On the nomination of member of CAIR to NYC Human Rights Commission

By: Ms. G. Goldwater


NY Mayor Bloomberg appoints to Human Rights Commission counsel to Arab group accused of condoning terrorism.

Patricia L. Gatling, chairman of the Commission

Dear Mrs. Gatling,

Please assure Mayor Bloomberg receives our message.

We take the liberty to address the subject of the appointment of Omar T. Mohammedi to the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Omar T. Mohammedi is part of an organization (CAIR), that condones terrorism and NONE its officials should be appointed to any government commission, especially not such of Human Rights, otherwise you set a precedent and give green light, that terror organizations are acceptable under Human Rights values.

CAIR openly has peddled conspiracy theories about the September 11 attack and shouldn't be privileged with the Honor to have any member of theirs serve any public Commission what so ever.

By appointing this individual, you are promoting an organization that openly condones terror organizations and is not part of the Main Stream Muslim people in the USA, unless Main Stream Muslims in the USA are all convinced that 9/11 was a joy trip.

CAIR has long standing vile history being connected to terrorism.

People linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations, founded the group CAIR in the early 1990s.

Despite officials, that insist they don't support terrorism, CAIR officials have defended Hamas and the Lebanese group Hezbollah.
What does that tell you, what then does your appointment tells Americans and all international victims of 9/11..??

We question therefore if Mayor Bloomberg and yourself are trying desperately to molly coddle Muslims and therefore turn the 9/11 victims into the problem at hand and not the perpetrators.

We therefore question if next you'll appoint Yassir Arafat to your Commission as well, and Saddam Hussein plus Osama as his mentor.

Al Haaj Ghazi Khankan, head of CAIR's New York chapter, was quoted in last October making fine distinctions between Hamas's killing of Israelis above and below the military age of 18.

"Those who are below 18 should not be attacked," he said.

So in other words attack any Israeli who is above 18..
Can you possibly call this a distinction of Human Rights Values.

The group has also circulated a petition calling on the federal government to unfreeze the finances of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which has been accused of funneling money to Hamas.

Do you find this acceptable, if yes, we have to start to wonder if you were around when 9/11 happened, and do you and Mayor Bloomberg found 9/11 then acceptable in order to bring such vile people into any commission?

We fully support Mr. Steven Emerson's view - quote: "That's like saying that the New York chapter of the KKK is not as controversial as the national chapter," he said.

The New York chapter's Web site displays an unusual response to the September 11 attacks, a letter to the editor of the New York Times written last October 5. <<<< link

The letter, in which CAIR suggested to its members send the paper, questions whether Mohammed Atta and other Muslims were responsible for the attacks and speculates on who really benefited - echoing theories that the Bush administration or the Israelis orchestrated the attacks.

Now if you appoint anyone from CAIR ... then you obviously are rallying against your own President, Mr. Bush, and you and Mr. Bloomberg are so vile in your ideas, that obviously you agreed to the atrocities that happened on 9/11... Which leads us to think, that you are on the list of what's called "Blame America First" crowd.

Which means Mayor Bloomberg does not deserve to serve the people of the city of New York, to take the prestigious chair from it's former Mayor - Rudolf Guliani.

CAIR was also the co-sponsor of a forum at Brooklyn College in 1998 where a crowd chanted "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes."

Would Mr. Bloomberg and yourself then agree to such statement as well, since by appointing anyone to a Human Rights Commission, YOU therefore condone their vile statements, simply by appointing such individuals.

You cannot ignore the facts, that in fact CAIR does have close ties to known terrorist organizations.

Belonging to CAIR .. is enough be excluded from any Human Rights Commission.
"The most elementary human right is the right to live and not to be blown to bits."

We strongly demand, that you withdraw the appointment of Omar T. Mohammedi to the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Otherwise you openly condone terrorism.

Ms. G. Goldwater
Switzerland, Geneva
[email protected]
Contributing Editor to the TOM MARR Show
WCBM, Baltimore, USA


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