Frequently Asked Questions, Objections and Comments

1. Some of Islam’s teachings may not be applicable today. But Islam played an important part in human civilization

2. What about the great minds of Islamic world? Shouldn’t we thank Islam for rearing these luminaries?

3. Your criticism is Just about Islam or all religions?

4. You talk about the bad parts of Islam. How about the good parts?

5. Do you suggest that Islam is bad for the people and they should accept other religions?

6. Is it right to be disrespectful towards any religion?

7. People must respect other people’s beliefs

8. You are insulting us and the religion of more than a billion people.

9. You seem to think that Violence and killing of non-believers is unique to Muslim

10. What you are writing are all facts and true. Like what the present Jews say “The only good Arab is the Dead Arab”

11. God is invisible, incomprehensible, inaccessible, a pure essence, which cannot be described. You attempt to describe the indescribable and explain the unexplainable.

12. Why are you against God?

13. Who are we to really know who or what God is?

14. Human logic is fallible. It is not a reliable mean to know God.

15. What do you know that billions of human beings have missed out for thousands of years until this very moment?

16. Are you telling me that thousands of sages, saints and prophets during the history of mankind who believed in God were wrong, and now you want to “refute” that God is a being?

17. Why do you only talk about Islam? What about Christianity and Judaism that are as illogical as Islam?

18. But there are other versions of Islam. Not all Muslims are fanatics.

19. You are wrong, it is intolerant people like you that cause hatred and stir sedition among people.

20. You are forgetting the historical context and the prevailing social, cultural, and geo-political conditions of those times.

21. The Quran can be interpreted in different ways. This is the beauty of the Quran.

22. How is it possible that this world has come to be without any intervention ?

23. If Muhammad was not the messenger of God, why would he pretend to be?

24. If Muhammad was insane like you say, then how did he could fool so many people so easily?

25. Keeping people to believe in a false doctrine for 23 years is a hard thing to do.

26. I don’t understand why would Muhammad lie about being a prophet? After all he was known to be very honest,

27. I just think that Muhammad must really have believed in what he was doing.

28. There are some cases that seem extraordinary, like the Battle of Badr, the Muslims were only one third of the other group or the Battle of Ohod. Doesn’t that prove that there was a divine force with the Prophet?

29. To what you attribute the rise of religious fundamentalism in the Islamic countries?

30. Islam is a religion filled with positives and negatives, and thanks to my rational ability, I am well able to dissect the positive from negative.

31. You emphasize so much on doubt and that your mission is to make people doubt their beliefs. Don’t you think that this isn’t polite? It means that you only cause confusion.

32. Why a nun can be covered from head to toe and she’s respected for devoting herself to God, but when a Muslimah does that, she’s considered “oppressed”?

33. Why a Jew can grow a beard and he’s just practicing his faith, and when a Muslim does that, he’s an extremist?

34. Why when a western woman stays at home to look after the house and kids she’s sacrificing herself and doing good for the household, but when a Muslim woman does so, she “needs to be liberated”?

35. Why is it that when a child dedicates himself to a subject, he has potential, and when a child dedicates himself to Islam, he is hopeless?

36. Why when a Christian kills someone, religion is not mentioned, (i.e., Ireland and the IRA) but when a Muslim is charged with a crime, it’s Islam that goes to trial?

37. Why is it after all that, Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world?

38. You quote the Quran out of its correct context.

39. Quran contains many good teachings. out of more than 6000 verses you pick only those that suit your agenda.

40. In the verse 79:30 it is stated that the Earth is egg shape. Eggs are spherical. How Muhammad knew this 1400 years ago?

41. I am a Muslim who, after reading your articles, am having some doubts. The only thing that is hindering me from apostasizing is the fear of hell.

42. Could you explain what is evolution and why everything happens at its pace as we so rightly see in our everyday lives? To elaborate further – the birth process, the death process, why do we eat & drink, why do we fall ill and equally, why and how are we cured and where does the cure come from?

43. I do not agree that Islam is against women. The Bible is very derogatory towards the women. Let it be known that in the Bible Eve was blamed for Adams downfall, that I Corinthians asserts that the man is the head of the woman and that a woman who walks within the church with her head uncovered is to be full of shame, that in I Corinthians as well a man is the reflection of God while the women is merely the reflection of man. …

44. Before westerners accuse Islam of violating the rights of women, lets look at their own statistics and the number of women raped, abused and discarded there.

45. The way that women’s bodies are viewed as commodities changing as the current fashion trend dictates. The number of eating disorders, the huge diet industry and even larger beauty industry as women fight to be something that they can never achieve is an abuse of women. Why are most corporate CEO’s men, most managers–why are women still not given equal pay in the land of the free and the home of the brave? I am not saying that some Islamic countries are not full of problems but let’s not close our eyes to the problems of the western world.

46. You have quoted that “truth is pathless” which seems to mean that it is not absolute. That no one has the absolute truth. And yet you go on to give your own philosophies of what truth is….

47. Islamic History hasn’t been ALL bad either. There are many examples of good Islamic societies. During the height of the Caliphate in Baghdad, Jews and Christians lived in peace as compared to the persecution of faith that went on in Europe at that time. There was a flowering of literature and philosophy and many examples of great ‘free spirits’ who flourished under Islamic Society, such as (off the top of my head) Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina, Al-Jahiz and many, many others

48. All Muslims are not terrorists. I am a Muslim and I am not fanatic and violent. I believe deeply in peace, love and toleration between all peoples. And the Qur’an is not “absolute darkness”

49. Are you suggesting that we should eliminate all the religions? Don’t you think that some religions have something good to offer? If so why is it that so many people are attracted to them?

50. Rumi was a very talented and intelligent man. Could he have been seeing something you and I can’t see?”

Clearly, the Qur’an cannot be barbaric if it produced one of the greatest lovers known to the West and the East.

51. Without Islam how can I raise my spiritual awareness,

52. If Islam is evil how comes cities like Cordoba , and Baghdad became places of enlightenment in science and math and medicine, and that Europeans were flocking to these places to learn from these Arabs.

53. If you are so anti-Islamic because the faith is evil, I want you to tell me what you think of the Talmud, the Pentateuch and of the Zohar and Kabbalah teachings that are just as violent as the Quran.

54. How do I know you are not a Zionist Jew masquerading as an ex-Muslim? I want to know, so then I can decide if I should accept your website.

55. All your arguments aside, the greatest testimony to Mohammad’s (pbuh) prophethood comes from the faith of those nearest to him. His best friend embraced Islam, his wife embraced Islam, his cousin and his slave embraced Islam. Some of his companions were always with him call it 24/7 surveillance if you will. In case you missed the point every aspect of his life is covered, from his wife we learn how he was in bed, from his slave we learn how he treated them, from his companions it is difficult to make out who he loved more, the Salman of Persia or the Abu Bakr of Mecca.

56. You may have several issues with Muhammad and the Quran he was inspired with but why would his companions, including his wife and his slaves speak so loftily about him?

57. People have found the name “allah” in fruits, such as the watermelon, tomato and the mango. When the fruit was cut in half the name “allah” appeared on the flesh. How is this possible? just thinking about it makes me scared.

58. What do you believe now?

59. The site claims to be faithfreedom but why you only criticize Islam? Shouldn’t the Muslims have the freedom to practice their faith?

60. The site claims that Muslims kill others. Are they killing just for fun? Don’t you think they are being oppressed and this is their way to get some justice?

61. If Muhammad was a liar then why he was known as Amin (trusted)?

62. If Islam is not true why is it the fastest growing religion?

63. Wouldn’t it be better to find and foster the true parts of Islam, in order to heal the madness that exists within it, rather than to inspire hate, fear and “otherness”?

64. Islam is a religion that has some good to it. For example it tell Muslims that they will go to paradise if they do a good deeds for fellow followers etc.

65. In Sura 2:23 Allah challenges anyone to produce a sura like it. No one can write a sura like the suras of the Quran, so poetic and beautiful.

66. If Allah is not the same god of the Jews and Christians why God is called Allah in the Arabic Bible?

67. If Muhammad was a liar why he made a religion so hard to follow?

68. You are brainwashing people

69. Sites like this promote racism,

70. You quote the Quran out of context.

71. Can I continue believing in God after I leave Islam?

72. Can you tell me how to find God?




Islam is a an old religion. Some of its teachings may not applicable today. But Islam was and still is a great religion with a billion of believers. Islam played an important part in human civilization.

The greatness of a belief is not determined by the number of its adherents but by its coherence and its inherent truths, its usefulness and practicability. There was a time that everybody believed that the Earth was flat. All philosophers and prophets concurred and the common sense confirmed it. Yet it was not true.

Islam did play an important part in human civilization. But was that a positive or a negative role? How many human lives were sacrificed at the altar of Allah? Muhammad exterminated the Jews of Arabia who called that land home for 2000 years. They had alliances with their Arab compatriots and intermarried with them. They were completely Arabianized. There was no religious conflict in Arabia. Muhammad not only introduced religious intolerance, he undertook the ethnic cleansing of Arabia and instigated a ” divinely ordained” hatred between his followers and the Jews that is taking its toll even up to this day. His command to kill the idolaters destroyed more human lives in 1400 years than Hitler succeeded to destroy in 13 years. Only in India the death toll was close to 90 million. Yes Islam had a great impact on the minds of its followers. But we paid and keep paying with our lives for that impact. The suffering and backwardness of Muslims and the present wave of terrorism are the result of that impact.


Question: 2

What about the great minds of Islamic world, like Zakaria Razi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, Khayyam, Ibn Arabbi, Al Muari and many more? Shouldn’t we thank Islam for rearing these luminaries?

We should thank Islam for rearing Khomeini, Bin Laden, Umar and Ali. They killed people inspired by Islam. The thinkers of Islamic world were almost all apostates. Ibn Sina did not believe in the immortality of the soul and did not believe in a god that cares about the creation. His concept of God was very much similar to that of Espinoza. He was attacked vehemently by Ghazali because of that. But he was a genius who started to teach medicine at the age of 20. His life was spared because he was much needed and because in those days we had tolerant governors who were more secular than religious. Khayyam was obviously an apostate as you can see from every robai that he composed. Hafiz memorized Quran before he reached the age of 15. But as you see there is no praise of Muhammad in his poetries when he became an adult and could think independently. Only a non-religious humanist would say: “Mei bekhor manbar besoozan, mardoom aazaari makon.” (Drink and burn the pulpit but don’t hurt people) This is totally opposite with Muhammad’s instructions who prohibited drinking wine, used the pulpit and ordered killing the non-believers. Ar Razi spoke fearlessly against all the religions calling the Prophets disdainfully “Billy Goats” and liars. These truths have been kept hidden from us. We have been lied to constantly. First the Muslims persecuted these apostates and after their death they credited Islam with their great works and contributions to science and learning.

The reason the Golden Age in the Islamic world became possible was because the rulers in those days were more secular than religious and they tolerated the apostasy of the great minds who in turn contributed to science.


Question: 3

Does your criticism apply to Islam or to other religions as well?

I don’t believe in any religion. The very concept of God sending messengers to save us or to be known and worshipped is absurd.

However, I am not against religions. I believe in freedom of thought and diversity. Diversity means having the luxury to think differently.

I respect all religions that preach love and unity and are tolerant of other beliefs even though I may not agree with their theological philosophy.

I fight against Islam, not because it is a religion or because it is false but because it preaches hate and divides mankind into “brothers” and “enemies”. Islam is fascism that tends to unite only the believers using the hatred of the non-believers as the leverage.



You talk about the bad parts. How about the good parts? Do you see any good part in Islam or all what you see is bad?

In every religion, there is something good, something bad and something very ugly. The good part is what is being preached, the inner peace and security that it promises. The bad part is the hidden agenda of their founders and how that religion is practiced. The ugly part is the terrible outcome and the disastrous toll that it takes from its followers and not followers. All the religions share the same characteristics. Except Buddhism that is not a religion but an agnostic philosophy of enlightenment. Buddhism makes no mention of God or any deity and Buddha never made any claim of receiving a revelation.

I should also mention that all religions have evolved and many of them have become positive forces. Islam is the only religion that has not changed and cannot change. Therefore, Islam is the only dangerous religion that must be eradicated. All other religions have something good to contribute. Islam has none. It is sheer evil.



Do you suggest that Islam is bad for the people and they should accept other religions or no religion at all?

It is not up to me to tell others what to believe. Personally I do not believe in any religion. I have turned to reason and rational thinking. I doubt everything and try to find my own light.

I the words of Krishnamurti.

“Truth is a pathless land”. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, not through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection. Man has built in himself images as a fence of security – religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, and beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man’s thinking, his relationships and his daily life. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from man. His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence. This content is common to all humanity. The individuality is the name, the form and superficial culture he acquires from tradition and environment. The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his consciousness, which is common to all mankind. So he is not an individual.”

If you look for meaning in life, don’t look for it in religions. Don’t go from one cult to another or from one guru to the next. You can spend all your life or look for eternity and will find nothing but disappointment and disillusionment. Happiness is in the service to humanity. You will find meaning in your love for other human beings. You can experience God when you have helped someone who needed your help. The only truth that counts is the love that we have for each other. Love is real. The rest is mirage, fancies of human imagination, and fallacies of our own making.

For more on this subject please read this article Which Religion Is Good?



Is it right to be disrespectful towards any religion that we don’t believe in and spit on the image of their founders?

It is not right to be disrespectful towards people. But beliefs are not people. There is a difference between being disrespectful and slandering a person and being truthful and stating the facts that can offend someone who hold lies dear.

Cursing, insulting and being rude reveals our own lack of education, and character. Muhammad himself used to invoke the curse of Allah on his enemies, sometimes for 30 consecutive days. He even cursed his own uncle and the dead people. We don’t have to follow his example. We can do better.

People have to be respected, beliefs don’t have to. Beliefs have o be scrutinized and if found wanting, they should be abandoned.

Some beliefs are evil. It is absurd to respect them just because someone might get offended. If people are offended by the truth, let them be offended. Truth must be said whether the lovers of lies like it or not.


Question: 7

People must respect other people’s beliefs instead of insulting them and provoking them by offending that which is sacred to them.

If you believe people’s belief should be respected, please tell us how do you justify Muhammad’s bursting into Ka’ba and destroying the idols of the people who believed in them?

Muhammad not only insulted the un-believers and their sacred beliefs, he assaulted them, killed them and forced his version of the truth on them.

In my school of thought, beliefs do not deserve any respect. They must be confronted, scrutinized and if found faulty, criticized and rejected. It’s people that must be respected.

I would respect the rights of a Nazi but I would speak openly against his doctrine of hate. I respect the rights Muslims to believe in their hateful doctrine that calls for my death, but I cannot respect their religion that respects nothing, not even human life. I will fight it until it is destroyed.

I like the variety and believe in diversity. But I will fight against Nazism, KKK, Islam and other doctrines of hate. The reason I fight against them is because if we don’t destroy them, they will destroy everything in their path and they will crush that very variety that you and I cherish.

How can anyone justify these hate-laden verses of the Quran? They are not even respectful of the people’s right to choose or of their lives.

9:123 Oh ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you.

9: 5 Slay the idolaters wherever you find them

9: 29 Fight those who do not believe in God and the last day… and fight People of the Book, who do not accept the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute by hand, being inferior

3: 85 Whoso desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers.

5: 11 And as for those who disbelieve and reject Our Signs, they are the people of Hell”

9: 28 O you who believe! Verily, the Mushrikûn (unbeleivers) are Najasun (impure). So let them not come near Al-Masjid-al-Harâm (at Makkah) after this year, …

2: 193 Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that of Allah”

22: 19“As for the unbelievers for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowls and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods. “

9: 23 O ye who believe! take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love Infidelity above Faith: if any of you do so, they do wrong.

25: 52 So obey not the disbelievers, but strive against them herewith with a great endeavor.

66: 9O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, a hapless journey’s end.

47: 4 When you meet the unbelievers, strike off their heads; then when you have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives.

3: 28 Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah. except by way of precaution, that ye may guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (to fear) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah.

Muhammad was so indolent towards the belief of the Quraish that some of their leaders met with Abu Talib, Muhammad’s uncle and begged him to intercede and refrain him from insulting their gods. They said: This Nephew of thine hath spoken opprobriously of our gods and our religion: and hath abused us as fools, and given out that our forefathers were all astray. Now, avenge us thyself of our adversary; or, (seeing that thou art in the same case with ourselves,) leave him to it that we may take our satisfaction. Abu Talib answered them softly and they parted. But as Muhammad’s verbal abuse of their sacred belief did not diminish they went again to Abu Talib in great exasperation; and added: – “and now verily we cannot have patience any longer with his abuse of us, our ancestors, and our gods, wherefore either do thou hold him back from us, or thyself take part with him that the matter may be decided between us.”

Katib al Waqidi, reports that Abu Talib addressed the Prophet and told him “Verily thy people ask of thee a reasonable thing, that thou leave off to abuse their gods, and they will leave off to abuse thee and thy God.” To whom he responded “- if they brought the Sun to my right hand, and the Moon to my left, to force me from my undertaking, verily, I would not desist therefrom- until the Lord made manifest my cause, or I perished in the attempt.


Question: 8

What you write about the Prophet is offensive to those of us who believe in him as a messenger of God. You are insulting us and the religion of more than a billion people.

I do not insult people nor do I taunt their beliefs. I am after facts and the truth. If I say something that I believe is true and you are offended, it is not my fault. If I steal and you go accuse me of being thief, and you can prove your claim you are not insulting me. You are simply telling the truth and it is your duty to warn others who may otherwise become my victims. If my kids are offended by that it is because they love me so much that they cannot face the truth. What they have to do is to prove my innocence or accept the fact that their beloved father was not a perfect man. But if they retort by calling you names then they are insulting you.

