“Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet”


Syed Kamran Mirza


Wednesday December 18, 2002 at 9 P.M. PBS has broadcast the above documentary program. This program was designed to give the people (perhaps mainly to the westerners) an “honest portrait” of Muhammad.  Now, was this program an “honest” historical evaluation? We shall examine this question later in this write-up. 

Most surprising and painful to watch was the super dominant role of the infidel Karen Armstrong. In the entire show of two hours—Karen Armstrong was the main player of this one-sided propaganda ordeal of Islam. She was the “Pope of Islam” in this program of damage control for Islam. Viewers undoubtedly were sick and tired of watching the same rudely-faced western infidel Karen Armstrong (with glowing smile) again and again in the TV screen. As if in the whole world—Karen Armstrong is the only expert in Islamic history, and there was no other Muslim Islamic scholars who could up-hold the good face of Islam! I wonder where are those Muslim Islamic thinkers/scholars? Why can’t there be any Muslim scholar who could do the role of Karen Armstrong? Of course, undoubtedly it was simply ‘A Karen Armstrong show’ to say the least. 

I wonder will it be ever possible that some Muslim pundit will be the supreme narrator for Christian, Hinduism or Buddhism’s propaganda. How it will look like if a Muslim Mullah was the narrator of all goodies of Christianity or Hinduism? It is mystery to me, as to, why always Muslims need the help of a non-Muslim western infidel (again must be a white infidel) to flash the hidden glory of Islam! I wonder why this hilarious rather obnoxious mentality of Mullahs? Could it be because of that old Bengali adage: “Raja bolche shaalar bhai, khushir aar shima nei”? May be so! Muslims needed two western greedy infidels (Maurice and Moore) to discover plenty of hidden science in Quran, even though fact of the matter is Quran has no science at all. Now Muslims need another western infidel Karen Armstrong to make inherently intolerant Islam into a peaceful religion! It’s really shameful situation that one western infidel Armstrong was the main flatterer or main spokesperson to save the face of Islam! Most prudent question remains to be answered is—if Islam is so good a religion then why Karen Armstrong is not converting herself into Islam? Or, is it the same story like Maurice Bucaille and Prof. Moore who did the same job only to rip Millions? Who knows! 

Another question I would like to ask is—what exactly making Karen Armstrong a super versatile expert in Islam that she is the only “pundit or Islamic Guru” who can uphold Islam? Is it because she hypocritically wrote some sanitized history of Islam just to appease the Mullahs and to earn some easy bucks? How is it possible that anybody who writes some positive things about Islam immediately becomes an Islamic pundit? This is really very mysterious indeed! 

However, the contents of the program was the same old tablet (story) of Islam which was prepared carefully (by pick and choose method) by Mullahs centuries ago and it is the same old tablet which is used to brainwash millions of young Muslim children throughout the Muslim world. Nothing new, every son of Muslim knows the story. But it was done by so much of deceptive tactics and misinformation that they even did not cover 20% of the actual Islamic history. They only used 2 or 3 soft Quranic verses or 3 or 4 hadiths—leaving aside hundreds of harsh and hateful Quarnic verses and thousands of Sahi hadiths which carry the ultimate weights of the Islamic history today.  Entire story was dedicated to portray Prophet Muhammad an innocent, illiterate, merciful human being who was constantly oppressed by Arab pagans! Many sugar-coated goodies were told about the Islam and it’s Prophet by not citing any prudent example or reference. No particular good deeds by the prophet was demonstrated with the real historical episode, rather narrators were constantly claiming good/honest character of the Prophet by his success (randomly) in the wars with Pagans and by his success in the spread of Islam in the Arabian peninsula. As Karen Armstrong said: “People liked the Quran very much for not it’s contents but for it’s beauty”. Only Karen Armstrong knows what beauty she was pointing to! Quran is littered with verses which dictate believers to kill all the infidels, kill all the Jews and Christians and promises fantastically lucrative heaven as the reward for the killings of infidels. Quranic verses dictate to subjugate and punish women for the breach of discipline; verses dictate to have sex with the slave girls, and Merciful Allah repeatedly/plentifully threaten all the transgressors/kaffirs by dreadful hell fires. Are these some of the beauty Karen Armstrong was pointing to? 

