Saudi Lies 

Saudi Embassy;
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5th. December, 2002

"The Saudis are telling us that they are an ally in the war on terror
while their top government officials are still blaming ... the Jews, and denying that 15 Saudis took part in the attacks on New York and the Pentagon,"
Rep. Eliot Engel, a New York Democrat, said in Washington earlier this very week.

(article below),
Dec 5, 8:19 AM (ET) By ALAA SHAHINE DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -

It is this constant dilemma of Saudi lies that must to be opened up like a can of worms, since their "malignant cancer of lies" comes to top it all, and turns again into this well known "Turnspeak of 180°" of theirs, causing their lies to become greater, the deeper the water of their treacherous terror acts become.

The Saudi Embassy with their Royal trail behind them, including all their organizations they handsomely pay for, into millions, like ADC, etc., and behind all American's backs are most vocal and highly active pro-terrorist and PLO propaganda group in the U.S. and word wide, throughout their spider setup paid and supported by their system, spending millions to hide and foster their own Islamic stance of hate and incitement, the kind we hear weekly from their mosques and scholars, etc., plus their own Ministers.

They reflect a number of goals ranging from suspension of U.S. aid to Israel to provision of political support to suspected PLO terrorists residing in the U.S. ... this is certain by now.
Followed dreadfully closely by their Islamic mouth piece in the USA the ADC, which they have quoted over and again.

The Saudis mouth piece ADC conducted several press conferences and issued press releases condemning Israelis as 'Nazis' and referring to the Israeli military action in Lebanon as both a war of 'genocide' and a 'Holocaust' against innocent Palestinians, and more of lies.

ADC participated, surely in good graces from the Saudis, in the mobilization of a wide-scale campaign in defense of Ziad Abu Eain, a Palestinian Arab who was then awaiting extradition from the U.S. to Israel where he had been charged with terrorism for planting a bomb which killed two persons and wounded 36 others [including a woman from Connecticut, who was permanently crippled]."

So it's striking a bad tone, that now the Saudis have the "culot" (cheek - nerve) to after all their clear implications into terrorism through their very own people (15 Saudis committed the most vicious atrocities and more has already come from them again)

The Saudi minister was quoted in the interview as saying "his kingdom is currently detaining some 100 terror suspects for interrogation."

We all know what that in serious terms possibly can mean, if it has a meaning at all.

He added that the suspects "will either apologize for their mistakes and change their course or will be referred to trial."

Saudi's have once more and again the "culot" to believe ... it's OK to apologize .... this is beyond any belief, or factual treatment of terror acts.

In the interview, Nayef said he could not believe that bin Laden and his network, including Saudi participants, worked alone.

He was quoted as saying he believed terrorist networks have links to "foreign intelligence agencies that work against Arab and Muslim interests, chief among them is the Israeli Mossad."

This alone.... is the proof that the Saudis will not face ever up to their common crimes and violations, plus entrenched connections into terrorism through their very own people.
In other words, they are not a valid, nor an honest ally in the war against terrorism, which is pre-fired and heated through their very own clerics, and Islamic Jihad fanatics inbred in their own society, that doesn't know freedom, nor humanitarian or religious choices, nor elections of a free parliament chosen by their people, nor any rights for women, or else.

Considering what their very own Ministers try to come out with in order to hide their crimes and paying connections, that come daily more into focus through the US intelligence investigations, and the whole nine yards, it's the solid proof of who they are .....

It's here the axis of evil takes it's roots, and only here.
This is not an act from an ally, but an enemy as such.

Ms. G. Goldwater
Switzerland, Geneva
[email protected]
Contributing Editor to the TOM MARR Show
WCBM, Baltimore, USA
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

A lesson to be learned from all of the Saudi's lies.
As Abraham Lincoln said:
"You can't fool all of the people all of the time"


Saudi Minister: Jews Behind 9/11 Attacks (AP News 1 - 5-Dec-2002)






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