What I say about Muhammad are not insults but the truth.

The only words I know for a person who massacres his prisoners of war is a criminal and a mass murderer.

The only word I know for someone who at the age of 54 becomes aroused by a 9-year-old child is pedophile.

The only word I know that describes a person who raids merchant caravans and steals their goods is highway robber.

The only words that I know for someone who captures human beings and sells them or asks for ransom to release them is a slave merchant and terrorist.

The only word that I know for someone who forces himself on a captured woman in the same day that he kills her father, husband and many of her relatives is a rapist.

The only word that I know that describes a person who sends his men to kill his opponents in the middle of the night traitorously is an assassin.

If you think these are offensive words please suggest other words that are less offensive. I promise to use them instead. But if Muslims are offended for they believe what I say is false then they have to prove that these stories are all baseless.


Question: 9

You seem to think that Violence and killing of non-believers is unique to Islam but fail to point out that Judaism, the forerunner to both Christianity and Islam, had similar commandments too.

I agree that the Bible recounts of terrible acts of violence committed by Moses and Joshua and most religions have violence in their annals. I am not a religious person and do not support any one of them. Even though not all of the religions call for killing the disbelievers like Islam does, they are all the cause of disunity and much bloodshed amongst humankind. We must not tolerate violence in one religion because other religions also have violent histories. Two wrong does not make one right and tu quoque is not a valid argument. It is as if that the followers of different religions are vying with each other in bigotry and fundamentalism. As if each is encouraging the others to dig deeper into their ignorance.

Muslims, when face the dismal status of women in their religion, console themselves with the fact that other religions also have discriminatory teachings about women, and the Christians take comfort in the fact that woman in Islam are nothing but man’s property. This is absurd. Other religions are not the standard. We have to compare the teachings of these religions to the modern humanistic concepts of equality and oneness of humankinds. We are not in competition with each other. The religionists are struggling to win at any cost. To win what? Winning to establish barbarity? There is nothing to win. It’s all loss. This is a backward race to failure. We are racing towards the precipice. The winner is the one who gets out of this mad race sooner.


Question: 10

What you write are all facts and true. Like what the present Jews say “The only good Arab is the Dead Arab”

Yes what I write is true, but I do not foment hate against people. I love all humanity and make no distinction between Arabs, Jews, blacks or whites and I don’t think this is what the present Jews say.

The reason I fight Islam is because it is a doctrine of hate. I am against Islam for the same reason I am against Nazism. Judaism and Christianity have had violent pasts too. But few Christians or Jews turn to terrorism because of their faith. If they do, it is despite of it. Muslim terrorists are destroying lives everywhere and have plunged many countries into the Dark Ages. We have to get rid of the doctrines that inseminate hate so we can be able to embrace each other as humans.

You must make a distinction between Muslims and Islam. Muslims are the primary victims of this barbaric cult. You must love them despite their arrogance, bigotry and hatred towards non-Muslims. I am not preaching turning the other cheek, but we have to realize Muslims are hostages of Islam. Violence only breeds violence. It is the hate, and the doctrines that promote hate that we should make the target of our attack not the people. Many Arabs have turned away from Islam and they are the salt of the earth.



God in my view is invisible, incomprehensible, inaccessible, a pure essence, which cannot be described. You attempt to describe the indescribable and explain the unexplainable. You are the creation of God; your attempt to understand God is like Mona Lisa trying to understand Da Vinci. No matter how intelligent you may be you cannot understand your creator.

You cannot say that God is an “unknowable essence” and then say that he is the creator. If you say that he is the creator, then you have already DEFINED him as the “creator”. So he is no more an unknowable essence.

I do not accept god as a creator because:

God as a creator becomes a “being”. A being must have a physical or a spiritual existence. Anything that exists is limited in space and is subject to time.

If God is the creator, he cannot be the creation. So where the creation is, God is not. Take your own example of Leonardo Da Vinci and Mona Lisa. They are two separate entities and each can exist without the other. Each is limited in time and space. If the relationship between God and his creation is, as you described, that of the creator and the created, then God and the creation are two distinct entities and therefore God cannot be infinite otherwise he would overlap his creation, which is not possible because in that case we (the creation) would be part of the creator, which means God has created himself.

If God is the creator, then there must have been a time that the creation did not exist. Therefore before the creation, God was not the creator. Just as Da Vinci was not a painter before he started to paint; and you are not a father before you sire. This creates the problem that God too is improving and acquiring faculties that he did not have. Before the universe came to be, he was not the creator, and then he became the creator after he created it. In other words God also changes. Therefore God is neither perfect nor absolute. If God was perfect, he need not change. He could not improve nor become anything, like “becoming” a creator. “Becoming” behoves the creation and not an absolute and unchanging god.

If you say that the creation always existed parallel to God then God cannot be the creator because in that case God and the Universe are twins that existed from eternity, which makes the existence of God as the creator superfluous. If the Universe is created, God must have preceded it. That of course, as we saw above, is not possible because in that case God would be acquiring attributes like becoming a creator.

In conclusion, God cannot be the creator of the universe because

He would have acted in time, therefore becoming limited in time.

His creation falling out of himself proves that he is not omnipresent and therefore limited in space.

If God and the creation co-existed always beyond time, then God as a creator become superfluous

As you see, even if you say that God is an unknowable essence, as soon as you say he is the creator, you are limiting him and denying his perfection and therefore his godhood.




Why are you against God?

People believe in myriad of things. There are those who believe in sacred cows, others believe in snakes, a number of people believe in voodoo, some believe in resurrection of Jesus and yet others in Muhammad splitting the moon. Whether these beliefs are based on facts or fantasies they are no one’s business. As long as these beliefs don’t harm people, I don’t have to waste my time disproving them, even if I think they are silly.

The belief in God, on the other hand has become the force behind the fanaticism and it is killing people. Millions have died in the name of this god. There is not a single cause for which people are so willing to die and take the lives of others as for the belief in God. So it is of paramount importance to make sure that this belief is founded on solid facts and not on superstitions.

Upon the closer inspection and by using logic we can see there are many flaws in the theory of god as presented to us by these self appointed prophets. God as a being is specious and can be refuted by logics

My intention is not to prove or disprove the existence of God. The belief in God is a personal matter. It’s comforting to believe in an all powerful daddy that can come to your rescue when you are in peril or when life turns topsy-turvy. I don’t want to take away peoples faith. Religion is a pacifier; it’s useless but has great psychological benefits. People are like children. I don’t like cruelty to children and I will not take away what gives masses of people peace and comfort.

The reason I bother to expose the fallacies of religions and their petulant god is because this god, who is nothing but the figment of our imagination, is affecting our lives. It is dictating the politics of our lands; shaping our governments and making us hate each other. The belief in him is killing us.

If an epidemic breaks out, killing us so successfully as religions do, we would do everything to eradicate it. But the belief in this god that no one except a few men of dubious moral and ethical character have seen is left unchecked to claim its victims in every land.

This imaginary god is responsible for most of the killings that are taking place in all parts of the world. Even if our conflicts are of political or economical nature, the schism that separates people is often religious. People may fight over land, but the line of demarcation is religion. We hate each other because of religion. We are dying, because of religion. Look at Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Algeria, Kashmir, Philippine, Timor and virtually everywhere Islam or any other religion is taken seriously.

I say, if we are going to hate each other over religion, if we are going to kill each other for the sake of this god, it is important to stop for a moment and ask whether he for whom we are willing to die and kill exists.




Who are we to really know who or what God is?

You start from the assumption that there is a god who is so great that we are not supposed to question him. I think differently. I say let us doubt. Let us doubt in everything that we are told and accepted as true. Let us doubt even the existence of God. No one has seen God. What we know of God is what we were told. What if those who told us about God were wrong? Our ancestors were wrong about many other things, what if they were wrong about this one too? So let us question the notion of God. Then, free from all preconceptions and prejudices let us investigate the truth. And let us use the ONLY parameter that we have to find the truth, i.e. “logic”.

These so called holy books, especially the Quran contain numerous errors. The Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities and grammatical errors. How can we trust this book when it talks about God? If Muhammad was wrong on almost everything else, can he be trusted when he spoke of God, especially when the god he spoke of is so ungodly?



Human logic is fallible. It is not a reliable mean to know God.

Yes human logic is fallible, but that is the only means we have to find the truth. What is perfect in this world or in us? Are our eyes perfect? No. There are animals that have a better vision than us? Is our hearing perfect? Is our sense of smell perfect? There is nothing perfect in us humans. But that is all we have. We have to see the world with our own eyes, even if they are inferior to the vision of an eagle or an owl. Human logic is also imperfect, but that is all we have and we have to use it.

When I use logic I see that God does not stand a chance. I don’t say, “who am I to question God”. I say that I am a human being endowed with a brain and responsible to use it. If God is true, it must stand the test of reason. If it doesn’t, it is fanaticism. I am not suggesting that human logic is the only means to know God but the real God cannot be contrary to human logic either.



What do you know that billions of human beings have missed out for thousands of years until this very moment?

I know what Galileo knew when he challenged the faith of billions of people who believed for thousands of years that the Earth was at the center of the universe. I know what Darwin knew when he defied the common belief of billions of people that thought all living beings were created in six days as seperate species. And I know what Lyell knew when he confronted the universal belief that stated that the Earth was 6000 years old

An idea is not true just because the majority holds it to be true, The majority can be wrong.


Question: 16

Are you telling me that thousands of sages, saints and prophets during the history of mankind who believed in God were wrong, and now you want to “refute” that God is a being?

Even in those days thousands of sages, saints and prophets agreed that the Earth was flat and the creation was 6000 years old and God created everything in 6 days. No one challenged their misconceptions, because everyone thought like you. The world owes its advance to people who DOUBTED, not to those who believed.

Doubt everything, and find your own light. (Buddha)



Why do you only talk about Islam? What about Christianity and Judaism that are as illogical as Islam?

The reason I focus mostly on Islam is because Christianity and Judaism are criticized already by many scholars born within Judaic and Christendoms.

Furthermore my fight is not against faith but against hate. I have no issue with religions that do not preach hate. Christianity, Judaism and other religions teach their followers to love. Islam is the only doctrine that teaches hate.

Most important of all, I have no business to criticize the religions of others, unless they become a danger to me. No one would pay attention anyway, because it is natural that the followers of different religions attack each other’s faiths. This kind of religious feuding has been going on since the beginning of the history of mankind. We have to see our own errors not the errors of others. We are responsible for ourselves not for others. If we find our own mistakes and bring them to the light, it is because we love our people. But if we point out the faults of others, they dismiss it, they become hostile and intensify their fanaticism. Christianity and Judaism represent no threat to the peace and security of the world.

Islam on the other hand, is a constant menace to the world peace and to the Muslims themselves who are capable to sacrifice their own lives in order to kill the “enemies” of Islam. A Persian proverb says: “Ze har tataf koshte shavad be naf’e Islam ast”. (No matter from which side people are killed it is a victory for Islam) The level of fanaticism is far greater amongst the average Muslims, than the average Christians or Jews.



But there are other versions of Islam. Not all Muslims are fanatics. There are many Muslims who are liberals, who believe in human rights and equality of gender. You cannot condemn all the Muslims.

The Islam I am opposing is the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad and what he taught in Quran. I am not concerned about other versions of Islam. Islam cannot be changed. You only can change Islam when you change Quran. Trying to humanize Islam is like trying to humanize Nazism. Representing Islam as a tolerant and humanistic religion is lying. Can you put the foundation of human happiness on lies?

Quran and Hadith say that women are less than men; they are deficient in intelligence and beat your wives. How can you preach equality without changing what is in Quran?

Quran demands killing the disbelievers, waging war on them until everyone converts to Islam or is “subdued, feels humiliated and pay Jizyah”, How can you build an Islam that talks about tolerance, but neglect the inhumanities of Quran? It is like saying, let us discover the “liberal” Nazism in which everybody is loving and gentle, and there is no racial hostility. If you want to fool yourself go ahead but you won’t be able to fool others. If you are so much attached to Islam, live by it. Don’t try to change it and pick and choose what pleases you most. If you are unsatisfied with what you see, may be it is time to move on. The true Muslim was Khomeini.



You are wrong, it is intolerant people like you that cause hatred and stir sedition among people.

I express my opinion. I show no intolerance towards anyone. In fact I love all humanity irrespective of their false beliefs. Hardly you can call a man like me intolerant. On the other hand you are being intolerant towards me. You cannot even tolerate my right to think independently and express myself.

I am against Nazism because it is a doctrine of hate. I am against Islam because it too is a doctrine of hate. The former advocated the supremacy of a race the latter promotes the superiority of a religion. They both used violence to advance their objectives and they both had no respect for human lives and their rights. They both believed that since their ideology is right it is okay to kill people and the end justifies the means.

Islam is a religion of hate. I fight it because of that. I am not fighting against Muslims. Most of my loved ones and relatives are Muslims. I fight against the doctrine of hate that has made them, you and all of us victims and victimizers for the last 1400 years.



You are forgetting the historical context and the prevailing social, cultural, and geo-political conditions of those times. In those days, and in that culture, people did not think or behave in such a “civilized” manner as people do today. Killing in those days was not a big deal.

There are many faiths and philosophies that belong to the past and some much older than Islam but they all started and advanced without bloodshed. Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Manism, Christianity and many Greek philosophies grew without the need of killing people. This is absurd to say that I cannot convince you of my truth by logic so let me convince you by my sword.

Forcing people to accept to submit to one’s belief is only a practice of Islam. NO other religion advocated violence as a legitimate means of propagating itself.

This is wrong. We don’t need another proof to demonstrate that Islam is a demonic cult. It has numerous logical inconsistencies and outright ignorant statements which strike at its foundations and credibility as an infallible document. It was forced on people by violating their freedom to believe. No real God would demand obedience and love through violence. If Allah has any existence, he must be Satan himself. Muhammad must have been possessed by Demons. Islam is very demonic. It expanded by killing. It maintained itself by protecting the ignorance and silencing all voices of opposition.

The very Muslims who defend Islam’s violent ways to expand itself by sword, looting and killing, call upon each other to shun those who want to study it by reason and avoid rational conversations. A Muslim is afraid of reason like a Dracula of light. How can it be that a religion made by God cannot stand the test of reason that is also made by God? How is it that the human intelligence that is a gift of God defies his own religion?

Think about it. Islam is not a religion from God to mankind. It is a cult. Look at the fruits of it. Is there one Islamic country that is happy, prosperous and civilized? If you see traces of these qualities in some of the Islamic countries, is because those countries have become secularized. The more a nation is Islamic, the more is its barbarism and backwardness. You know a bad tree by its fruit.


Question: 21

Quran can be interpreted in different ways and each person can grasp something from it based on his own understanding and capacity. This is the beauty of Quran.

Is it good to be able to interpret a book of guidance that claims to be from God in different ways? What is the purpose of a book of guidance? Isn’t it to guide us definitely and without equivocations? Divine books are supposed to be roadmaps for humanity. They have to show you the way and be consistent. What if a map shows that your destination is to the right, and to the left, to the north and to the south and to all directions? Such a map is of no use at all. It is misguiding and pointless. The reason we consult a map is to get the clear idea which route to take. If we had to interpret it according to our own understanding, the map has failed to do what it purports.

It is true that Quran is written in a way that each person can interpret it according to his own understanding, whims, inclinations and caprices. A tolerant Muslim may be attracted to the earlier verses of Quran when Muhammad had no power and spoke good words like: “Speak good to men…” (2: 83) “To you be your religion, and to me my religion” (109: 6) and “There is no compulsion in religion”(2:256). But a bigot who has a sadistic predisposition will give emphasis to the violent verses of Quran that were revealed when the Prophet became powerful and need no more “speak good to men” or ask them to be tolerant to him letting him practice his religion. So his tone changed and he revealed violent verses like these: “Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that of Allah” (2: 193), “Whoso desires another religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him; in the next world he shall be among the losers.”(3: 85)

Quran is full of these contradictions and discrepancies. Each person can pick and choose what he wishes. A pious person will lead a pious life and will see the good things in Quran, while a terrorist can also find justification of his killings in that holy book.

During the 23 years of his prophetic life, the Prophet was catapulted from rags to riches. This dramatic change affected his mood and teachings. Once a forbearing preacher and a lonesome warner, turned into an intolerant despot. He was no more sermonizing or “speaking good to men” or being “patient with what they say, and part from them courteously” (73: 10), but was howling for killing and screaming for blood. He called his followers to “Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in” them (9: 123).

Therefore it is true that each person can find in Quran something that would validate his own proclivity. This is not a “miracle” of Quran but its biggest flaw.


Question: 22

How is it possible that this world has come to be without any intervention while one knows there has been a person walking on the snow when one sees his footprints?”

It is true that footprints on the snow do not happen by themselves. There must have been someone who made them. But who made the snow? Primitive men and the less educated people used to think that gods make the snow. But now we know that the snow is the product of natural phenomena. It is formed by the effect of Sun on the oceans, the winds, the temperature etc. No one makes the snow. It is formed by natural laws. So are the mountains! Who made the mountains? Mountains are formed by earthquakes, winds, rains, eruptions, erosions and other natural factors. Who made the rivers? Did god design the course of the rivers? Or are they shaped by the topography of the land they pass through? The same happens in other planets. Also the planets themselves, the Sun and the stars, the galaxies and the entire universe are the product of natural laws. The same can be said about the living beings. Creatures evolve, in harmony with their environment. As Darwin found out, a single species would evolve into two distinct sub species that would eventually become completely different species when separated from each other for a long period of time by some geographic barrier. In evolution we can witness the law or the Principle underlying the creation but we cannot see any hand of god at work. So we can conclude that there is a law or a principle underlying the creation, but the assumption of a personal god as the creator is untenable.