Neither Karen Armstrong nor any other narrators told the people why a divine prophet like Muhammad had to fight and shed bloods for a period of long 23 years, yet Islam was very peaceful! And how those wars were fought and what was the implication and casualty of wars. They never said how prophet was systematically eliminating all other religions and tribes from the Arabian soil. Never touched any history of Prophet’s raids of Arab caravans or so many preemptive attacks (Gazzowa) to the pagans by Islamic forces. They always tried to portray prophet and his companions as the victims and Arab Pagans as the oppressors. No negative history of Islam and everything were so ‘hunky-dory’ in the real Islam. They also did not fail to narrate some superstitious (Gaza khuri stories) episodes like: Prophet’s journey to the 7th heaven riding a winged horse and Angels took part with Muslims in the wars against pagans. 

Surprisingly, at the middle of the program one erudite Islamist very proudly told the listeners that Merciful Muhammad killed (beheaded) 700 hundred unruly Jews after enslaving their women and children in the battle with Banu Qurayza tribe.  But they never mentioned that in that same war—Prophet Muhammad also took young and beautiful Reyhanna (a 17 year old Jewish girl) as his concubine whom he married later. And they never mentioned that Islamic warriors used to take “war booty”, and they not only used to enslave women and Children but also used to rape randomly, and also later sell those enslaved young women by the consent of prophet himself and by the dictum of Qur’an! 

What a divine insult or situation for Prophet Muhammad! Nobody ever thought about how this incident (of Banu Quryza) will be taken/swallowed by the westerners! Killing by beheading and enslaving women and children—how they sound these days of 21st century? I must be thankful to the scripture writers for keeping at least a small fraction of the truth in the sanitized version of Islam. 

Karen Armstrong very shamelessly tried to justify that Muhammad was the last prophet that is why unlike Prophet Jesus and Buddha (who was only a spiritual Guru and true peaceful human beings) Muhammad was a spiritual, ruler and a military commander for the Muslims. She also mentioned that Prophet Muhammad did not like any image of himself and that is why the film will show no picture of Prophet Muhammad. But on the contrary, during the entire two hour show—hundreds of hand-drawing pictures of bearded 7th century Arab Bedouins with naked swords were frequently seen in the screen. I don’t know why they showed all those unidentified bearded pictures! Only Allah knows how those war monger bearded Muslims with naked waving swords could be the sign of peace and merci of Islam!  

It was not understood by this one sided historical propaganda how this film will affect and change the mindsets of tens of thousands of Muslim jihadi youngsters (like Osama and his followers al-Qaeda Islamists and other Islamic jihadi groups) throughout the Muslim world. Also not clear how those fanatic Islamists will take the teachings of this film and how this film will change hundreds of Islamic dictums (Quranic and Hadiths) which will continue to incite young Muslim fanatics to kill the infidels! 

This documentary only pointed out that the so-called real Islam and real Jihad was hijacked by some terrorists like Osama bin Laden. But never told how this might change the mindsets of Islamic terrorists. This documentary may confuse temporarily some gullible westerners, or it may give some comforts or solace to those western residing myopic tunnel visioned  Muslims, but it will not change the Jihadi mindsets of any Islamic terrorists. I can bet my bottom dollars! 

It is quite obvious that all the Islamic terrorists (pukka Muslims) will never take the lessons from this distorted documentary of PBS, rather they will take the lesson from the myriad of hateful Quranic dictums and will continue to hunt and kill the western infidels. We must understand that the unseen dream of Akherat (after-life lusts) is so powerful that it can very easily turn a peaceful innocent looking Allah-fearing Muslim into a dreadful killer machine. This was the ultimate driving force behind the 9/11 tragedy.  Islamic Jinni is out at large. Until and unless we put the Islamic Jinni inside the bottle again, nothing going to change. 

Whether this PBS documentary program was able to wash out the myriad of stains from the fore head of Islam and Prophet Muhammad is a sixty-four thousands dollar question to everybody. But one thing is very real that this 7th century Arab Bedouin imperialism in the garb of religion Islam not only continues to shape the lives of billions of Muslims, but will continue to create more and more problems and threats for the civilization of the entire world. And, as a result innocent Muslim-born human beings will continue to suffer and will be harassed in the western world.

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