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Whither the Islamic Infidels?  

By Abul Kasem 

June 23, 2005    


HAMED BY THE senseless atrocities perpetrated by the livid Islamic Jihadists on innocent infidels, including their harmless, sinless kindergarten children, the Islamic apologists living in the west are hell-bent to prove that Islam never condones such mayhem. They scribe enormous essays extolling the ‘goodies’ which Islam has for the unbelievers. Curiously, one may note that very few Islamists living in Islamic Paradises ever write such confounding essays. In contrast to the western-living Muslims this committed strand of Islamists are true Muslims. They simply want Islam to dominate the world, pure and simple—even at the cost of millions of infidels’ lives.  

Ignorant of ‘real Islam’—the only pure, pristine, original and unadulterated Islam contained in the Qur’an and preached and practiced by Muhammad, most infidels fall for those untruthful essays composed by those western-educated, Islam-loving Islamic apologists. An appropriate term to describe these naive infidels could be ‘Islamic Infidels’—the infidels as depicted in the writings by these western Islamic apologists.  

Deluded by such dubious articles, many un-informed infidels even blithely acknowledge that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, except that the insane Islamic terrorists have profoundly distorted this serene Islam. Astonishingly, to prove the innocence of Islam, these ‘Islamic infidels’ compare the savage Jihadists with the Klu Klux Klan version of Christianity. What a great travesty of justice! Without properly checking the Qur’an, these gullible ‘Islamic infidels’ readily accept those ‘goody’ Qur’anic verses the cunning western Islamic apologists often quote to back up their persistent claim of unbound Islamic mercy for the infidels. These unbelievers simply assume that Muhammad’s Qur’an is similar to the Gospel of Jesus. They are under the illusion that, just like the Gospel, the Qur’an could never contain verses which call for their gratuitous murder of infidels if any one refuses to accept Islam, the only religion acceptable Allah. They falsely believe that alike the Gospel the Qur’an too is full of mercy, compassion and forgiveness for the sinners (read Islamic infidels). If only these simple-minded ‘Islamic infidels’ knew the truth about their fate in the hand of Islam, they would simply shudder in terror. To learn more about this undeniable reality please read on.  

I took some time to scan diligently the Qur’an in chronological order and assemble some verses that apply to the infidels. For the convenience of the readers I have tabulated those opposing verses—the verses which utterly contradict each other. Invariably, there are some verses which talk of mercy, tolerance, kindness and co-operation with the infidels. The problem is: those verses are mostly Meccan verses, the verses which Allah sent down when Muhammad was militarily weak—when he had no means to fight physically the pagans of Mecca . When Muhammad shrewdly changed his residence (i.e., migrated to Medina ) his Qur’an also changed. A crafty Allah now became vicious towards the unbelievers. Almighty Allah now quickly sent down pithy verses commanding Muhammad the wholesale conversion of the repugnant unbelievers to Muhammad’s religion (Islam). Failure to do so by the infidels entailed severe punishment from an angry, despotic, ruthless and uncompromising Allah.  Why? As demonstrated by loads of such verses released during Muhammad’s stay at Medina , why Allah suddenly became so desperate to ruthlessly punish the ‘errant’ infidels? The answer is not difficult to fathom. You see, at Medina , Muhammad acquired the much needed military wherewithal to mortally attack the infidels and subdue them. That is why most of the Medinaan verses are filled with hate, spite, revenge and the directives for total annihilation of non-Muslims, simply because Muhammad was physically capable of carrying out his campaign of terror.  

As one peruses the listed verses, one may legitimately ask: “Which verses are current regarding the treatment of infidels in Islam (Islamic infidels)? Are those loving, peaceful and kind Meccan verses still valid? Or the harsh, hateful, unkind and belligerent Medinaan verses are applicable?” Perplexed, one might even believe that Islam is symbiotic; that is: it could co-exist with seemingly conflicting verses in the Qur’an. Strangely, the answer to this perplexing question is very simple. You see, the rule of abrogation on the Qur’anic verses unmistakably stipulates that the later verses (in this case, those benign, tolerant, peaceful Meccan verses) abrogate the earlier verses. Therefore, all those infidel-friendly Meccan verses are replaced by the belligerent, coercive, hate-mongering and chillingly murderous Medinaan verses.  

A chronologically organised Qur’an clearly demonstrates how Muhammad’s Allah changed His tune when he arrived at Medina with his band of terrorists. As stated earlier, at Medina , Muhammad, through countless plunder and forced exactions, developed his muscle power—both economic and military. Feeling financially and physically secured and strong, Allah then decided to take revenge on the infidels. Expectedly, the Qur’an also changed its tune.  

Please note that the suras with chronology order of less than 87 are Meccan suras. Sura 2 (sura al-Bakara) has the chronological order of 87. This is the decisive verse which marks the beginning of a new militarily powerful Muhammad. Truly, this sura is a mixture of some Meccan and some Medinaan elements. For example: verse 2:256 (no compulsion in religion) is such a verse. Curiously, this sura (sura 2) also has the verse 2:193 which prescribes the use of force to accept Islam. Here are these two contradictory verses:  

No compulsion in religion; the truth is clear from error.

2:256 There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower. [87, Medina ]  

Fight the infidels until they accept Islam.

2:193 And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah. But if they desist, then let there be no hostility except against wrong-doers. [87, Medina ]

Obviously, the most pertinent question is: which of those two verses in the same sura (sura al- Bakara, sura 2) is currently applicable to the infidels—verse 2:256 or verse 2:193? I would like to get a definite answer from the lovers of Islam. Please forward a clear, unambiguous answer—not some mumbo jumbo of context, translation difficulty and exhortation of having ‘misconception’ about Islam.  

Leaving aside sura al-Bakara (sura 2), it is perfectly apparent that the Medinaan verses have really sealed the fate of the infidels living in a pure Islamic society (like Saudi Arabia , Iran , Pakistan , Sudan ….). There is no way that ‘true’ Muslims could offer mercy, tolerance, kindness, empathy, sympathy and peace to the unfortunate unbelievers who decide to stay put in an Islamic Paradise. To prove my line of reasoning, please go through my list of verses.  This detailed list is bound to disturb many unbelievers as well as the not-so-good Muslims (tolerant, in name-only Muslims, who have not closely read the Qur’an and ahadith).  

Please note that I have included the chronological order and the type (i.e., Mecca or Medina verse) inside square [ ] brackets. Interestingly, without doubt, you will notice that all the Meccan verses have a chronological order of less than 87; all the Medinaan verses have a chronological order of 87 or higher! This is very fascinating, won’t you think so?


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