Question: 23

If Muhammad was not the messenger of God, why would he pretend to be? If it was because of wealth and women, then was he that stupid to risk his life over and over just to have sex and get rich. Wasn’t he already rich after marrying khadija?

One does not decide to become a Prophet overnight; it is usually a process. Only in the USA there are about 2500 new prophets every decade. What motivates these people to make such claims varies from person to person. Mental disease is often a factor. Many of these self proclaimed prophets are fanatical religious people themselves or are suddenly drawn to extreme religious vocations. The original motives are not necessarily wealth and sex. The desire to dominate the minds of others is far more exhilarating than the trivial pleasures of sex and money, although this too may not be a conscious decision that they make. However, often if these prophets are successful they celebrate their success with exclusive sexual privileges that they deny to their followers. Also the desire to amass wealth is something that comes later, when they have a fair number of devotees who are ready to do anything for them and would willingly hand them a good percentage of their wealth in exchange of heavenly rewards and being convinced of the virtues of giving and sacrificing in the cause of God.


Question: 24

Don’t you think that he (the Prophet) was pretty smart for his time? If he was insane like you said in your report, then how did he fool so many people so easily? You cannot say that the barbarians back then were stupid because not everybody was stupid?

The Prophet used to see Jinns, hear voices and used to battle with Satan. He even attempted suicide several times. This man was certainly not a mentally sane person. At first he might himself have believed that his psychological experiences were real, but when the voices that he used to hear ceased, as usually is the case with those who suffer from schizophrenia when they age, he kept lying about it and kept fooling his followers. He had already started something and there were those who believed in him. The dreams of conquering the Arabia and subduing the Ajam (Persia) may not have been in his mind when he started but when he saw that people are accepting him as a messenger of Allah, his ambition also soared.

It is not true that Muhammad was in any danger for his life. For 13 years he taunted the deities of the Quraish, mocked them and insulted them and neither him nor any one of his followers were ever persecuted. It was him who started the hostilities after he immigrated to Medina by raiding the merchant caravans of the Quraish and killing their men. For a more detailed study of this subject please read my response to Ayatollah Montazeri, Muhammad’s raids at merchant caravans.

Yes Muhammad became rich after marrying Khadijah and he might have been also smart but he was far from being mentally sane. Muhammad was a bigot and extremely narrow minded. However he had a very charismatic personality and an unwavering conviction that influenced the simple-minded people around him. His bizarre behavior for some was the sign of his madness and for others the proof of his prophethood. All the cult leaders we know today are mentally insane; look at the case of Shoko Asahara, Jim Jones, the founder of Heaven’s Gate, David Koresh, etc. These people were not healthy yet they had their followers spellbound to the stage that death and life meant nothing to them. The many of the practitioners of the Heaven’s Gate were university grads with PhDs and very intelligent people, yet they committed mass suicide along with their leader to join the extraterrestrials that were, as they believed, traveling in the tail of the comet Haley. These people along with their leader abstained from sex and were living very frugally –proof that sex and money are not the incentives for starting a religion.

Today we know that the human brain is compartmentalized. A person’s brain can work perfectly in some areas and fail in others. Intelligence is not the only parameter for mental sanity. Hitler was by all means a maniac, yet millions of intelligent Germans did not see that because he was a brilliant man.


Question: 25

Keeping people to believe in a false doctrine for 23 years is a hard thing to do. Look at the Islamic republic of Iran. After just a year or two people stopped believing that it is a good government. So how did people continue to believe in Muhammad for 23 years?

There have been many religions that have survived for many centuries. How can a Muslim explain how these other religions are wrong, if they are believed by millions over many centuries?

Actually Muhammad did not just fool people for 23 years but for 1400 years. The difference between a government and a religion is in the claim of divinity. The Islamic Republic of Iran did not claim to be divinely ordained but that it pretended to implement the principles of a divinely ordained religion. People do allow themselves the liberty to question other people’s interpretation of the “holy scriptures” but they are unable to question the religion itself. This would mean defying God and his wisdom. Communism, Nazism or fascism are pseudo religions yet because their origin is not believed to be ordained by God and there is no infallibility associated to them, once proven faulty they are easily discarded. This awakening process however does not occur among the religious people who do not allow themselves to question the validity of their religion and the critical thinking never starts.

On the contrary religious people try to philosophize, rationalize and justify the absurdities of their religion to prove it right. In this case people are gladly WILLING to be fooled.


Question: 26

I don’t understand why would Muhammad lie about being a prophet? After all he was known to be very honest.

Who said Muhammad was honest? Those who did not believe in him called him lunatic and insane. This is even reported in Quran. How is it possible that people knew that he was honest and did not believe in him? Muhammad was not an honest man. He was called Amin which means trustee and that was the title of anyone who used to attend the herd of others and do business on their behalf. Muhammad was a herdsman and used to take the merchandize of the people (Khadija, his employer) to Damascus and sell them on her behalf. All herdsmen engaged in this business were called Amin. This had nothing to do with their honesty. Today we have school trustees. Does that mean they are more honest than others?

A friend wrote:

Actually, if you lived in an an Arabic speaking country, you will find the word “Amin” is labeled for every sort of profession. Here are examples and you can perhaps verify tem from any Arabic speaking friend.

Amin El-Makataba —>(Trustee of the library)

Amin El-Shortaa —>(Police Trustee)

Maglass El-Omnaa (plural of Ameen) —> counsel of trustees.

Almost every kind of profession in the Arab world is prefixed with “Amin”. This does not mean that the said person is honest.

Muhammad massacred and eliminated all his opponents. There is no piece of history left by his opponents for us to see what they thought of him. But if Quran says that they called him lunatic, that is what they must have thought of him.

Can you rely on what the devotees of someone say about him? The admirers of Khomeni used to think he was a Gandhi. They used to see his face in the moon and called him Imam. That is no proof that this mass murderer was a good man.


Question: 27

Muhammad overcame many obstacles. At first there wasn’t much chance for him to succeed, but he didn’t lose hope, I just think that he must really believed in what he was doing.

Yes the Prophet was a very obstinate man. But wasn’t Khomeini an obstinate man too? Isn’t Saddam an obstinate man? How about Hitler? These people were sick. They are obsessed and often that obsession brings them victory. But that is no indication of their truthfulness. Megalomania is a mental disease. These individuals are often charismatic people and they are so much convinced about their cause that they influence others and overcast their enthusiasm and euphoria.


Question: 28

There are some cases that seem extraordinary, like the Battle of Badr, the Muslims were only one third of the other group or the Battle of Ohod. Doesn’t that prove that there was a divine force with the Prophet?

There is nothing extraordinary in looting and being a highway robber. Muhammad was defeated six times before he learned how to be a good thief. There is not much glory to attack an unarmed merchant caravan, kill innocent people and loot their belongings. What kind of god is this Allah that would order his followers to commit these crimes? Muhammad’s men surrendered the Banu Quraiza; they cut the water supply to the entire quarter for 14 days. The whole population with children, infants, elderly, sick and all kind of people suffered for 14 days and when they surrendered without any fight the holy Prophet (s) killed all their men and sold as slaves their women and children. He kept Rayhana who was the most beautiful girl of that tribe as his own sex-slave. He never married her. Is there any glory in that? The Banu Quraiza never did anything against Muhammad. Their only fault was that they were artisans, goldsmiths and wealthy Jews. Muhammad needed their wealth.

A person wrote that he has been a Muslim for sixty years and after reading that episode could not sleep for two nights. I have not made up anything. Everything that I write is backed by Sahih hadithes and by Quran.

The fact that a few armed men can kill unarmed and untrained civilians many times their size is not the indication that God is with them. What kind of bloodthirsty god are we talking about? Primitive people used to think that might is right. The greatness of a person is in his or her compassion, wisdom, love and mercy not in his or her military prowess.

During the war of 1971 between Pakistan and Bangladesh, 90,000 of Pakistani soldiers managed to massacre 3,000,000 unarmed Bengali civilians and raped 250,000 Bengali women. Does that mean that these people had the hand of God behind them?


Question: 29

To what do you attribute the rise of religious fundamentalism in the Islamic countries?

This is a complex matter. There are several factors that contribute to religious fundamentalism. I can mention a few of them:

1- Lack of education: I think this is perhaps the main factor. Religious fundamentalism is the product of ignorance and knowledge is the best antidote for ignorance. The level of education in Islamic countries is generally low and the kind of education is deficient and biased. It is not rare to find people who have university degrees, and are educated as engineers, economists or architects speak of creation as a fact, or jinns as real beings. When you have university graduates whose education has been based on nonscientific religious absurdities, what can you expect from the unlettered masses? Also it should be noted that Islam discourages secular education. For a Muslim knowledge is what is contained in the Quran. If any science contradicts the Quran that science cannot be taught. You can only teach what does not go against the nonsense of the Quran and that is very little. Therefore the Islamic countries are trapped in a vicious circle. Islam keeps people in ignorance and ignorant people are attracted towards Islam.

2- The second factor is the opportunism of unscrupulous external and internal political powers. Religions often encourage the distrust of the people of other faiths. Political forces use this weakness to their advantage. They foment hatred of a group to procure the support of another group. In Iran the Jews and then the Baha’is became the scapegoats of the Muslim clerics, Ali Allahi’s and Sunnnis were also the target of attack for centuries. This has been the case in almost all countries were people take religion seriously. The British used this sentiment to split the India, the Americans uses the Talibans to fight against the Soviets. They supported the Hamas to weaken the PLO. The list goes on. The support of the extremist groups by Western and colonial powers in Islamic countries is one of the greatest factors of the rise of fundamentalism.

3- Another factor is the feeling of alienation that people in the Islamic countries have towards the rapidly changing and infiltrating Western culture. The West has got rid of religion a century ago and is marching towards a secular civilization reaping the fruits of science and democracy. Islamic countries were not ready yet for this change. They were left behind and therefore have developed inferiority complex vis-à-vis the Westerners. This inferiority complex is further accentuated due to the physical and economical domination of the colonial countries in most of the Islamic world during the 19th century. Today that domination does no more exist, or at least it is subtle and behind the curtains. However the Western culture keeps invading the Islamic countries through Hollywood movies and TV serials. Muslims see their identity threatened and therefore react by going back to their roots. They seek in Islam their identity and their self worth. The general sentiment is that even if the West has scientific and materialistic advantage over us, we have the best religion and God is with us. Conversion of few westerners to Islam validates that religion and feeds the fundamentalism. Muslims make a big issue when a singer like Cat Stevens or a boxer like Muhammad Ali Clay converts to Islam. It does not matter if people who convert to Islam are “no brainers”. All it matters is the number and the fact they are celebrities. Even O.J. Simpson would become a sensation if he converts to Islam. The point is that when people convert to Islam, they are feeding fundamentalism and contribute to the rise of Islamic terrorism even if they denounce the extremists. Islam is terrorism and anyone converting to this religion is approving of it even when he is confused and genuinely believes that Islam is a religion of peace.

In my opinion Islam is a religion that cannot separate itself from fundamentalism without denying almost all the teachings of Quran. The only way to hamper the surge of fanaticism is to weaken Islam itself. All we have to do is to explain the Quran and the hadith to the Muslims.


Question: 30

Islam is a religion filled with positives and negatives, and thanks to my rational ability, I am well able to dissect the positive from negative without discrediting the whole religion and the good it has to offer Islam has lots of truth, and lies as well.

Please tell me what would be the use of a map that has some correct information and some misleading? That sometimes it shows you the right direction to where you want to go and other times it sends you to totally opposite direction?

What is the use of a medical book that has some good remedies for some ailments but some of its prescriptions are completely wrong and kills the patient?

A book of guidance must be a book of guidance all the times. If you have to use your own rational ability to dissect the positive from the negative then you must have more knowledge than the author of the book. In that case consulting such a book is redundant. If you know what is good and what is bad instinctively or through your rational thinking, why you need to consult any book?

According to your explanation, one can conclude that Islam is superfluous for those who have rational ability and is misleading for those who do not have rational ability. Since a great number of people do not have rational ability and take that book as the infallible word of God, doing terrible things believing this is what God wants them to do, isn’t it advisable to scrap it altogether and rely only on human’s rational thinking?


Question: 31

You emphasize so much on doubt and that your mission is to make people doubt their beliefs. Don’t you think that this isn’t polite? It means that you only cause confusion.

Teaching people to doubt is not impolite. Teaching them to have faith is impolite. We come from a religious culture that has all its values upside down.

What is faith? Faith is belief in something without evidence. Once you have the evidence it is no more faith but knowledge. For example, there are people who believe in the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot is said to be a human-like (humanoid) creature living in North America. There is not enough evidence of the existence of such creature, yet some believe that it exists. If this belief is strong it becomes faith.

But what will happen if we actually find such creature? Do you say that you “believe” that Bigfoot exists? No, at that time you “KNOW” that it exists. Knowledge is based on facts. Belief is based on hearsay, suppositions and lack of facts. Primitive people invented myths and believed in them. They built religions around them. Even today some people believe that snakes are gods, some believe in cows as sacred beings, some believe that rats are the spirits of their ancestors, others believe that a black meteorite fallen from sky is sacred. Muslims believe that Muhammad split the moon, they believe that he performed Vudoo as soon as he was born and started to praise Allah. Jews believe that Moses parted the Red Sea, Christians believe that Jesus rouse from the dead and ascended to heaven, etc. All of these religious people believe that Noah collected all the living animals in his ark while the whole earth was flooded for 40 days. They don’t doubt the absurdity of these beliefs. How could the polar bear go to Canaan? Who informed the Australian Kangaroos to head to Middle East? How these animals got there? All these stories are absurd. There is no evidence for any of them, yet people believe in them, because belief does not require evidence.

Take the example of Mi’arj. Is this scientific? If God is supposed to be omnipresent, why Muhammad had to go somewhere else to meet him? Is Jerusalem the gateway to Heaven? If Muhammad traveled on a winged steed in one night to get to heaven then the heaven must be a physical place close to Earth. You cannot travel outside the Earth’s atmosphere with wings. Wings will only take you were there is air. With so many mapping, air travels satellite photos why we haven’t find this heaven? If heaven is not a geographic place but a spiritual realm, why Muhammad needed the winged steed? The hadith says that Muhammad met Allah from behind the curtain. If Allah was behind the curtain then he cannot be omnipresent. An omnipresent god cannot be behind, in front, under or over anything. He is everywhere. This whole story is so naïf that it is mind boggling anyone still believe in it. But faith blinds. If someone said a similar story about someone else, no Muslim would believe it, but since it is about Muhammad, all lies are truth. The bigger the lie, the better it is.

These charlatans calling themselves prophets wanted to keep people ignorant. They did not have our interest in their heart. They were a bunch of liars and impostors. They kept telling you it is not up to you to test God, but God must test you. They praised people for believing without questioning. The stronger was this belief, the better it was. Of course it was better for them, because people did not dare to question them and expose their lies. Now that we are mature, we have to ask these questions. We have to become skeptic and doubt whatever we were told and accepted as true. This does not mean to reject everything. It means we should ask for facts and stop believing things for which we have no evidence. It’s time to “know” not to “believe”. Doubt is the path to knowledge. If you don’t doubt you don’t ask and if you don’t ask you’ll not learn. The world owes to men and women who doubted. We owe to Galileo to Copernicus to Newton, to Darwin, to Einstein and to all those who doubted what they were told and found the facts. Now we no more BELIEVE that the Earth is flat but we KNOW that it is round.


Question: 32

Why a nun can be covered from head to toe and she’s respected for devoting herself to God, but when a Muslimah does that, she’s considered “oppressed”?

Because a nun CHOOSES to wear those habits. No one forces her to become a nun. That is her choice. But a Muslim woman in Islamic countries does not have that choice. She is obligated to wear the veil.

It is like the fakirs of India who apply to themselves lots of tortures. They CHOOSE to do that because they believe in this way they become enlightened. But if you inflict the same tortures on someone who is not willing, you are abusing him.


Question: 33

Why a Jew can grow a beard and he’s just practicing his faith, and when a Muslim does that, he’s an extremist?

By growing beard a Jew is making an statement that he is an orthodox Jew. Jewish orthodoxy does not advocate bombing, shelling, terrorism and holy wars. When a Muslim grows beard he is also making an statement that he is fundamentalist Muslim. Islamic fundamentalism entails bombing, shelling, terrorism and holy wars. This is what Quran teaches. This is what is required from a good Muslim.

The issue is not the beard. The issue is what that beard stands for. A neo-nazi shaves his head and a person getting ready for chemotherapy also shaves his head. But there is a world of difference between the two. The policeman carries a gun and a thief also carries a gun. One is doing his job the other is perpetrating a crime. It is not the beard that makes a Muslim an extremist; it’s the message behind the beard.


Question: 34

Why when a western woman stays at home to look after the house and kids she’s sacrificing herself and doing good for the household, but when a Muslim woman does so, she “needs to be liberated”?

This is again the question of the choice. A western woman is free to go and work if she chooses. Some western women make more money than their husbands and because they don’t want to leave their children with a nanny, the husband stays home to take care of them.

A Muslim woman in Islamic countries has no choice, whether she has children or not is irrelevant. She cannot get into the work place because she is a woman. This is abuse.


