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An Open Letter to All Practising Muslims


By Al-Mansur

I was just wondering .......... 

1) Hypothetically speaking, if I have you decapitated for not sharing my beliefs and views, thereafter taking possession of your property, violate your wife (in fact, I may just have sexual intercourse with her within 24 hours of your decapitation, if she happens to be a beautiful 17 year old Jewess) and bring up your children to hate and ridicule you as well as your beliefs and to think that your death was perfectly justified as it was ordered by some person known as the Merciful a.k.a the Compassionate (like some sort of sick joke), is that perfectly alright with you? Kindly explain if your answer is in the negative. 

Would your answer be different, if you only thought that your beliefs are right whereas I KNOW that only I am right? 

2) Muslims always say that "ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD". As Christianity is currently the 'largest' religion in the world, this would mean that at least some point in time Christianity was the fastest growing religion in the world. Does this mean that Christianity is still the one true religion OR was it only the one true religion during the centuries when it was the fastest growing? 

Since in the early and mid 20th century, atheism was the fastest growing "belief" in the world, does that mean that there was no God during those decades? 

If pork consumption becomes the fastest growing dietary trend in the world, does that mean that God is trying to tell mankind that pork is God's choice of meat? 

3) Do you think that apostates from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism who embrace Islam should be killed by their former fellow co-religionists? 

If your answer is in the negative, please explain in not more than 50 words why converts to Islam should be treated differently from apostates of Islam. 

4) Since an enormous mosque has been built in Rome, the heart of Catholicism, would you advise/encourage the Pope to have a cathedral of a similar size be constructed in Mecca to cement and nurture ties between Catholicism and Islam, the world's most peaceful and tolerant religion? 

Would your answer be any different, if the purpose of having the Cathedral built in Mecca is not to nurture ties, but to propagate Christianity in the same manner and extent as what Muslims are doing in the West? 

5) If there were books and other materials published/distributed or made available in your country which advocates violence against Muslims and is blasphemous to Islam, do you agree that it should be banned? 

If you happened to be a peace-loving and tolerant Muslim, would your answer be any different, if these books and materials advocates violence and war against Jews, Christians and Pagans ONLY and is only blasphemous to these religions (e.g. attacking the very fundamentals of Christianity such Jesus was not the Son of God and he never died on the cross)? 

6) Do you agree that on 9/11 it was “ISLAM WHICH WAS HIJACKED” as most American Muslims claim? [Personally I think it was Humanity which has been hijacked by Islam, not that my opinion counts] 

If your answer is in the affirmative, I would presume that Allah would naturally sent these HIJACKERS OF ISLAM to Hell. Right? 

Question : How do you think Allah should deal with the hundreds of thousands who cheered, celebrated, danced on the streets, shoot in the air after they saw ISLAM BEING HIJACKED on 9/11? 

Please let me know your thoughts. Your views on the above matter are highly appreciated. 

Best Wishes to All 



[PS. With regards to Question One, it is only hypothetical and not meant to offend any of you. In truth, I wish you and your family good health and all the best]




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