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Then these two quote a verse from Sama Veda, II:6,8: "Ahmad acquired religious law (Shariah) from his Lord. This religious law is full of wisdom. I receive light from him just as from the sun." They get the translation almost right with a peculiarly Islamic twist. The proper translation is, "I from my Father have obtained deep knowledge of eternal Law; I was born like unto the Sun". As for 'Ahmad', once again it is a typical example of sleight-of-hand like Mamah. The actual Sanskrit term is 'ahammiddhi' , 'aham' meaning “ I  ”.

To clinch the matter, the scholars then quote from Rig Veda V, 27, 1: "The wagon-possessor, the truthful and truth-loving, extremely wise, powerful and generous, Mamah [Mohammad] has favored me with his words. The son of the All-powerful, possessing all good attributes, the mercy for the worlds has become famous with ten thousand [companions]."

However, the standard translation of this verse reads, "The Godlike hero, famousest of nobles, hath granted me two oxen with a wagon. Trvrsan's son Tryaruna hath distinguished himself, Vaisvanara Agni! with ten thousands". "Vaisvanara" is another name for the fire-god, but it is not known with certainty who Trvrsan or his son might be. However, Haq leaves out the reference to the Fire-god. Trvsran becomes another name for Allah (on the grounds perhaps that there is a possibility that the name can refer to a god) while the name Tryaruna is omitted altogether. Instead he once again falls back on the standby of Mamah. Apparently wherever the particular combination of letters forming the word 'mamah', whether alone or whether occurring in combination of other letters in a word, it is employed to prove that it indicates Muhammad. The maximum the verse can be stretched to read is that, "O fire, lord of mankind! the protector of the righteous, extremely wise, lordly (incidentally the term employed here is 'asura') and rich, Trivsran's son Tryaruna has given me two cows yoked to a wagon and ten thousand gold pieces and thus gained fame". The singer of the verse is being favoured not with words of wisdom but with material gifts. One cannot call Haq's translation anything other than a lie. Not surprisingly he leaves the rest of the hymn alone. In it the singer explains that the king had given him these gifts because he had pleased him with his praise and he asks the gods to grant happiness to the donor. Further Dr.Zakir Naik in his site says

Muhammad (pbuh) prophesised in the Rigveda

A similar prophecy is also found in Rigveda Book I, Hymn 53 verse 9:

The Sanskrit word used is Sushrama, which means praiseworthy or well praised which in Arabic means Muhammad (pbuh).

The above specified Hymn and verse translates as :  “ With all-outstripping chariot-wheel, O Indra, thou far-famed, hast overthrown the twice ten Kings of men,
With sixty thousand nine-and-ninety followers, who came in arms to fight with friendless Susravas.”

It speaks about Indra, a praise to Indra and not Muhammad!! Dr.Naik Susrava is singular. Susravas = plural. Group of praiseworthy people. So it does not point to Muhammad!


5. The last premise would be logic. Dr.Naik and Dr.Haq seem to commit several logical fallacies. They tend to contradict each other. They say they don’t believe in HINDU scriptures once. You can find how Zakir Naik criticizes Hindu way of worship in a section called “Conveying Islam To A Hindu”. But still he uses Hindu scriptures’ authority to prove Muhammad’s prophethood and Islam’s validity! Either this proves

*Hindu religion is truly divine.

* Allah did not give enough proofs in Qur’an to sustain his claims.

* All muslims must convert to Hinduism.

* Muslim scholars are bluffing to convert Hindus just like they do to Christian.

Dr.Zakir Naik and Dr.Haq actually commit these logical fallacies : Post hoc ergo propter hoc, Red herring, Petitio principii, Non Sequitur ,Straw man and Tu quoque. Simply no hindus will convert because of such bad marketing skills!! Truth is powerful than any other attractive marketing techniques.

Another claim of Muhammad being Kalki Avatar is also doing rounds. Due to space and time constraint, let me tell you, AVATAR = GOD INCARNATE. Muhammad was a normal arab who did nothing! Kalki Avatar will have 8 superhuman qualities. Muhammad had none. For a more detailed explanation, of why Muhammad cannot be Kalki Avatar can be found here

A Point To Ponder Upon

The Vedas are supposed to be most supreme text of Hindus along with the Gita. There are 4 Vedas.

The number of verses in the Rig Veda total 10800

The Number of verses in Atharva Veda total 5987

The Number of verses in Yajur Veda total 2000

The number of verses in Sama Veda total 1875

Therefore, length of Vedas =  10800 + 5987 + 2000 + 1875 = 20662

Length of Qur’an = 6346

Ratio = Length of Vedas / Length of Qur’an = 3.255

The Qur’an is thrice as small as Vedas. When muslim scholars take a lots of time to learn Arabic, memorise Qur’an,read hadiths, do you believe they can learn Sanskrit, or even if not, read such big Vedas, interpret them, and present it? Some people who get money do this, for them, they just vomit whatever they get on hand without giving it a thinking. Imagine, Upanishads, Puranas, Bhagavad gita,etc. when put together will take a lifetime to read and understand them.

I strongly feel, Dr.Ali Sina is of much higher caliber than any of these meek so-called scholars (for dollars??). Ali doesn’t provide stupid data like these people. Hope Hindus now have a clear idea of what this hoax of Muhammad in Hindu scriptures are all about. They are nothing but words on water.



The amount of manipulation and misdirection we see with these men is astonishing. The Islamic propagators are either grossly misled or are apparently relying on the fact that not enough of their readers will know Sanskrit or bother to look up references. They happily mistranslate and use symbolism without any shred of proof. One understands their eagerness to prove that Islam is the culmination of every religion. However one has to wonder, if the faith of the writers like these is so insecure that they have to search in other religions for legitimacy. Also one has to wonder what this says of other Muslim scholars who have read the Vedas before. None of them had ever read any of the meanings that Dr.Naik or Dr.Haq finds; obviously they were either more foolish or less learned than our Dr.Naik/Dr.Haq. However, the climax comes in this assertion: "The Vedas contain many prophecies about Prophet Muhammad. Some European and Hindu translators of the Vedas have removed the name referring to the Prophet, while others have tried to explain away the mantras (verses) on his life events, Ka’bah, Makkah, Medinah, Arabia, and other events using the terminology of the Hindus, such as purification rituals, and lands and rivers in India". In other words, explain what scholars might like, our good Islamic Sanskrit scholar knows that they would be lies. Dr.Naik/Dr.Haq operates under the assumption that anyone who tries to refute them is by the very definition a liar. This assertion is a wonderful way of not having to face the truth. (Of course I personally believe that Haq's book/ Zakir Naik’s Da’wah material is not meant for either the Hindu or the serious scholar; it is targeted at the Muslims to strengthen their faith). Hope I have made it clear to many people, especially Hindus about the lies of Dr.Zakir Naik and Dr.Abdul Haq, of how they write articles,books,da’wah material,etc. just to fool the ignorant Hindus, because most Hindus are not fanatically religious and conaequently they don’t read much of their books. Infact when a Hindu reads this article, he/she will have increased faith in HINDUISM than converting to Islam. Thanks to bad marketing techniques of Dr.Zakir Naik blemished with lies.


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Muslims tend to replace every ‘praiseworthy’ with ‘Muhammad’. Ambrose Bierce said “There are four kinds of Homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy.” Now Muslims, why don’t you try replacing praiseworthy with Muhammad here?


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