Question: 35

Why is it that when a child dedicates himself to a subject, he has potential, and when a child dedicates himself to Islam, he is hopeless?

A subject means medicine, accounting, law, engineering, or other professions that benefit humankind.

Islam is a religion not a profession. What benefit humanity gets from religion and religious people? What is the message of Islam? Hating the people of other faiths, abusing the women and violating their rights, believing in non-scientific mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus of the Quran. Dedicating oneself to Islam is dedicating oneself to bigotry, and hate. This is hopeless.


Question: 36

Why when a Christian kills someone, religion is not mentioned, (i.e., Ireland and the IRA) but when a Muslim is charged with a crime, it’s Islam that goes to trial?

Because when a Christian kills someone, even if the feud is between two religious groups like in the case of North Ireland, it is never inspired by religion itself. Nowhere in the Gospel it says kill the people of other faiths. Quran is replete with such exhortations. For a Muslim all wars are religious wars. Christians do not go terrorizing people shouting Jesus is great, Muslims always shout Allah u Akbar to get ready for killing.


Question: 37

But then again, why is it after all that, Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world?

This is the biggest lie that Muslims love to tell. The truth is that Islam is a religion in fast demise.

People in Islamic countries are poor and uneducated. Poor and uneducated people have higher birth rate. That is why the population is Islamic countries is growing faster than the population is civilized countries where birth control is in effect.

In the Western countries also Muslims are growing faster than other groups because they are escaping from the poverty of their countries of birth and are immigrating in the search of a better. Muslims growth is due to procreation and not conversion.

The following is taken from Friday Times, Lahore: On not so good news about British Pakistanis by Khaled Ahmed

“The figure of 700,000 [population of Pakistanis in UK] has grown from 5000 in 1951. Today, because of high birth-rate, fully 47 percent of them are under the age of 16, as compared to 17 percent for whites. They have the highest unemployment rate, five times more than the British average; and crime rate is higher among them than in any other community. Fully 2 percent of the prisoners rotting in British jails are Pakistanis, the highest for any one community.”

The number of the people that are embracing Islam is minimal compared to the number of the born Muslims who are leaving Islam. Moreover, those who are enrolling in Islam are often undereducated, lower class people of the American Inner-cities. They are mostly blacks who are resentful of the whites and who see Islam as a sort of protest against the white man and his religion. On the other hand those who leave Islam are the Intellectuals and the educated class who cannot put up with the nonsense that is written in the Quran. However, those who leave Islam leave it silently. They are often concerned for their own safety. They know too well the criminal nature of Islam and the way it deals with the apostates. Therefore they do not announce their separation from Islam publicly. But those who embrace Islam are announced with trumpets.


Question: 38

You quote Quran out of its correct context.

It is up the Muslims to tell us what are the “correct contexts” of those verses.

What is the real context when Muhammad instructs his followers to scourge their wives if they are not obedient? What is the real context when he tells them to kill the unbelievers wherever they find them? What is the real context when he rapes a 9-year-old child or women captured in war? The truth is that Quran is a book out of context. How can we apply those barbaric teachings of Quran in this age of science and reason?

The Modern Muslim apologists who unlike their more fundamentalist counterparts (like the ones in Afghanistan), have evolved that much to distinguish the wrong from the right, are embarrassed of the stupid and inhumane teachings of Quran. They are the ones who accuse us of taking the verses out of their context. They insist that Quran cannot be understood and need to be explained by experts. They claim that to fully grasp the meaning of Quran one has to be versed in Tafseer (scholar’s interpretation of Quran) and hadith. However they would not accept those tafseers too and call the Mofasserin (interpreters) and Mohadethin (experts in Hadith) fallible. I have seen vicious attacks at men like Ghazali, (the greatest Islamic scholar) Bukhari, Muslim (the last two were the greatest Muhadith revered for centuries), Maududi, Muhsin Khan, Yousef Ali, et al. So what is the correct tafseer? Nobody has been able to translate Quran properly let alone interpret it, is what these apologists want us to believe.

Of course the apologists do not realize that what they say is apostasy. Quran repeatedly claims to be a “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58 , 54:22 , 54:32, 54:40) “explained in detail” (6:114), “conveyed clearly”, (5:16, 10:15) and with “no doubt” in it (2:1). Claiming that Quran cannot be understood is not clear and needs tafseer is disbelieving in the Quran itself.


Question: 39

Quran contains many good teachings. out of more than 6000 verses you pick only those that suit your agenda.

Your unwavering faith (Faith is always blind. It is belief without evidence) surprise me. You ask me to look at the good things that Muhammad said and not at his shortcomings and mistakes. Let me remind you that Muhammad claimed to be a messenger of God. He is supposed to be the guidance to humanity. If it is up to us to sieve between the good and bad and use our own judgment to choose, why we need him?

Also everyone has good and bad points. Even the worst criminals have said and done something good in their lives. For example Hitler was not a womanizer. He was a faithful man. Does that make him a good person? I recall when I was a kid in Iran they used to interview the criminals in jail and transmit it in the radio. At the end always these criminals had good advises for the youngsters. Muhammad said many good things but he did not follow his own advice and did very bad things. Your logic that we should look only the few good things the Muhammad said or did and forget about his crimes against humanity coming from an educated man is mind-boggling.

Someone who claims to be a divine guidance to humanity and infallible must be infallible and a guidance to humanity all the time. If you have someone who sometimes tell you the right thing and other times tells you the wrong thing, would you still trust him? Who is to determine what part of Muhammad’s teachings are to be followed and what part are to be discarded? You have a different value system than Mullah Omar the leader of Taliban. Each one of you chooses what he pleases from the Quran according to his preferences and values. Can you still say this book is a book of guidance?

If there is one single error in anyone’s teaching who claims to be an infallible guide from God that person is no more an infallible guide. In the case of Muhammad there are more bad teachings than good. How can any intelligent person consider such a man as a messenger of God?


Question: 40

In the verse 79:30 it is stated that the Earth is egg shape. Eggs are spherical. How Muhammad knew this 1400 years ago?

The above verse reads:

Waal-arda baAAda thalika dahaha

It means (word by word):

And the Earth after that was spread.

Here are the three famous translations.


YUSUFALI: And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse);

PICKTHAL: And after that He spread the earth,

SHAKIR: And the earth, He expanded it after that.

Egg in Arabic is “al baiza”. There is no similarity between the two words.

In Surah 78: 6 it says:

Alam najAAali al-arda mihadan


Have we not made the earth like a bed?



YUSUFALI: Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse,

PICKTHAL: Have We not made the earth an expanse,

SHAKIR: Have We not made the earth an even expanse?

Arabs used to spread their mattresses (beds) on the floor and sleep on it during the night. In the above verse Muhammad is comparing the Earth to a bed (Mihad) which is spread out. Therefore the translation of the three most reliable interpreters of Quran is correct.

I think this “egg story” is one of the lies of Rashad Khalifa. I heard that from other submitters. Even so, Earth is not like an egg and an egg is not spherical.

Muslims are just desperate to fool themselves and any lie will do.

Question: 41
I am a Muslim who, after reading your articles, am having some doubts. The only thing that is hindering me from apostasizing is the fear of hell.

Appeal to Force is not a logical argument. This is called Argumentum ad baculum and it is a fallacy. It is not a logic but a threat. This argument could be (and is often used) by most of the religions. Since not all of them can be true, the argument is not a valid argument to establish the truth of any claim.

Argumentum ad baculum is used to bully people into submission with threats and fear mongering.

Everything that Muhammad said is proven to be wrong. Read about the errors of Quran in this site. This proves that Muhammad was not a messenger of God. He was a narcissist and a psychopath who manipulated ignorant people of Arabia with his lies so they could kill others, loot and make him rich and powerful. How can the creator of this universe be so petty and ruthless to put people in hell and torture them for eternity for not believing in him? Why he should even care that a bunch of naked apes in the planet Earth believe in him or not? Just envision the size of this universe and ask yourself could possibly the creator of this magnificent universe be so sadistic?

No my friend, Muhammad lied in everything he said. This is obvious when you see how many mistakes he made in Quran. So you can be more than sure that he lied also about Hell. But it worked. Many people throughout the centuries believed in his lies and feared to question his authority. Therefore this sick man maintained his dominance on the mind of the gullible for 1400 years. In fact if you read the Muslims’ comments in this page, you’ll see this fear is the only argument that they present.

Do not allow a fear mongering psychopath dictate your life. Read the Quran and see for yourself that Islam is not a religion of God.

Queation: 42

Could you explain what is evolution and why everything happens at its pace as we so rightly see in our everyday lives? To elaborate further – the birth process, the death process, why do we eat & drink, why do we fall ill and equally, why and how are we cured and where does the cure come from???

Your questions are philosophical and I am not a philosopher so my answer is “I don’t know!”

However, I am quite intrigued by the questions and would like to spend some thought on them and share those thoughts with you. Of course I could be wrong.

Evolution is a fact not a theory. Strangely, even in this day of science and knowledge there is no want of people who believe in fables such as creation. In an article “Chance or Intelligence” I explained how evolution takes place. Nature makes simple building blocks and those blocks form more complex blocks that in their turn jointly form yet even more complex and structured organisms. So evolution takes place in steps, through trial and error and no maker or creator is needed. Zillions of chemical reactions take place each second, only one or a few of them succeed. But the sheer mind-boggling number of these reactions makes the successes innumerable. Please spare a few minutes and read that article.

The question is: what is success and what is failure? Why things happen this way? Why when hydrogen and oxygen combine they produce water? Why the water should always go downhill? Why the Earth rotates around the Sun? How organisms are born, grow and die? The answer to these profound questions amazingly is very simple. There is a natural law in place and all things in this universe abide by it. I call this the Single Principle. The Single Principle is the principle of evolution. It is HOW things become, HOW they work, HOW they interact, HOW they come to be and HOW they cease to be. The Single Principle is HOW and everything else is WHAT. You, I, this planet, and the entire universe are WHAT. We are things, we are beings and all beings are subject to change. We are becoming, evolving, are born, grow and die. We are all subject to this law. This law is the Single Principle underlying the creation. I have explained this subject a little bit more in detail in an article that called “Life Beyond and The Single Principle”.

Question: 43
As a Muslim woman I cannot pretend to agree with your assertion that Islam is full of lies and against women. Let it be known, that in the Bible Eve was blamed for Adams downfall. Let it be known, that I Corinthians asserts that the man is the head of the woman and that a woman who walks within the church with her head uncovered is to be full of shame. Let it be known that in ICorinthians as well a man is the reflection of God while the women is merely the reflection of man.

As for your views about the rights of women in other religions, I agree with you but that does not lessen or justify the inhumane treatment of women in Islam. Who is saying women should be treated the way Bible says? Though women in Christianity and Judaism are treated much more humanely than in Islam these religions denigrate women. As a woman you may have accepted that you are “deficient in intelligence” as Muhammad said, be happy to have half of the rights of a man, obey your husband and be beaten by him, but as a father I do not wish my daughter to be treated in this way.



Question: 44

Before westerners assault Islam, lets look at their statistics. The number of women raped, abused and discarded.

Yes women are raped and abused also in the West, but this number is at least 100 times more in Islamic countries. When a woman is raped in the West the rapist will be prosecuted severely. In Islamic countries women who are raped become a shame to their families and often are murdered by their own relatives to restore the honor of the family. In Islamic countries women are also raped by their own close relatives like their brothers and fathers. But they are afraid to speak about it because they know this would mean death for them.

In the West some men abuse their wives. But the law is on the side of the battered women and there are shelters and protections for them as well as restrictions and punishment for the abusive husband. In Islamic countries women have no right whatsoever. They can be beaten by their husbands and they cannot even seek divorce. The Husband can re-marry to a younger woman and abandon his older wife abusing her emotionally, sexually (by avoiding to sleep with her as he has now a younger woman), verbally and even physically. These are all Allah given rights of men ( Q.4:34)



Question: 45

The way that women’s bodies are viewed as commodities changing as the current fashion trend dictates. The number of eating disorders, the huge diet industry and even larger beauty industry as women fight to be something that they can never achieve. Why are most corporate CEO’s men, most managers–why are women still not given equal pay in the land of the free and the home of the brave? I am not saying that some Islamic countries are not full of problems but let’s not close our eyes to the problems of the western world.

The fact that women are used in advertising is not a denigration of women. Women are beautiful and they attract the attention. So their image is used to attract the attention. This in no ways denigrates women. It just proves that they are more attractive than men and that is something to be proud of. Flowers are used for decoration and to beautify the ambiance. Does that mean that flowers are of no value on their own? Jewels and Beautiful precious stones are used for adornment and attract the attention, does this indicate that Jewels are cheap? It is a pity that in Islam the beauty is considered to be a shame that must be concealed.

Also men try to dress up, shave and be seen nicely. Does this lower their status? Are sloppy ugly men more respected than well trimmed clean-shaven handsome men? Why then you believe beautiful attractive women are not respected? This is an absurdity. There are many women who are extremely attractive and well dressed who are in key positions in politics, in business and in professional life as doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists, news anchors and producers, etc. that demand respect by their personality. Who said a woman should hide her beauty in a baggy cloth to be respected? This is nonsense and the opposite is true. Women who dress up in Islamic hijab are often seen as ignorant fanatics and potential terrorists. Who would respect a woman who has no respect for herself? A woman who believes in Muhammad must agree that she is deficient in intelligence as the Prophet reiterated. She must agree that she is inferior to men as Quran says and that she deserves to be punished and beaten by her husband. How can anyone respect a woman who has such low self esteem?

I recall in old books usually the publisher used to insert a page of typos that the reader had to correct before reading the book. Once I questioned a Muslim who was defending circumcision to explain whether in his view God has make a mistake in the design of human genitals that he is asking people to correct it. Despite my repeated insistence this gentleman did not answer my question. I ask you a similar question, “Do you believe beauty is something shameful that need to be covered? If so why God created it?

Islam’s values are very twisted. Muslims despise beauty but they praise violence against women In fact Muhammad prescribes domestic violence as a legitimate form of conflict resolution. (See Q.4:34). In this verse Muhammad says men are superior to women and they have the right to scourge their wives. In Islam it is a shame for a woman to speak with a man alone but according to Quran it is okay to attack a non-Muslim nation capture the married women and rape them. (Q.4:3) Islam prescribes hijab for Muslim woman and rape of non-Muslim women. Does any sane person accept this kind of morality?

Do you know where from the injunction of veiling in Islam come from? It comes from the fact that Muhammad in his old age accumulated a harem of a score of teenagers who where the most beautiful women around. He knew that if young men lay eyes on his gorgeous wives they would desire them. That is why he ordered them to cover themselves. Muhammad was a narcissist jealous man. He was sick. Is it fair that millions of women suffer under the veil because they follow a mentally sick man? Muhammad’s jealousy is clear from his possessiveness. He prohibited his teenager wives to remarry even after his death. This is the sign of his psychological disturbance. Muhammad was a narcissist.

As for the problem of eating disorder, please know that the solution to this problem is not hijab.

You complained “Why are most corporate CEOs men”. Know that in the secular societies of the West, there is nothing that stop a woman to become a CEO. As a matter of fact the number of women in top positions is on the rise. But look at Islamic countries where Sharia is practiced. Tell me how many women are in top positions there? It seems that you deliberately have closed your eyes least you see the truth and wake up from your slumber.

If all this humiliation that Muhammad has bestowed upon women is to your liking, you have found the right religion. There is no other religion, Philosophy or ideology today that disgraces women more than Islam. As for me I want to create a world where men and women are equal and that is possible only in a secular and democratic society not in a religious society.


Question: 46
I was reading the FAQs #5. Where you do not suggest people accept any religion.

You have quoted that “truth is pathless” which seems to mean that it is not absolute. That no one has the absolute truth. And yet you go on to give your own philosophies of what truth is. When you say that man cannot come to it through any organization, you have set up a presupposition on how NOT to get to truth. If truth is pathless, then why refute Islam? Why say anything at all to refute anyone. After all, you can’t possibly have the truth and say it is pathless at the same time. I hope you will think this through. If you suggest truth is found in your own mind, then Muslims are following this philosophy and we should let them drive planes into our buildings.

You said, “The only truth that counts is the love that we have for each other. This is absolute and real. The rest is mirage, fancies of human imagination, and fallacies of our own making”.

I am confused. You quote that “truth is pathless” then you say “the only truth that counts is …..” if it is pathless, how can you come to any conclusion about any truth “that counts”?

Which is it? Is there absolute truth? If so, who determines it? How do you decide right from wrong? If there is no absolute truth, then shouldn’t we refute our own thinking as well as others?

There is absolute truth but you and I are relative beings. Our minds are relative and limited. Can an absolute reality be contained in a relative container?

Truth is one, but when that oneness is reflected in billions of minds it manifests itself in billions of ways. No one can claim to posses the whole truth. No one can take us to it. No one can reach it.

The best way to understand this is through an example. Compare the truth to the Sun. Its rays shine everywhere. It illumines all places and all things. All different colors, shades and hues are manifestations of its unique and colorless splendor. Yet the Sun is pathless. No road can take you to the Sun. The roads that you may choose, whether it goes West or East, whether it takes you to the South or to the North, do not bring you closer to the Sun. You don’t have to go anywhere to receive the light and the warmth of the Sun. Likewise you don’t have to follow any religion, cult or creed to attain the truth.


