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Why Are Muslims Putting Up With Christians, Jews and Other Unbelievers In America?


Recently, Mazen Al-Najjar, a Palestinian suspected of having ties to terrorists was deported from the United States. On top of that, the University of South Florida has filed a lawsuit to terminate Sami Al-Arian, a computer science professor and brother-in-law of Al-Najjar, also for alleged ties to terrorism. 

Mr. Al-Arian said of the suit to dismiss him: “... I’m a MUSLIM. That’s not a popular thing to be these days.” 

Muslims worldwide are angrily denouncing it as a hate crime and a prime example that the West discriminates Muslims. 

Westerners may say if America wants to discriminate against Muslims why deport only one man when they could have deported all 6 million Muslims. [Note: The figure of 6 million in America which Muslims claim excludes the millions of babies who notwithstanding their Non-Muslim parents, are all born Muslims according to Islam] 

Why is it that Muslims can preach Islam and build as many mosques in America and the West and yet claim discrimination and intolerance? Why is it that British Muslims demand public funding (i.e. with Non-Muslim tax payers' money) for Mosques, Muslim schools etc.? 

Can Christians and people of other religions preach their faith and build places of worship in Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country? 

If you are a non-Muslim Westerner who ask such questions, you obviously do not understand!!! 

Look. You have no rights whatsoever and should be extremely grateful that the Muslims put up with you. THE EARTH INCLUDING AMERICA BELONGS TO ALLAH!!! 

"The Earth belongs to Allah and thus only Allah's rule should prevail all over the earth" - Osama Bin Laden. 

This is echoed by "moderate" Muslims. 

"We believe that the earth belongs to Allah who gives it as an inheritance to whomever he wills of His servants. Therefore, it has been obligatory for us to promote this religion (Islam) so it would be an admonition to all mankind" - Imam Jamal Taleeb, The Imam of the London Muslim Mosque www.londonmosque.com 

"This LAND belongs to Allah, as do all the lands of this earth. We should work hard to make this land a Muslim land. Allah Bless America With Islam" www.islamzine.com 

Both the moderates and the fundamentalists are quoting Muhammad.

Volume 9, Book 85, Number 77: Narrated Abu Huraira: Muhammad said "You (Jews) should know that THE EARTH BELONGS TO ALLAH AND HIS APOSTLE and I want to expel you from this land (the Arabian Peninsula)" 

Yes, Muslims have every right to say, "My house is mine and your house is mine too"!!! 

I bear witness that “There is No Landlord but Allah and Muhammad is his Chief Tenant". 

When Muhammad became the final and last Chief Tenant, the Christians and the Jews have their leases and tenancies terminated. They could be killed for trespassing (on this Earth) or they could stay in the storeroom with the rats so long as they agree to pay an exorbitant rent, all the bills (even though they don't get to watch the TV) and wash the toilets. If you're not even a Christian and Jew but an idol worshipping Kafir, you should have your head chopped off and flushed down the toilet bowl. 

Please see the Tenancy Agreements (i.e. the Quran and the Hadith). 

If you look closely at certain clauses of the above Agreements, the tenancy comes fully furnished with all fixtures, fittings etc. 

Not only are Muslims entitled to America and the West but everything in there including the wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters of you Non-Muslims. 

So, to all you Muslims living in the West. Next time don't just complain about discrimination. Kick George W Bush, Tony Blair and the rest of the f#@king Non-Muslims out !!! 

Warmest Regards,



Honk if you're proud to be a Muslim




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