silent for ever!


(2)    Virgin Mary given birth Jesus by the help of a divine spirit-“Holy Ghost.” A blatant lie which needs no further explanation.


(3)    “Prophet Muhammad was a compassionate and merciful human being.”  He was a warrior killer (he killed humans by his own hand), and he killed his opponent by dire conspiracy and assassination. So a killer or a conspirator can not be called a merciful or compassionate by any means.


(4)    “Islam is a religion of peace”. This is the ugliest lie one can hear repeatedly. Muslims can be peaceful, but Islam is a violent religion and never can be peaceful. In fact, all religions are violent except Buddhism.


(5)    “Islam is compatible with science, modernity and democracy.” Absolutely false and hypocritically untrue claim by some Islamists. Islam is dreadfully anti-science, anti-modernity and dangerously incompatible with democracy.



(6)    “In pre-Islamic Arabia people used to bury their female child alive.”  This was not true at all. If it was true then where from Arabs got so many women to have their practice of polygamy and to fill their harems with multiple wives? How then Prophet Muhammad and his disciples were born in the first place? How then Prophet Muhammad married 28 different women and his gangs of disciples have had multiple wives?


(7)    “In pre-Islamic Arabia—women had no right for herself at all!” This is untrue statement. If it was true then how come Prophet’s wife Khadija was the owner of a big business? In pre-Islamic period there were many women rulers ruled their kingdom in pre-Islamic Arabia.


(8)    “Islam gave women most rights.” This is an untrue statement in all count. Women in Islam are the most oppressed human beings. Islam is deeply anti-women, period. All most 100% Muslim countries, women have least or no rights at all. Go to Saudi Arabia or Iran and see miserable conditions of women in these Islamic paradise.


(9)    “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has nothing to hide.” This is the most untrue statement. Saudi has much to hide, world knows it very well. They are the greatest hypocrites of this planet earth.


(10) “Islamic rules (Sharia) or Islamic country provides every rights and opportunity to the citizens.” Biggest lie of the history of mankind. Islamic paradise simply snatch away the human basic rights and freedom of both Muslims and non-Muslims. Beuin sharia laws (Hudud) dictates every personal affairs (what to eat or drink, how to dress, how to talk etc.) of citizens.


(11)“Quran is the divine book came directly from Allah.”  Absolutely untrue proven by its contents. Quran is the biggest hoax of mankind. One should read entire Quran before believing this lie.


(12)“In Islam there is no compulsion”.  This is the ugliest lie and biggest hoax. Early Islam used plenty of forces, coercions, intimidations, blood-sheds, conspiracies and tortures to convert people into Islam. Invasion of the lands and minds of surrounding peoples (by means of waging wars) were supported by Quranic scriptures and sahi-Hadiths.


(13) “Terrorist acts of 9/11 were a conspiracy by Jews.” This is an utter lie just to elude general mass from the real truth. Why then Islamists in the Great Britain are celebrating for those Islamic terrorists (The Magnificent 19) inside their sacred Mosque in London?


(14) “Islam has nothing to do with 9/11 terrorist’s acts”. This is a blatantly untrue statement. Islamic (Koranic) teachings were solely responsible to incite the devilish jihadi zeal of those 19 Arab fanatic Muslims. General gullible Muslims of entire Third-World Muslim countries are proud of Osama’s heroic deed of 9/11; and these Muslims are celebrating 9/11 as their greatest triumph over infidels.


(15) “Osama-Bin-Laden and his followers are not good Muslims.” This is 100% untrue. Osama and his followers are the true Muslims by the books (Quran and hadiths), and they did not do anything that falls outside the teachings of Islam.


(16)“Afghan Talibans were not good Muslims and were not ruling Afghanistan as per true Islam.”—This is utterly untrue statement. Talibans are the true Muslims by the books (Quran and Hadiths), and They were running a true Islamic state by 98% true spirit of real Islam of 7th century standard. Talibans are the real followers of Prophet Muhammad.


(17)“Human race originated from the first human being Prophet Adam.”—it was not true and it was a wishful and imaginary story made by the ancient people out of their fear and superstitious. Biblical/Quranic scriptures tell us that Adam had two sons (Habil and kabil). A company of just two male children could not have given birth any child unless they committed incest (having sex with their mother Eve!). Adam did not have any daughter as per scriptural history. So how could human race multiplied only from Adam?


(18) “Religion in general and Islam in particular makes human beings perfect and ethically correct.”—Not true at all. The more a nation is plunged into a religion, the more corrupt, immoral and backward (in every respect) it gets. Look around the world and please tell me I am wrong! Just Compare Bangladesh and Pakistan with Singapore and Japan, and tell me I am wrong!


(19)“Prophet Muhammad visited Allah (far way in the space) by riding a peculiar looking (half-human and half-animal) animal call Burakh.” ---This was taken from Zoroastrian idea to increase Prophet Muhammad’s divinity status only. Scientifically, this is impossible for human to fly through space with a winged horse. This is absurd story just to brainwash gullible Muslims.


(20)“Islam could not be a false religion, because Billion people believe so!”   This logic is a flaw and utterly illogical in nature. There was a time when entire mankind believed Earth is flat/spread, fixed, and Sun revolves around the Earth to make day and night. Only a few people (scientists) believed Earth is round and it is the earth (not the Sun) which revolves around the Sun to make day and night.


(21)“There is one intelligent and living God who is the creator and looking after the universe.”  This is the biggest lie of all which is continuously occupying human minds and roots of most evils in the name of various religions. Human logic, philosophical thoughts and most of all—science has categorically disproved existence of such living God.




These above false quotations (not exhaustive) are hunting human minds for centuries. These are proven lies and cause of many unhappy things in human life. I personally believe any human being who is free (does not believe in) of these lies is morally high, ethically clean, and good for the society. Most of those (not 100%) who believe these lies by their heart and soul are sometimes become problem for themselves and danger for the society. Religion remains to be one of the most important obstacles in human progress. World needs to get rid of these lies, in order to protect human rights and dignity. Mankind should be more devoted to science and humanity. Only science can completely defeat religious beliefs. 


Mankind should respect universal human rights and should work hard for eradicating all barriers between the different human races and creeds. We should fight to establish one happy world without any sectarian conflict obviously created by various man-made religions. 










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