Question: 47

Islamic History hasn’t been ALL bad either. There are many examples of good Islamic societies. During the height of the Caliphate in Baghdad, Jews and Christians lived in peace as compared to the persecution of faith that went on in Europe at that time. There was a flowering of literature and philosophy and many examples of great ‘free spirits’ who flourished under Islamic Society, such as (off the top of my head) Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina, Al-Jahiz and many, many others.

What these have to do with Islam? If the Abbasids were tolerant rulers this is not because of what Muhammad taught. Today you claim to be a tolerant person and you also claim to be a Muslim but you cannot find any justification for your tolerance in Quran. You are tolerant because of your own personal values and because your understanding of Islam is not complete. That is the case with the Abassids too.

What the talents and achievements of Rumy, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina and other luminaries born as Muslims have to do with Islam? Does Quran teach Algebra, Chemistry, Biology or Astronomy? Muhammad made a mistake in parting the inheritance. This guy could not add simple fractions. Why you want to credit Islam for the achievements of these great minds? Our people had a culture and a civilization that predated Islam by thousands of years. It is amazing that we call our own architecture, art, science and literature “Islamic”. What is Islamic about them? We even call Arabic names Islamic. What do you think Arabs used to call themselves before Islam? I noticed that Pakistanis and Bengalis have Persian names and they call these purely Iranian names like Parviz, Afrasiab, Sardar, Kamran, etc. “Islamic”. This is amazing. Please, give credit where credit is due. What our people created with their own talents and genius is not Islamic. It is ours. The accomplishments of our luminaries are no more Islamic than the theories of Einstein and Hawking are Jewish and Christian.

What Islam did for art? What it did for music? What the prophet say about the poets? What were his views on economy? How much he knew about agriculture? He once said it is useless to pollinate the female date trees with male flowers. Then when the trees did not produce dates he said I am just a man and I make mistakes. This man knew nothing about anything. That is why those who believe in him have sunk into fanaticism and have not advanced.

What happened to Ibn Sina and Ar Razi? They were called apostates and their philosophical books were banned. Ar Razy wrote a tome on rationalism and rejected the mumbo jumbo of religion. His book was destroyed. All is left are fragments of his sayings in a book of refutation to him. In Islam the freethinking is discouraged. If it weren’t for Islam most likely we would have the enlightenment happen in Iran 400 years before it took place in Europe. Imagine where would we be now if we had achieved what we achieved 400 years ago. We shall never know the extent of the damage that Islam caused to the world of humanity. Just think all the libraries and books that the Islamic forces burned. Who knows how much human knowledge was lost then. I had an Iranian who challenged me to show him one great Iranian poet prior to Islam. He wanted me to produce what his savage masters destroyed 1400 years ago. Now he claims that prior to Islam there were no great minds in our country as if we have to thank Islam for great men of our land who only were born after Islam. This brainwashed man does not ask himself how Iran became a great world power if it did not have any great minds. How can I produce the evidence when Muslims invaders destroyed all the evidence?

Once upon a time Iran was one of the great powers of the world. We were one of the contributors to human civilization. My people wrote the first charter of human rights. We banned slavery completely 2500 years ago. Women ruled our great land. All nations that were part of our vast empire were free to practice their religion. This is mentioned in the Bible. We believed in the benevolent Ahura Mazda the god of light and practiced good words, good deeds and good thoughts.

But today we have forsaken our god of light and follow the sadistic deity of Muhammad who craves for blood and calls for the heads of those who do not want to submit to his despotic authority. Today we are a poor thirds world country sinking deeper and deeper day after day. Human rights are inexistent, women are second-class citizens, minorities are persecuted, poverty is rampant and we are known as a nation of terrorists. This is what Islam has given us.

Look at our countries; all Islamic counties; look at us! See how miserable, barbaric and pitiful are our societies. Show me one Islamic country that is not in war. If we are not fighting with others, we are fighting among each other. What do you expect from a people who are brought up to believe that “paradise is under the shade of the sword”? What do you expect of the ignorant people that eulogize martyrdom and celebrate death? What do you expect from the society that its spiritual leader (Khomeini) says: “Economy is for the donkey”? What do you expect from a society that dresses up a toddler as suicide bomber and take pride in their own stupidity? What do you expect of a society that massacres 3 million of his own people (Pakstanis in Bangladesh) and their spiritual leader issues the fatwa that rapping the Bengali women is acceptable according the Sharia and the Sunna of the Prophet. Now please don’t say he was wrong because he based his fatwa on this Quranic verse:

4:24 Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those (captives) whom your right hands possess.

Or see this story of Muhammad’s raid of Kheybar where he gives permission to his followers to enslave war captives and rape them, Sahih Bukhari 1.367

Or this one

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 137:
Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
We got female captives in the war booty and we used to do coitus interruptus with them. So we asked Allah’s Apostle about it and he said, “Do you really do that?” repeating the question thrice, “There is no soul that is destined to exist but will come into existence, till the Day of Resurrection.”

Do you know what is coitus interruptus? The followers of the Holy Prophet used to rape the women they captured in their raids and withdraw before ejaculation. They report that to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon his immaculate soul) and the only thing that occurred to this man is that even if they withdraw and spill their semen on the ground if Allah wills the women will become pregnant. Forget about the stupidity of his statement; think about the inhumanity of this man.

These are not stories narrated by Jews. These are stories counted by the followers of Muhammad, people who believed in him and loved him. Would anyone fabricate damaging stories such as these for the object of his adoration? These stories are true. The Ahadith are filled with tales of inhumanity and barbarity of Muhammad. Is this the man you call the prophet of God? Is this the person you follow?

Considering what Quran teaches it is clear that one cannot be a Muslim and humane at the same time. Time has come that we separate the good people from Muslims who truly follow Muhammad. Read the Quran this time with open mind. Don’t try desperately to look for good in it rather look for the evil in it because if Quran contains a thousand good things and one bad thing it cannot be from God. But Quran contains a thousand bad things for one good thing.

Don’t let the idea of monotheism fool you. That is another fallacy that we shall discuss in another occasion.



Question: 48
All Muslims are not terrorists. I am a Muslim and I am not fanatic and violent. I believe deeply in peace, love and toleration between all peoples. And the Qur’an is not “absolute darkness”.

Of course all Muslims are not terrorists. This is an absurd statement. My grandmother never missed a prayer but I am sure she was a saint. I never met a woman as self-sacrificing, kind and loving as that pure soul. Do you really believe I think my beloved nana was a terrorist? I have met so many wonderful beings among Muslims that I met nowhere. There is something especial about us Middle Easterners that one cannot find anywhere else. Our hospitality is unmatched. We honor our words. We are warm and friendly people. You visit the house of an Arab, a Turk, an Afghan or a Persian and you are showered with so much love unparalleled in any other part of the world. It takes an idiot to call these people terrorists. You might have heard in the news when the Americans were bombing Afghanistan the Afghans were shielding American missionaries with their own bodies to make sure if there is a mishap they are not harmed. Are these people terrorists?

Our people are not terrorists just because they are born in an Islamic country and they think they are Muslims. Terrorists are those who follow the teachings of Muhammad. Quran is a book that inspires its followers to hate the non-believers, to kill them, subdue them and treat them as second-class citizens. But not all Muslims follow what Quran teaches. The majority of Muslims are not even aware of what Quran teaches or how Muhammad lived.

Take your own example. You say that you are not a fanatical violent person, you believe in peace, love and tolerance. Did you learn these qualities by reading Quran or are they part of your own family and society values? Let us see what Quran say:

3:28, Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah

Is this how you think about your Christian, Hindu or atheist neighbors? Do you really reject the friendship of good people just because they are not Muslims? If you answer in negative then you are not really following the teachings of Quran even though you call yourself a Muslim.

How about this teaching:

2:216, Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you

What do you say about this? Did you pack to go to Afghanistan to fight in the Jihad called by the Taliban? Do you think those who did that were wrong? Don’t you think teachings such as these motivate some people to become Jihadis and kill innocent kafirs? How can you reconcile your love for humanity with teachings these teachings?

What about this one?

4:84, Then fight in Allah’s cause – Thou art held responsible only for thyself – and rouse the believers. It may be that Allah will restrain the fury of the Unbelievers; for Allah is the strongest in might and in punishment.

Do you think this verse teaches tolerance?

Quran is replete with verses such as these. Don’t you think the Islamic terrorists get their inspirations from these verses?

You insist we should look the good in Quran. Everyone can preach and give good advice. We have to see how they exemplify those good preachings in their own lives. Please read the Ahadith, although many of those hadithes are fabricated, they gradually start to shed light on the person of Muhammad. You will find Muhammad to be a vengeful, ruthless, lustful, sadistic man. This is not slander made by his enemies. This is the picture of Muhammad emerging from the Hadith narrated and collected by those who loved him and believed in him. After reading few pages of the Hadith you will find Muhammad was an evil person. Hitler had one good quality. He was not a womanizer. Muhammad had all the vices of Hitler and he did not have any good quality. I cannot find any man worse than Muhammad when I review the despots, thugs and murderers in the annals of history.



Question: 49
Are you suggesting that we should eliminate all the religions? Don’t you think that some religions have something good to offer? If so why is it that so many people are attracted to them?

Despite the fact that I agree that religions are irrational. I believe not everyone can live without a religion. Most people who turn towards religions are people who need authority in their lives, who lack self discipline, who have had disturbing past and religion gives them what they lack: Discipline. Once they start believing in a religion they shape up, they regain their self-esteem and often are empowered to overcome their handicaps.

Of course all this metamorphosis takes place in them thanks to their own will power. There is no exterior being giving them any help as they assume. However the belief of such being is the most potent autosuggestion. God takes the place of an imaginary friend who is there all the time ready to assist you whenever you are fallen, beaten and demoralized. Mature individuals do not need such imaginary friend to get up and stand on their own feet, but not everyone is mature. The belief in such imaginary, loyal and all-powerful friend can do miracles for those who lack the inner strength to rely on their own resources. But those who are mature know that it is them that make the miracles come true.

Therefore in my opinion it is cruelty to take away the crutch from those who have not learned to stand on their own feet yet. It is not wise to attack all religions and deride all those who rely in these religions. Our job, as freethinkers, should be to gently suggest that religions are superfluous and one can really find his/her way through the guidelines of the Golden Rule. The power to get up from the gutter and feel whole again is within us. We need no reliance on any deity to overcome the difficulties that we face in our lives. But we should also remember that it is unreasonable to assume everyone does have the same maturity and self-reliance.

I do not see any good in criticizing and belittling religions. Humanity will one day be able to reject all religions and walk freely. But until then religions do play a crucial role in the lives of millions even though that role is imaginary.

We should not attack all religions and decry what people hold dear to their hearts. Religions may be useless, but they are not to those who believe in them. Religions play a crucial role in the psyche of billions of believers. Only we have to be watchful that these religions do not become destructive, like the religion of David Koresh, of Shoko Asahara, of Jim Jones, of Heaven’s Gate or of the mad man of Arabia.

The challenge of freethinkers is not to fight with every belief, but to focus on those that are destructive. All beliefs are based on fallacies but not all fallacies are harmful. If someone’s religion teaches him to do good, say good and think good, that religion is good even if it is false. If someone’s religion teaches him to love humanity, abolish prejudices, establish world unity and ensure the equality of sexes, there is no need to be aggressive towards the followers of that religion. But if a religion preaches hate, if it instructs its followers to kill those who do not believe in that religion and by letting it grow it endangers the peace of the world and the survival of human race that religion must be combated and eliminated. In conclusion, we should not be against any faith but we should be against hate.

Rumi was a very talented and intelligent man. Could he have been seeing something you and I can’t see?”

Clearly, the Qur’an cannot be barbaric if it produced one of the greatest lovers known to the West and the East.

This is a logical fallacy called Appeal to Authority or argumentum Ad Verecundiam.

An Appeal to Authority is a fallacy with the following form:
1. Person A is (claimed to be) an authority on subject S.
2. Person A makes claim C about subject S.
3. Therefore, C is true.

In our case:

1. Rumi was the greates lover
2. Rumi was a Muslim
3. Therefore Islam is a religion of love.

The fact is that Rumi’s love had nothing to do with Islam. If the above is true then the following also must be true.

1. Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist
2. Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim
3. Islam is a religion of terror.

You will have to agree that neither one of the above statements are true. In other words one cannot decide on the truth or falsehood of a religion by judging its followers. If Muslims claim Islam should not be judged because of the bad actions of its followers then by the same logic Islam must not be accepted as true just because some of the Muslims happen to be good people. Just as there are millions of good Muslims there are equally millions of Muslim terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

Islam must be judged by its teachings only. When we evaluate the Quran we see that it is a textbook of terror. Only based on that, we can determine that Islam is an evil religion. Anyone who thoroughly follows those evil teachings will become a terrorist. This also explains why the Mullahs in the mosques preach so much hate and why the followers of this religion have committed so much atrocities and bloodshed throughout the history. It is only then that we can deduce OBL is a terrorist because of Islam and Rumi was a loving man despite of Islam.

Rumi had the discernment to discard the evil teachings of Islam and select what he though to be good. He wrote:

From the Quran we picked the meat
For the donkeys left the shell to eat

By shell he meant all the violence of the Quran. But not everyone has the discernment of Rumi to distinguish what part of the Quran is meat and what part is shell.. Some pick the violent teachings of the Quran and become terrorists.

This disqualifies the Quran as a book of guidance. A book of guidance must guide everyone all the time and not be ambiguous. If a person has to rely on his own better sense to discern between the good teachings of a book and its bad teachings, that person knows more than that book and does not need such book for guidance.

Paradoxically, Rumi’s who was indeed a great lover, did more harm to humanity than good.



Rumi was a very talented and intelligent man. Could he have been seeing something you and I can’t see?”

Clearly, the Qur’an cannot be barbaric if it produced one of the greatest lovers known to the West and the East.

This is a logical fallacy called Appeal to Authority or argumentum Ad Verecundiam.

An Appeal to Authority is a fallacy with the following form:
1. Person A is (claimed to be) an authority on subject S.
2. Person A makes claim C about subject S.
3. Therefore, C is true.

In our case:

1. Rumi was the greates lover
2. Rumi was a Muslim
3. Therefore Islam is a religion of love.

The fact is that Rumi’s love had nothing to do with Islam. If the above is true then the following also must be true.

1. Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist
2. Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim
3. Islam is a religion of terror.

You will have to agree that neither one of the above statements are true. In other words one cannot decide on the truth or falsehood of a religion by judging its followers. If Muslims claim Islam should not be judged because of the bad actions of its followers then by the same logic Islam must not be accepted as true just because some of the Muslims happen to be good people. Just as there are millions of good Muslims there are equally millions of Muslim terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

Islam must be judged by its teachings only. When we evaluate the Quran we see that it is a textbook of terror. Only based on that, we can determine that Islam is an evil religion. Anyone who thoroughly follows those evil teachings will become a terrorist. This also explains why the Mullahs in the mosques preach so much hate and why the followers of this religion have committed so much atrocities and bloodshed throughout the history. It is only then that we can deduce OBL is a terrorist because of Islam and Rumi was a loving man despite of Islam.

Rumi had the discernment to discard the evil teachings of Islam and select what he though to be good. He wrote:

From the Quran we picked the meat
For the donkeys left the shell to eat

By shell he meant all the violence of the Quran. But not everyone has the discernment of Rumi to distinguish what part of the Quran is meat and what part is shell.. Some pick the violent teachings of the Quran and become terrorists.

This disqualifies the Quran as a book of guidance. A book of guidance must guide everyone all the time and not be ambiguous. If a person has to rely on his own better sense to discern between the good teachings of a book and its bad teachings, that person knows more than that book and does not need such book for guidance.

Paradoxically, Rumi’s who was indeed a great lover, did more harm to humanity than good.

How did Rumi do more harm than good?

By sustaining a lie! By sugarcoating a poison and presenting it as panacea. People look at him and conclude: “how can a good man such as Rumi be wrong? If he was a Muslim preacher Islam must be true” This false logic legitimizes the religion of terror. And the religion of terror breeds terrorists like Khomeini and OBL, and millions of people whose hearts are filled with hatred and are now dragging the world into a major world war in which millions could perish. This is how Rumi has done more harm than good. By masquerading and legitimizing the evil. By embellishing a witch and making her look like a princess to seduce us.

Rumi is not under attack here. We are rejecting Islam and we have presented our proof. Once Muhammad is proven to be a false pretender, Rumi becomes just a deluded man like the billion other Muslims who still believe in Islam. Many of them are great people, talented, educated, geniuses, scientists, poets, musicians, physicians and noble price winner. None of that proves Islam is a true religion. We can determine the truth and falsehood of Islam only by reading the Quran and studying the hadith.

Rumi was a great poet but not an infallible man. In fact his commonsense was marred by the Quran. He rehashed the claim of Muhammad that Allah transformed the Jews into apes and swine for breaking the Sabat. Is this story really true? This is an absurdity. Only an ignorant man such as Muhammad could have come up with such an asinine fable and it certainly it takes credulous and unenlightened people to believe is such a stupid fairytale. When we see Rumi has no problem accepting this nonsense, we understand that he was indeed an unenlightened person. He composed copious poetries and was extremely talented. Despite that Rumi was a benighted man who was incapable of independent thinking and believed in all the absurdities of the Quran. He was a giant in literature but a midget in intelligence.




Without Islam how can I raise my spiritual awareness,

You can still believe in God if you like even though you do not believe In Islam. Ask the Christians and the Jews. You can still be spiritual without believing in any religion. Spirituality is a personal path and has nothing to do with religion.

I can tell you about my own path but what works for me may not work for you. You have to find your own path. You can read about my spiritual thoughts here:

But if that rout is not for you, go to the sites of other religions and study them. Buddha has very good teachings. I think many ex-Muslims can find solace in Buddhism. There are some unproven teachings, such as reincarnation in Buddhism too. You do not have to blindly accept everything. Just pick and choose what to you seem logical and right and leave the rest. This is the essence of Buddha’s teachings. He said doubt everything, find your own light.

Leaving Islam also does not mean you leave the belief in God. If that is what you are comfortable with, you can continue to believe in God. If you like praying to God, make your own prayers and just talk to him. Religions in general are unsubstantiated beliefs, but if that does not bother you, Christianity is a good religion. Better than Christianity is Zoroastrianism, but that is a religion mostly Iranians are reverting to.

What is important is that there are many ways to reach God. The best ones are those that teach love and make you feel closer to your fellow human beings. The only way we humans can experience God is through love. A religion is true to the extent that it teaches love and is false to the extent that it instills hate. This makes Islam the falsest religion and the most dangerous one.



If Islam is evil how comes cities like Cordoba , and Baghdad became places of enlightenment in science and math and medicine, and that Europeans were flocking to these places to learn from these Arabs.

Yes I think Islam is evil but that does not mean I am blind to all the art, wisdom and beauty that the Muslims created. We are talking of two different things. You have to show me how Islam influenced men such as Ibn Rushd, Ibn Sina, Khayyam and Razi. We owe the greatness of what we call the Golden Age of Islam to men like these. Can you prove that these men became grand because they followed Islam? What part of the Quran teaches Medicine, Algebra, Philosophy or Chemistry? Why should we credit Islam for the talent and genius of our people? Do the Christians think Darwin , Newton and Galileo are the product of Christianity? Do the Jews attribute the genius of Einstein or Espinosa to Judaism? I think all this misunderstanding is the result of a deep sense of inferiority and a desperation of Muslims to cling to Islam. They either try to find miracles in the Quran or misappropriate the victories that has nothing to do with Islam.




If you are so anti-Islamic because the faith is evil, I want you to tell me what you think of the Talmud, the Pentateuch and of the Zohar and Kabbalah teachings that are just as violent as the Quran.

As for the Judaic holy books being violent, yes they are. Actually if you read the Pentateuch, or the Joshua you get nauseated of that much genocides and violence. However tell me how may Jews today follow those books going around killing people? Judaism for all intent and purposes is dead. It is nothing but a set of rituals and a feel good factor. The thinking Jews consider those stories as fables. So really Judaism does not threaten anyone. As long as the Jews do not represent any danger to anyone, then who cares what they believe.

Muslims are killing people on daily basis. Muslims do not take the violent teachings of the Quran as old stories but as mandates from Allah for all times. Jews are not set to conquer the world, but Muslims are. Islam is not a personal religion. It is a plan to take over the world and establish the dominance of Allah.

Yes both the Bible and the Quran are irrational, but there is a big difference. Judaism is no threat to anyone; Islam is a danger to human race.



How do I know you are not a Zionist Jew masquerading as an ex-Muslim? I want to know, so then I can decide if I should accept your website.

Why my credibility is important? I am not asking you to believe in what I say because of my authority. You can assume I am a Zionist if you wish. Does this make my claims against Muhammad and Islam any less relevant? I am backing everything I say with proofs. I do not want you to believe in me. I want you to doubt me, question me and accept only things that are backed by facts. Otherwise reject me even if I prove to you I am God. I want you to doubt everything and find your own light. Therefore who cares whether I am a genuine apostate or a charlatan and a Jewish spy. You should not believe in me, you do not even know me. As you said I could be a paid agent of Mossad or an extraterrestrial teenager having cracked the Internet of your Earthlings and now play prank just for fun. You should look at facts. If I back everything I say with facts then you have to accept them irrespective of who I am and and how honest or dishonest I may be.

This is the difference between me and Muhammad. Muhammad presented no proofs for his claim. He simply demanded blind obedience and threatened those who do not accept him with hell. He also started killing people who did not believe in him. He also benefited immensely from his claim.

I am not asking you to believe anything I say without proof and I do not benefit personally if you agree with what I say. I am not asking you 20% of your income nor am I telling you to wage war for me and make me the king.

Why you choose to believe Muhammad despite the fact that there is no proof whatsoever for his claim, despite the fact that he lived a very dishonorable life and despite the fact that he made immense money by collecting booty and confiscating the wealth of his victims, while you find it difficult to believe what I tell you despite the fact that I prove every thing I say, I do not want you to obey me or follow me and personally I do not benefit whether you agree with me or not?



All your arguments aside, the greatest testimony to Mohammad’s (pbuh) prophethood comes from the faith of those nearest to him. His best friend embraced Islam, his wife embraced Islam, his cousin and his slave embraced Islam. Some of his companions were always with him call it 24/7 surveillance if you will. In case you missed the point every aspect of his life is covered, from his wife we learn how he was in bed, from his slave we learn how he treated them, from his companions it is difficult to make out who he loved more, the Salman of Persia or the Abu Bakr of Mecca.

Giving up our prejudices is not easy. We make a thousand and one excuses to cling to what we believe and cherish. Even if a thousand evidences are given that Muhammad was not a messenger of God, Muslims find one straw to cling to and convince themselves that he was.

Your excuse is that if Muhammad was a false prophet, his close friends and relatives would have noticed it.

You are wrong. We have many cases of real charlatans whose followers who basically lived with them on daily basis fell prey to their lies and believed in whatever they said.

Cases abound. I only give you a few examples:

Jim Jones convinced normal decent people that he is the Messiah. He convinced them to leave their families and follow him to his “ Medina ” in the middle of the Jungles. He convinced the Government of New Guyana to give him 300 acres of land for free. He convinced his men to carry guns and kill anyone who dissented. These men shot and killed a Senator and his guards and then he convinced his followers to drink poisoned coolaid and 900 of them willingly did what he told them and died.

How do you explain this much loyalty and faith?

David Koresh gathered his followers in Branch Davidian compound outside of Waco , Texas . They were with him every moment of the day. They armed themselves because he told them so. They allowed their teenage daughters to sleep with him, much like Abu Bakr allowed Muhammad to sleep with his underage daughter. They shot and killed four ATF agents and booby trapped the compound and blew it causing their own deaths and the deaths of all their families rather than surrender. If that is not loyalty what it is? 90 people died in that incident.

Order of the Solar Temple :This apocalyptic cult claimed 74 victims in three bizarre mass suicide rituals. Most of the members of the sect were highly educated and well-to-do individuals. Many of them had doctorates.

The two known leaders of the group were Luc Jouret, a Belgian homeopathic doctor, and Joseph di Mambro, a wealthy businessman. They were like Muhammad and Abu Bakr of this cult. They too believed in their insanity and they too committed suicide.

The cult gave great importance to the sun. Their fiery ritual murder-suicides are meant to take members of the sect to a new world on the star “Sirius.” To assist with the trip, several of the victims, including some children, were shot in the head, asphyxiated with black plastic bags and/or poisoned.

Luc and Joseph wrote, in a letter delivered after their deaths that they were “leaving this earth to find a new dimension of truth and absolution, far from the hypocrisies of this world.” Doesn’t this sound eerily familiar to what Muhammad preached?

How can you explain the devotion of these people to their sick belief? Do you deny the conviction of their leaders to their cause?

Heaven’s Gate: On March 26, 1997, 39 members of “Heaven’s Gate” decided to “shed their containers” and get on a companion craft hiding in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet.

The Heaven Gaters died in three shifts over a three-day period after celebrating their last meal on earth. 15 cultist died the first day, 15 the second and the remaining nine the third day. As one set of cultist ingested the poison, a lethal dose of phenobarbital mixed in with pudding and/or applesauce and chased with a shot of vodka, they would lie down and another cultist would use a plastic bag to speed up the dying. A frighteningly anal-retentive mass suicide, the cultist would clean up after each round of killing. Before the last two killed themselves, they took out the trash leaving the rented mansion in perfect order. Wanting to be helpful even after dead, all bodies had some sort of identification. Strangely, though, they also had five-dollar bill and change in their pockets and small suitcases neatly tucked under the cots and beds.

Also take a look at the story of John de Ruilter, the man whose followers believe to be greater than Jesus, allow him to have orgies with their daughters. One of his followers is a good standing psychiatrist who swears he is “absolutely sane”.

We have thousands of cases such as these. The cult leaders are charismatic, they are persuasive and they are convinced of their own cause. They are not normal people, they are psychopaths. They are very different from ordinary people and that is why they stand out. They are often intelligent people, but their reality and fantasy are mixed up. They can’t distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. They are the first to believe in their own lies. This conviction fools their close friends and relatives that they must know something and have access to a divine source of knowledge.

Muhammad was no different. He was a psychopath. I have shown that in an article. Muhammad, Hitler, Stalin, or other charismatic cult leaders were not stupid. They were highly intelligent but they were insane. It was this insanity that convinced people to follow them and commit all sorts of crimes.

Now you are basing your entire faith on the faith of a bunch of gullible people, such as Abu Bakr, Omar and Khadija or Ali who was a ruthless murderer and a kid when believed in Muhammad; and like them follow a psychopath mesmerized by the absurd logic that if these people followed Muhammad then Muhammad must have been indeed something special.

It is insane that a billion people follow a psychopath and all of them reason like you. Each one of them bases his faith on the credulity of others and all of them like sheep follow each other. If all the sheep go one way then that must be the right way to go.

Someone must stop this insanity. I am asking you to read the Quran, read the hadiths and the history of Muhammad and use your own brain. When you do that it becomes clear that Muhammad was not a messenger of God but a criminal psychopath. This insanity has survived too long. It must be stopped now. This madness is getting out of hand and is threatening mankind. Enough with insanity! It is time that you wake up and see the truth with your own eyes and not with the eyes of Abu Bakr, Omar and Khadijah or Ali who were a bunch of idiots and deluded cultists. Discern the truth with your own eyes not with the eyes of others. Judge the facts with your own brain, not with the brains of others. Don’t be a sheep following other sheep.




You may have several issues with Muhammad and the Quran he was inspired with but why would his companions, including his wife and his slaves speak so loftily about him?

In a society that is based on personality cult, speaking your mind is not easy. Telling the truth could bring you ostracism and even cost your life. People who think differently keep their thoughts to themselves. Instead the sycophants and ruffians try to endear themselves by eulogizing the leader. After his death the sycophants continue with their charade to gain prestige. Even today the situation is not changed. People who dissent are afraid to talk and the sycophants are praised for writing eulogies about Muhammad.

We have many stories about Muhammad ordering the assassination of those who criticized him and about Omar who was ever ready to withdraw his sword and slit the throat of one who questioned Muhammad’s authority. Muhammad encouraged sycophantism and punished criticism.

To judge Muhammad’s character we should not look at the eulogies written by his companions but read his biography and judge him with our own understanding.

Let us quote two episodes from the life of Muhammad and then decide whether he was a holy man or a psychopath:

After the battle of Badr was won, Muhammad took tens of hostages for ransom. But he killed a few of them because of personal vendetta. One such person was Nadhr, a poet who was more popular than Muhammad when he was preaching in Mecca . Muhammad was always envious of him and took his revenge finally.

The following quotes are from Miller on the authority of al Waqidi, Ibn Hisham and Tabari.

“The prisoners were brought up before Muhammad. As he scrutinized each, his eye fell fiercely on Nadhr, the son of Harith. “There was death in that glance,” whispered Nadhr, trembling, to a by-stander. “Not so,” replied the other; “it is but thine own imagination.” The unfortunate prisoner thought otherwise, and besought Musab to intercede for him. Musab) reminded him that he had denied the faith and persecuted the believers. “Ah!” said Nadhr, “had the Coreish made thee a prisoner, they would never have put thee to death!” “Even were it so,” Musab scornfully replied, “I am not as thou art; Islam hath rent all bonds asunder.” Micdad, the captor, seeing that the captive, and with him the chance of a rich ransom, was about to slip from his hands, cried out, “The prisoner is mine”! At this moment, the command to “strike off his head!” was interposed by Muhammad, who had been watching all that passed.-” And, O Lord!” he added, “do thou of thy bounty grant unto Micdad a better prey than this?’ Nadhr was forthwith beheaded by Ali.”

This story is reported in al Waqidi p. 101. Hishami , p.251; Tabari, p.297.

“Two days afterwards, about half-way to Medina, Okba, another prisoner, was ordered out for execution. He ventured to expostulate, and demand why he should be treated more vigorously than the other captives. “Because of thy enmity to God and to his Prophet,” replied Muhammad. “And my little girl!” cried Okba, in the bitterness of his soul, “who will take care of her? ” – ” Hell-fire!” exclaimed the heartless conqueror; and on the instant his victim was hewn to the ground. “Wretch that he was!” continued Muhammad, “and persecutor! Unbeliever in God, in his Prophet, and in his Book! I give thanks unto the Lord that hath slain thee, and comforted mine eyes thereby.”

Waqidi, p. 108 and 34; Hishami, p. 232.

When you read the history of Islam written by Muslims you come to see what an evil man Muhammad was. Do not get fooled by the miracles attributed to him or by the tales of his magnanimity. These stories were invented by sycophants and can easily be shown to be baseless. Pay attention to his cruelties and savagery instead. No one would fabricate such tales of barbarity to attribute to his beloved prophet.

Just to show you how people make heroes, you could read the rise to power of Khomeini . This man, like Muhammad was truly a monster. Yet his followers have made of him a super holy personage. They expended over 400 million dollars just to build his tomb and some go to his tomb and pray for healing.

Fortunately today no one can hide the truth from everyone. But in the time of Muhammad it was different. The dissidents were murdered and no one dared to write about that man. So lies took hold and truth uprooted.

Only now that we have the Internet, we can dig into these very Islamic sources and find out the truth behind the empty words. Thanks to the Internet the days of Islam are numbered. The sun of truth has dawned and falsehood will be dissipated. If you are still unwilling to relinquish to the truth, your children will. No darkness of falsehood can linger when the sun of truth rises. Consider Islam dead.



People have found the name “allah” in fruits, such as the watermelon, tomato and the mango. When the fruit was cut in half the name “allah” appeared on the flesh. How is this possible? just thinking about it makes me scared.

This is due to the imaginative mind of the Muslims. Children are very imaginative. They see familiar things in almost everything. As a child I used to lie down and watch so many familiar shapes in clouds.

Unfortunately, Islam has thwarted the intellect of the Muslims. The brain of a Muslim is a retarded brain. They think like children and just like children they are good in imagining things. But since they are only obsessed with Islam all they see is things related to Islam. If you pay attention you’ll find shapes in everything that may resemble something familiar. Now the word Allah in Arabic is a simple shape. It is very likely that you find something resembling it in any object.

My names Ali and Sina are also relatively simple in Arabic, even though Sina has some dots that make it somehow more difficult. But I often see things that resemble my names. Does that mean something? Is this the proof that I am a divine personage? May be next time I see my name in an object I’ll take a picture and lay claim to prophethood or even Godhood. Is that enough to prove I am God or his messenger?

My dear friend, it is time that Muslims mature also and stop these childish ways of thinking. Whether Allah is the real God or not can be determined by reading the Quran. I don’t think the person who wrote that book was an intelligent person. The Quran is written by a psychopath and only a fool would think it is a divine book. How can the maker of this world be so ignorant as it appears to be in the Quran? Anyone who thinks these asinine words are from God must be brain damaged. If only they had more intelligence, Muslims would be ashamed for believing in this most stupid book of all.



What are your beliefs now?

I believe in human dignity, human rights, equality of all men and equality between men and women. I believe in the inherent goodness in all people and that if left alone, without the imposition of ideologies and indoctrination of faiths, humans are capable of living together in peace and harmony. I believe what divides mankind are ideologies and beliefs and that the world will be a better place if each person becomes a prophet to himself, instead of being a follower. I believe in reason and I believe in love.

I believe in my own intelligence to unravel the truth. And since truth is infinite, my work is never done. I am constantly discovering new realities and learning new things. I don’t think humans are created to follow. We are created to think, and to make intelligent decisions on our own. Following is for sheep, not for humans.

Now, you may ask how do I distinguish between right and wrong. I have an unerring compass. It is called the Golden Rule. “Treat others with the same consideration that you would like to be treated”. This is my torch of guidance. With this always in the back of my mind, I find my way every time and do not need anyone’s instruction.

I am a humanist and as such I love all mankind. Someone sent me a Jewish story that I think describes me.

”Two Yeshiva students arguing over when the dawn of the day begins. One said it was the dawn when you could tell the difference between an olive tree and a fig tree. (Olive trees have small leaves; fig trees have big leaves.) The other argued that the dawn of the day was when you could tell the difference between a man and woman. Neither could agree. Finally, they asked their rabbi. The rabbi answered, “It is the dawn of the day when you can no longer see a difference between a Jew and a Gentile. That is the dawn of THE DAY.”

You can say I live in that dawn. I see no difference between any soul. As of friend wrote: “If you can’t see God in all, how can you see God at all.” I love this statement. I try to see God in every human being.

As for religions, I do not see them the way believers do. I see them as human traditions, stories told by ancient people that reflected their fears, their aspirations, their morality and their understandings of the world. They do no longer apply to us. We need to invent our own religion that reflects our morality and understanding.

I have invented my religion. In this religion I am the prophet and the only disciple. I rely on my own intelligence and practice the Golden Rule. I do not believe in a deity but I believe in the single principle underlying the creation. This Principle permeates everything, but it is not a being. It is not a thing. It is the law of everything. Unlike the religious god, it is not desperate to be worshiped and does not burn people in hell for disbelief. All I have to do is to be mindful of it, to understand it and to follow it to gain happiness. To follow this Principle I have to gain knowledge and understand the nature of things. This is a knowledge that is readily available to all of us and can be experienced by anyone. For example, I know if I drop myself from a height, I will get hurt. Through this knowledge I know that I am a cell in the body of Mankind. My well-being is in the well-being of all humanity. We are all related to each other, to this earth and to this universe.

So there you have it. My religion has a philosophy that surpasses the philosophy of most religions. It is not jumbo mumbo and it is not based on ancient myths and fairytales. It is founded on logics. It is mystical. It has a fallible but honest prophet and a very devout disciple that happen to be one and the same. It has also a mission; the mission is to bring peace to the world, inseminate love where there is hate, spread understanding where there is ignorance, give joy where there is sorrow and usher that dawn when no one can see the difference between the children of Man.




The site claims to be faithfreedom but why you only criticize Islam? Shouldn’t the Muslims have the freedom to practice their faith?

Faith Freedom stands for freedom of and from faith. Islam is definitely against both concepts. There is no such freedom in Islam. Muhammad instructed his followers to wage war and impose Islam (submission) on everyone and subdue others who do not believe in him. So Islam is an anti freedom of faith par excellence and this is even clear from its name.

Muslims are free to believe in their asinine faith and no one wants to take that right away from them by force. However what they can’t stomach is that others also have the freedom to express their disagreement with their asinine faith.

What Muslims should not be free to do is to practice a great part of their faith. Pedophilia, or marriage to minors, beating wives, killing the apostates, chopping hands, maiming, flogging, stoning and other savageries that are part of the teachings of Islam should be banned. In other words you should be allowed to believe in Islam but you should not be allowed to practice it. The practice of Islam means barbarity and the civilized world should not allow that.

There is nothing misleading Faith Freedom. It stands for freedom of and from faith. What is misleading in this? This is the entire theme of the articles posted in this site.

But do we have any freedom of faith in Islam and Islamic countries? Are the Christians allowed to carry the Bible in Saudi Arabia ? Are they allowed to preach their faith in Islamic countries? Are the Muslims allowed to leave Islam?

The above is only the tip of the iceberg. Muslims are blind to their own flaws and evil deeds. They massacre civilians and even children and justify all that by pretending to be the “oppressed party” when this is a blatant lie.

Muslims complain why we criticize Islam and not other religions. Isn’t this obvious? Other religions allow freedom of faith. I have never heard of a Christian being assassinated or executed for converting to other religions. In fact Muslims are allowed to freely build their mosques in western cities and promote their faith and they are protected by law. Are the Christians, Baha’is or other proselytizing faiths allowed to do the same in Islamic countries?



The site claims that Muslims kill others. Are they killing just for fun? Don’t you think they are being oppressed and this is their way to get some justice?

I do not know of any murderer who kills people for fun (except the mentally sick). All the criminals have a motive that to them is important. The Nazis massacred millions of Jews and others not for fun but because they followed a nefarious ideology in which those killings were perfectly justifiable. The communists in China, Cambodia and Russia also killed millions not for fun but for an ideology that justified all those murders. Muslims follow a similar ideology. They do not kill for fun but because of their hate laden belief in a savage deity and their blind obedience of a psychopath who invented that deity.

The root of this problem is that Muslims divide the world into Muslim/non-Muslim blocks and are genuinely unable to see the oneness of mankind. From there on they become blind to all their own mischief and justify their own crimes in terms of “response to oppression”. Such oppression does not exist except in their wild imagination and it stems from the psychopathic mind of Muhammad who as a paranoid cult leader, distrusted anyone who disagreed with him and called everyone who did not follow his stupid claims enemy. Once that designation was made he justified murdering those perceived “enemies”, raided them without warning, killed their men, looted their properties and took their women and children as slaves.

The problem with Islam is that its founder was a psychopath and Muslims are incapable of any rational scrutiny of their faith.



If Muhammad was a liar then why he was known as Amin (trusted)

Muslims claim that the Meccans, seeing the honesty of Muhammad had named him Amin (honest).

This claim is very dishonest. If the Meccans truely believed that Muhammad was an honest man, they would not have rejected him. From the Quran we learn that the Meccans actually called Muhammad a liar, a poet and a mad man. They did not accept him until they were forced to under the pain if death.

Amin was the title given to all those who took merchandize from the people, sold it on their behalf in other towns and brought back the money. They acted as trustees. One is called school trustee, or city trustee because of his job and not because he is recognized to be honest. The title “Amin” is a label for every sort of profession. Here are some examples:

Amin El-Makataba Trustee of the library

Amin El-Shortaa Police Trustee

Majlass El-Omnaa

(plural of Amin) counsel of trustees.

In fact Abul Aas, husband of Zeinab and son-in-law of Muhammad was also known as Amin because he took the goods from people and sold them on their behalf abroad. He did not accept his father in law’s claim to prophethood and finally was forced to, because Muhammad ordered Zeinab to leave him unless he converts.



If Islam is not true why is it the fastest growing religion?

Islam is not the fastest growing religion. It is a dying religion. Muslims, like Muhammad Saeed al Sahhaf, Saddam’s information minister, are masters of lies and this is one more lie.

The fastest growing religion is Falun Gong. This Chinese religion was launched in 1992 and by 1998 the number of people practicing Falun Gong reached 70 million to 100 million.

However, Muslims are polyfiloprogenitive and breed faster than others but that is the characteristic of all poor and uneducated people. The truth is that intellectual Muslims are questioning the tents of Islam and leaving it in huge numbers and only the ignorant and the terrorists are remaining steadfast.

Despite all these facts the claim that if a belief is popular or has many following it must be true is a logical fallacy.

This logical fallacy is called argumentum ad numerum. This fallacy consists in asserting that the more people support a belief or a proposition, the more likely it is that that proposition is correct. This is of course a fallacy because truth can never be attained through the consensus of the majority. Prior to Copernicus and Galileo everyone agreed that the Earth is flat and the universe is geocentric. This consensus of virtually everyone did not make this belief true.

Another version of this fallacy is Argumentum ad populum. You commit the fallacy when you claim a belief is true because it is popular, like saying “thousands of people convert to Islam so it must be true”

As Bertrand Russell said: “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”




Wouldn’t it be better to find and foster the true parts of Islam, in order to heal the madness that exists within it, rather than to inspire hate, fear and “otherness”?

First of all who is to determine which part of the religion is true and good and which part should be discarded? Can anyone make that judgment on his own? Osama bin Laden has made his choice. Who says your choice is right and his is not? Can you convince him that he should stop trusting his own judgment and follow your morals?

Second, if you have this much discernment to know instinctively which part of the religion is good and which part is not, then why you need the religion as the guide?

I use a map when I am lost to find my way. If the map is only fifty percent of the times right and the other fifty percent of the times sends me to a wrong direction, what is the use of that map? By consulting that map I never know whether I am going to be guided or misguided. To know which part of the map is right and with part is misleading I have the full knowledge of the place. In that case I know more than the person who drew the map. Then why in the hell I need to consult such map? Why would I recommend it to anyone?

If you ask a direction from someone and he points his right and left hand to two opposing directions, would you trust that person as a reliable guide? Won’t you say he is nuts?

Furthermore, the Quran claims to be absolute truth. It does not allow questioning or disagreeing. Once I accept that book as a book of guidance how can I disagree with anything it says?

Another example: You go to a doctor and he gives you some medicines. Some of them are good for you and cure you and some of them kill you. How do you know which medicine is the good one and which one is the bad one? To know that you must be a better doctor than the one you visited. In that case why you need to visit a less competent doctor than yourself?

Once you agree in principle that even one of the teachings of a religion that claims to be from God and the absolute truth is not right, the entire religion is to be discarded and flushed in the toilet. It becomes entirely worthless.

In Islam there are hundreds of things that are wrong. Almost everything is wrong. Hardly you can you find anything good in it. But if you find one or a few good teachings, are they worth the risk? Can you show me any ideology, including Nazism that has nothing good in it? Nazis gave a lot of importance to sport and physical fitness. Can you say that because of that Nazism is not that bad and it too has some merits?



Islam is a religion that has some good to it. For example it tell Muslims that they will go to paradise if they do a good deeds for fellow followers etc.

Good deeds for fellow followers! What about those who are not fellow followers? Islam encourages to subdue them and to kill them. Is there anything good in this? Even hyenas are good to their fellow pack members. Islam is tremendously unjust towards the rest of mankind and that is a manifest evil.

Also it is important to define the “good deeds” as intended by Muhammad. Good deeds in Islam is not loving your fellow human, helping someone who needs your help, adopting a child and raising him/her as your own, etc. Good deed means believing in the absurdities that Muhammad says and fighting to establish that in the world. Good deeds mean raiding non-believers murdering them, looting them and taking their wives and children as hostage. Islamic good deeds have nothing to do with goodness. It has an entirely different meaning. Good and bad are not what our commonsense and the Golden Rule dictates but what Muhammad allowed or prohibited. For example you become an evil doer if you as a woman talk to a man, or let him see your hair. You are an evil doer if you adopt a child. You are an evil doer if you drink a glass of wine. You are an evil doer if you do not fast or say your prayer, each pork, keep a dog as pet, marry a non-Muslim man or apostatize and leave Islam. These things have nothing to do with real goodness. But if you wage war for Islam, give Zakat to finance more Islamic expansion, and kill the unbelievers you are okay and a good doer.

Here is a good deed as Muhammad explained

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you”? (Q.2:216).

Is really fighting good for people?

Actually Muhammad even goes further and says if you do not go to war for him you’ll be punished:

“Unless ye go forth, He (Allah) will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place”? (Q.9:39).

So when you talk about “good deeds” make it clear that you are speaking in Islamic context. Islamic good deed is not good deed at all. It is obedience to Muhammad’s mandates. Most of them are inhumane, unjust and very evil.

To understand Islam, it is important to understand its semantics.




In Sura 2:23 Allah challenges anyone to produce a sura like it. No one can write a sura like the suras of the Quran, so poetic and beautiful.

The claim that the Quran is unique and no one can produce anything like it is a logical fallacy.

All books are unique. Each person is different and unique. You can’t find two people alike. No two finger prints are alike, no two voices are alike, no two minds are alike, etc. No one can think and write in the exact same way that I do just as no one can think and write in the exact same way that you do. Of course many people can write much better than me, but not like it. So the challenge to produce a sura like those written by Muhammad is nothing but a fallacy.

If the challenge was to produce a sura as beautiful as those in the Quran, it still would have been a fallacy. Aesthetic is subjective and it cannot be a measure of truth. If you tell me find a woman as beautiful as the one I love, this challenge can’t be met because you love only that woman. She may not be the prettiest, but because you love her, you become blind to her defects. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

You read the Quran as a believer and remain in awe. You can’t see any errors in it because you are in love with it. I read the same book and find many errors in it. To me it is a tedious and an ugly book. Now you can say the translations are not good but the original in Arabic is very beautiful. Let us agree wit this assumption for now. The fact remains that a non-Arab speaking person cannot see that beauty. It is not the fault of people for being born non-Arabs, but because of this, they are deprived seeing the “beauty” of the Quran. One can conclude that God has been extremely unfair to billions of non-Arabs. They can’t see the beauty of the Quran because they do not speak Arabic and consequently will go to hell. Is this justice? To add insult to injury God chooses a language that according to Muslims is impossible to translate in any other language and therefore we can’t even see the beauty of his work in translation. Is it our fault for being born non-Arabs? Certainly not! God made us non-Arabs and thus deprived us of seeing the beauty of his word and now he wants to burn us for eternity for failing to see what he deprived us to see. What kind of justice is this? It is like I tell you something in a language that you do not understand and then punish you for not understanding what I told you. This is just absurd.

The next problem with Muhammad’s challenge is that it is not sincere. Look what he said right after he issued that challenge:

But if ye cannot – and of a surety ye cannot – then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith”. Qur’an 2.24

This is like someone saying give a speech as eloquent as mine and if you cannot – and of a surety you cannot – I will shoot you. With that kind of clause who dares to talk? Forget about the punishment of Allah, Muslims will behead any person who tries to meet this challenge.

We recall Saddam Hussein used to hold “elections” where 99.98% of the population used to voted for him. The elections were held open. The question was: Do you want Saddam? Yes or No? If you responded “No” then you could be killed. This Challenge of the Quran is very much similar to Saddam’s elections. In fact Muhammad was no different from Saddam. He was a narcissist, like Hitler, Saddam, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il or Stalin. All these monsters created personality cults around themselves and were loved by their foolhardy subjects. Muhammad had also claimed to be the messenger of God. As such he can also be compared to Shoko Asahara, Jim Jones and David Koresh.

However, there are some Arab-speaking non Muslims who say the Quran fails in grammar and aesthetic and they have produced several suras to meet this challenge. These suras are in comparison superior to the suras of the Quran (not my opinion, but the opinion of Arab ex-Muslims). I can see the content of these suras are better than those of Muhammad. Please take a look and tell me why you think the Suras of the Quran are superior to these.


If you can’t, the challenge is met. The burden of proof is on you.




I would like to know why Abdullah Bin Salman Bin Harith who was a Jew was called Abdullah if the God of the Jews and the God of the Muslims are different as the Jews and Christians say.

Also, why God is called Allah in the Arabic Bible?

Arabs thought that Allah is the supreme God. The Jews and Christians thought Jehovah is the supreme God. So when these two groups communicated they assumed they are speaking of the same entity. Indeed they did because by these names they intended the same thing just as when you say Sun or Shams you are talking of the same star in two different languages.

However, originally Allah and Jehovah were not one and the same deities. Both these deities are figments of human imagination. As these imaginations evolved the concept of these gods also evolved and when both groups, i.e. the Jews and Arabs adopted monotheism, these two gods merged and became two names of the same God.

In fact Elohim and Jehovah are mentioned in the Bible as two names of the same God. However, originally these were two distinct gods. One was the god of the Judea and the other was the god of the Israelites. When these two tribes merged to form one single nation of Jews they also merged their sacred books and their gods into one single God.

The concept of God is entirely manmade. It evolved as humans evolved. Allah, Jehovah and Elohim were originally distinct gods each with their own limited purviews. As the idea of God evolved and monotheism became the vogue, there was no room for different gods and hence all these gods merged to form one single deity and the names became interchangeable. They only exist in human imagination. At one time they were distinct deities and now they are one and the same.



If Muhammad was a liar why he made a religion so hard to follow? If he was looking for followers shouldn’t he have made his religion easier?

The truth is that the more a cult is difficult the more appealing it becomes. It is in a human psyche that we appreciate something for which we strive harder and do not value things that we find easily or freely.

See the other dangerous cults like the cult of Jim Jones or the cult of Shoko Asahar, the Mooni or the Heaven’s Gate. These were not easy cults at all. People handed all their belongings to their cult leaders and left their jobs to follow them. They lived very austere lives. Generally abstaining themselves from sex while the cult leader had full access to sex. In the case of David Koresh he told his followers women belong to God and since he was the messiah they belong to him. So he slept with the wives of his followers and with their teenager daughters. But he preached celibacy for men. Shoko Asahara, Jim Jones and basically all of them punished severely those who disobeyed them and the followers thought the biggest punishment is excommunication. These cult leaders would ostracize those members who asked too many questions and these idiots sometimes committed suicide thinking God and his messiah are angry with them and hence life is not worth living anymore. Or perhaps they committed suicide to prove to their leaders that they are loyal and in this way seek forgiveness. Muhammad used this kind of punishment too. Ka’b the poet of Medina tells his own story of being punished by Muhammad with excommunication for 50 days during which time no one ever spoke to him and his wife left him.

All the cults demand sacrifice from their followers. This is the way you can prove your faith and loyalty. You will gain the pleasure of “god” or the guru by sacrificing everything even your life. Cults praise hardship and disdain easy life.

Scientologists know that too. They have different levels of courses. Level one will cost you about a dollar for every hour of course, as you advance you’ll be asked to pay more. One man who paid $1,200 in advance for a 50 hour course completed it in 20 minutes, which meant he spent about $1 a second for auditing. The rationale is that the more you pay for something the more you value it. “Nothing is expensive when your happiness is at stake.” That is why all the cults are difficult to follow and they require sacrifices from their followers. To encourage his followers to sacrifice Muhammad said:

” Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,-(4:95)

The more dangerous a cult is the more difficult it becomes. In fact some cults won’t accept you as a full member until you prove your loyalty by making huge sacrifices, which are considered as the test of your faith and devotion. So the trick works. If it was easy no one would have taken it seriously.

The cult leaders know this weakness in human psyche. They are psychopath narcissists. Control and domination comes natural to them. They love to be demanding, they love to see people do strenuous tasks for them so they feel the power and savor the sensation that they are in control of others people’s lives. These fools will do anything their gurus tells them to do, including waging war for him, killing for him and sacrificing their lives. This feeds the narcissist’s craving for power and control. It works like hand in glove. The cult leader enjoys the power and his benighted followers think because he is too demanding and harsh on them his cult must be true.

Why in the world the followers of the cults accept to be punished even physically when they can easily walk away and never come back? It is because the harsher a cult is and the more sacrifice it demands, the more believable it becomes.

All cults have very rigorous rituals. The believers, become obsessed to follow these rituals to achieve salvation and are warned that if they fail in performing these rituals rightly they are committing major sin. They become slaves of mindless rituals that they perform, allegedly to please God or to be “enlightened”. In this way the cult leader keeps them in his perpetual leash.

Islam is one of the most demanding cults. Muslims are to wake up at early hours of the mornings to perform the ritual of fast and abstain from food and water for long hours. They are supposed to perform obligatory prayers five times per day. (Funny that in one hadith Muhammad claimed that Allah originally ordered 50 times prayers per day and he bargained with Allah to reduce it to 5 times only. In this way he wanted to make Muslims grateful to him for being kinder than Allah and trying to make life easier for them.) These prayers are constant brainwashing. You drill some jumbo mumbo and perform these automatic and moronic exercises and keep brainwashing yourself.

Muslims are asked to abstain from certain foods, from listening to music and from socializing with the opposite sex. If they are women they must cover themselves in layers of veil in the scorching heat of the summer. They must cut their ties with their non-Muslim family and friends. These are all hardships and sacrifices that make a believer think he is gaining something precious in exchange.

Instinctively we humans think “no pain no gain”. Even our primitive ancestors used to give sacrifices including their children to appease their gods.

Humans think the bigger is the pain the greater is the reward. These hardships in Islam, and in all cults, are in fact their main appeal. We humans think anything hard is better than anything easy. The harder a cult is, the truer it appears.




You are brainwashing people

I can’t brainwash people via the Internet. If you don’t approve of what I say, relief is one click away. Get out of my site and don’t read. It is that simple.

Brainwashing is inducing a person to modify his or her beliefs, attitudes, or behavior by conditioning through various forms of pressure or torture.* This simply can’t happen through the Internet, but it does happen in Islamic countries. Children, even adults, are brainwashed in Islamic countries because they are fed only Islam and preaching any other religion is strictly prohibited. Also questioning or leaving Islam carries death penalty.

Brainwashing happens through intensive and forcible indoctrination.* I can’t do such thing via Internet, but Muslims do that openly in Islamic countries.

Brainwashing happens through the application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation. * This is the method Islam uses to indoctrinate people. The five time cacophonic azan broadcast by loudspeakers in Islamic counties, forcing people to perform prayers that are repetitive and mind numbing, reading from the Quran, forcing people to observe fast, the vice squads who beat people for not observing Islamic dress code or not following Islamic rules and all these draconian practices are part of brainwashing campaign. I can do none of that via the Internet.

If you think all these things happens because Muslims are bad, think again. The following haidth proves that Muhammad himself practiced vigilantism and tried to impose religion by force.

The Prophet added, “Certainly I decided to order the Mu’adh-dhin (call-maker) to pronounce Iqama and order a man to lead the prayer and then take a fire flame to burn all those who had not left their houses so far for the prayer along with their houses.” [Bukhari1,11,626 , Muslim4,1370]

How nice!


Question: 69

Your site promotes racism.

In the forum of this site ex-Muslims are in excellent term with people of all the races and nationalities. We have Arabs and Jews who are no longer enemies but buddies. How can you say we promote racism? All you have to do is leave Islam, this cult of hate and join the rest of mankind who have no hatred towards you as a human being. They are afraid of Islam and that is for very good reasons. Islam is dangerous and evil. Every sane person must be afraid of it. Only fools still trust Islam and don’t fear it. Didn’t Muhammad himself promise to cast terror in the hearts of those who do not believe in him? ( 8.12, 3.151 ) Well, he succeeded. How can you not see this hatred among mankind is promoted by the Quran? We are bringing people together. We are making people see that if we shed our bigotry and irrational beliefs that divide mankind we are one people and very much alike. If you want to end racism and hate, fight Islam, not us.

Islam must be banned. Neither the antiquity, nor the big numbers of adherents are valid excuses to vest this cult of hate with the mantel of legitimacy.

If you are of Arab or Middle Eastern descent, all you are doing is hurting yourself, your families, and your friends.

You are mistaken. We are showing the world that there is also another side to us Arabs and Middle Easterners. We are making people see that we are not all terrorists and mindless bigots. We are making them see stupidity has nothing to do with race. Those who commit these acts of barbarity are infected by an insanity called Islam. They have lost their humanity. We are not all like them. We are humans, not Muslims. Once we are cured from Islam, we are as good as anyone else. This is the underlying message of this site. People who read this site get exactly that message

You are making people hate Muslims.

That is what Muslim terrorists and their apologists are doing already. People don’t hate Muslims because we say Islam is evil. They hate them when Muslims rape and massacre children as they did in Beslan, blow up buildings and commuter trains or plan to kill thousands by poisoning foods in hospitals, schools and supermarkets. They hate Muslims when shameless apologists of Islam keep lying about the nature of Islam presenting it as a religion of peace when by now, only a diehard fool would believe in that nonsense. We are trying to put things in perspective and demonstrate that this insanity has nothing to do with us as people. It is the product of a nefarious and anti-human cult. We are not evil and dangerous just because we are Middle Easterners, but those who believe in Islam and follow it to the letter, are.

We are also showing this insanity can infect anyone from any nationality and once a person is infected by Islam, he becomes a zombie. True Muslims are dangerous. An American or a British true Muslim is just as dangerous as a Saudi or a Palestinian true Muslim is. Evil is not racial. No one is born with murderous genes. It is all in our upbringing and beliefs. Islam is extremely evil. You take a saint, convert him to Islam and indoctrinate him with the Quran and chances are that he will become a terrorist. Even if he does not become a terrorist, he will start hating the rest of mankind like the terrorists do. The loss of humanity in Muslim converts is gradual and incremental. It happens without them noticing it. Any person who converts to Islam becomes less human. How less human he becomes, depends on how much he puts his faith on Muhammad. In our forum, we had a British nurse convert who openly supported the death penalty for apostates and approved of slavery in Sudan. If you are a Muslim, there is an easy way for you to see how inhuman you have become. All you have to do is reverse the table and think how would you feel if another religion holds views similar to Islam. How would you feel if, for example Christianity, taught Muslims are najis, that they must be subdued, humiliated, pay Jizyah or slain? What would you think of a people who worship a rapist, a pedophile, a thief and a mass murderer? Of course you would not think of such people as humans. As Saadi said:

“The sign of humanity is in humanness. Otherwise what is the difference between a human and a painting on a wall?”

Not all the Muslims are terrorists. That is because not all of them are true Muslims. But as long as they remain Muslims, they are in danger of becoming terrorists. Muslims hate mankind to the degree that they love Muhammad. This is an undeniable fact that can be readily observed by anyone.

Once you leave Islam, you see mankind as one people. You won’t talk any longer about Islam and Muslims. You only condemn injustice and cruelty irrespective of where it happens and you will start seeing Muslims are the MAIN culprits of injustice everywhere. They are the ones who can’t live with others and start the wars and killings.

If Islam is true, prove it; if you can’t, leave it. This cult is hurting us all. Why cling to something false that hurts us? Islam is demonic. There is nothing good about it. If you can find something good in Islam that you can’t find elsewhere, show it to me.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. On one hand you are the partner of the thieves and on the other, you want to be a friend of the caravan. It does not work that way. Islam is the enemy of mankind. You are either with us or with our enemy.

The following is the answer of a Muslim cleric to someone asking what is the ruling for those defaming Muhammad. His chilling response demonstrates the evil of Islam. Those holding such views can’t be called humans. If you disagree with him, prove that he is wrong. You certainly can’t because he has the Quran and the hadith on his side and you have nothing but a baseless denial that you have concocted for the the uninformed non-Muslims. But these uninformed non-Muslims are becoming informed rapidly and your denials are not going to fool anyone.

Islam is sinking. Leave it now!


Question #14305: It is essential to respond to those who defame the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

Source: Islam Q & A

Question :

There is no one among us who is unaware of what the Christians say defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and we are not unaware either of the gheerah (protective jealousy) of the young men of the Muslim ummah towards their religion and their Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Is it permissible to respond to those who defame the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) by insulting the speaker, knowing that I insulted one of them and some of my relatives advised me not to do that again, because it will make them defame and mock him even more, so their sin will be on me?.


Answer :

Praise be to Allaah.

Defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is a kind of kufr. If that is done by a Muslim then it is apostasy on his part, and the authorities have to defend the cause of Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) by executing the one who defamed him. If the one who defamed him repents openly and is sincere, that will benefit him before Allaah, although his repentance does not waive the punishment for defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), which is execution.

If the person who defames him is a non-Muslim living under a treaty with the Muslim state, then this is a violation of the treaty and he must be executed, but that should be left to the authorities. If a Muslim hears a Christian or anyone else defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) he has to denounce him in strong terms. It is permissible to insult that person because he is the one who started it. How can we not stand up the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? It is also obligatory to report him to the authorities who can carry out the punishment on him. If there is no one who can carry out the hadd punishment of Allaah and stand up for the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) then the Muslim has to do whatever he can, so long as that will not lead to further mischief and harm against other people. But if a Muslim hears a kaafir defaming the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and he keeps quiet and does not respond for fear that this person may then defame him even more, this is mistaken thinking. With regard to the verse (interpretation of the meaning):

“And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allaah, lest they insult Allaah wrongfully without knowledge”

[al-An’aam 6:108],

this does not apply in cases where they defame Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) first. Rather what is meant is that it is forbidden to insult the gods of the mushrikeen first, lest they insult Allaah out of ignorance and enmity on their part. But if they insult Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) first, then we must respond and punish them so as deter them from their kufr and enmity. If we leave the kuffaar and atheists to say whatever they want without denouncing it or punishing them, great mischief will result, which is something that these kuffaar love. No attention should be paid to the one who says that insulting or responding to insults will make him more stubborn. The Muslim has to have a sense of protective jealousy and get angry for the sake of Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Whoever hears the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) being insulted and does not feel any protective jealousy or get angry is not a true believer – we seek refuge with Allaah from humility, kufr and obeying the Shaytaan.

And Allaah knows best.

Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahmaan al-Barraak, Majallat al-Da’wah, Muharram, issue no. 1933. (www.islam-qa.com)


Question 70

You quote the verse 2:191 and claim the Quran says “And slay them wherever ye find them”. But if you look at the context and read the preceding and following verses you will find that it says to fight those who fight you and not to initiate aggression.

This is what the Quran says:

Yusuf Ali translation


Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors.


And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have Turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith.


But if they cease, God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.


And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practise oppression.


The prohibited month for the prohibited month, – and so for all things prohibited, – there is the law of equality. If then any one transgresses the prohibition against you, Transgress ye likewise against him. But fear God, and know that God is with those who restrain themselves.

Reading a passage of the Quran in context does not mean just reading it with the preceding and following verses. You have to also know the sha’ne nozool, i.e. the historic context, why and in what occasion Muhammad said a certain verse. That is why we have tafseer. Tafseer is the interpretation of the Quran. Tafseer means interpreting, clarifying, expounding. It is derived from “fasara”, which means “to explain, to open or to unveil”.

Many books of tafseer have been written. The reason is that the Quran per se is an obtuse book. The historic context of the verses must be explained so its real meaning becomes clear.

Ibn Khathir, arguably the most authoritative mofasser (commentator, interpreter) of the Quran wrote: http://www.tafsir.com/default.asp?sid=2&tid=5008

Shirk is worse than Killing

Since Jihad involves killing and shedding the blood of men, Allah indicated that these men are committing disbelief in Allah, associating with Him (in the worship) and hindering from His path, and this is a much greater evil and more disastrous than killing. Abu Malik commented about what Allah said:

[وَالْفِتْنَةُ أَشَدُّ مِنَ الْقَتْلِ]

(And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) Meaning what you (disbelievers) are committing is much worse than killing.” Abu Al-`Aliyah, Mujahid, Sa`id bin Jubayr, `Ikrimah, Al-Hasan, Qatadah, Ad-Dahhak and Ar-Rabi` bin Anas said that what Allah said:

[وَالْفِتْنَةُ أَشَدُّ مِنَ الْقَتْلِ]

(And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) “Shirk (polytheism) is worse than killing.”

Allah said:

[وَلاَ تُقَـتِلُوهُمْ عِندَ الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ]

(And fight not with them at Al-Masjid Al-Haram (the sanctuary at Makkah))

It is reported in the Two Sahihs that the Prophet said:

«إنَّ هَذَا الْبَلَدَ حَرَّمَهُ اللهُ يَوْمَ خَلَقَ السَّموَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ، فَهُوَ حَرَامٌ بِحُرْمَةِ اللهِ إِلى يَوْمِ الْقِيَامَةِ، وَلَمْ يَحِلَّ لِي إِلَّا سَاعَةً مِنْ نَهَارٍ، وَإِنَّهَا سَاعَتِي هذِهِ حَرامٌ بحُرْمَةِ اللهِ إِلى يَوْمِ الْقِيامَةِ، لا يُعْضَدُ شَجَرُهُ، وَلَا يُخْتَلىَ خَلَاهُ، فَإِنْ أَحَدٌ تَرَخَّصَ بِقِتَالِ رَسُولِ اللهِصلى الله عليه وسلّم، فَقُولُوا: إنَّ اللهَ أَذِنَ لِرَسُولِهِ وَلَمْ يَأْذَنْ لَكُم»

(Allah has made this city a sanctuary since the day He created the heavens and the earth. So, it is a sanctuary by Allah’s decree till the Day of Resurrection. Fighting in it was made legal for me only for an hour in the daytime. So, it (i.e., Makkah) is a sanctuary, by Allah’s decree, from now on until the Day of Resurrection. Its trees should not be cut, and its grass should not be uprooted. If anyone mentions the fighting in it that occurred by Allah’s Messenger, then say that Allah allowed His Messenger, but did not allow you.)

In this Hadith, Allah’s Messenger mentions fighting the people of Makkah when he conquered it by force, leading to some deaths among the polytheists in the area of the Khandamah. This occurred after the Prophet proclaimed:

«مَنْ أَغْلَقَ بَابَهُ فهُوَ آمِنٌ،وَمَنْ دَخَلَ الْمَسْجِدَ فَهُو آمِنٌ، ومَنْ دَخَلَ دَارَ أَبِي سُفْيَانَ فَهُوَ آمِن»

(Whoever closed his door is safe. Whoever entered the (Sacred) Mosque is safe. Whoever entered the house of Abu Sufyan is also safe.)

Allah said:

[حَتَّى يُقَـتِلُوكُمْ فِيهِ فَإِن قَـتَلُوكُمْ فَاقْتُلُوهُمْ كَذَلِكَ جَزَآءُ الْكَـفِرِينَ]

(…unless they (first) fight you there. But if they attack you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.)

Allah states: `Do not fight them in the area of the Sacred Mosque unless they start fighting you in it. In this case, you are allowed to fight them and kill them to stop their aggression.’ Hence, Allah’s Messenger took the pledge from his Companions under the tree (in the area of Al-Hudaybiyyah) to fight (the polytheists), after the tribes of Quraysh and their allies, Thaqif and other groups, collaborated against the Muslims (to stop them from entering Makkah to visit the Sacred House). Then, Allah stopped the fighting before it started between them and said:

[وَهُوَ الَّذِى كَفَّ أَيْدِيَهُمْ عَنكُمْ وَأَيْدِيَكُمْ عَنْهُم بِبَطْنِ مَكَّةَ مِن بَعْدِ أَنْ أَظْفَرَكُمْ عَلَيْهِمْ]

(And He it is Who has withheld their hands from you and your hands from them in the midst of Makkah, after He had made you victors over them.) (48:24) and:

[وَلَوْلاَ رِجَالٌ مُّؤْمِنُونَ وَنِسَآءٌ مُّؤْمِنَـتٌ لَّمْ تَعْلَمُوهُمْ أَن تَطَئُوهُمْ فَتُصِيبَكمْ مِّنْهُمْ مَّعَرَّةٌ بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ لِّيُدْخِلَ اللَّهُ فِى رَحْمَتِهِ مَن يَشَآءُ لَوْ تَزَيَّلُواْ لَعَذَّبْنَا الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ مِنْهُمْ عَذَاباً أَلِيماً]

(Had there not been believing men and believing women whom you did not know, that you may kill them and on whose account a sin would have been committed by you without (your) knowledge, that Allah might bring into His mercy whom He wills ـ if they (the believers and the disbelievers) had been apart, We verily, would have punished those of them who disbelieved with painful torment.) (48:25)

Allah’s statement:

[فَإِنِ انتَهَوْاْ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ ]

(But if they cease, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.) which means, `If they (polytheists) cease fighting you in the Sacred Area, and come to Islam and repent, then Allah will forgive them their sins, even if they had before killed Muslims in Allah’s Sacred Area.’ Indeed, Allah’s forgiveness encompasses every sin, whatever its enormity, when the sinner repents it.

Allah then commanded fighting the disbelievers when He said:

[حَتَّى لاَ تَكُونَ فِتْنَةٌ]

(…until there is no more Fitnah) meaning, Shirk. This is the opinion of Ibn `Abbas, Abu Al-`Aliyah, Mujahid, Al-Hasan, Qatadah, Ar-Rabi`, Muqatil bin Hayyan, As-Suddi and Zayd bin Aslam.

Allah’s statement:

[وَيَكُونَ الدِّينُ للَّهِ]

(…and the religion (all and every kind of worship) is for Allah (Alone).) means, `So that the religion of Allah becomes dominant above all other religions.’ …

In addition, it is reported in the Two Sahihs:

«أُمِرْتُ أَنْ أُقَاتِلَ النَّاسَ حَتَّى يَقُولُوا لَا إِلهَ إلَّا اللهُ، فَإِذَا قَالُوهَا عَصَمُوا مِنِّي دِمَاءَهُم وَأَمْوَالَهُمْ إلَّا بِحَقِّهَا وَحِسَابُهُمْ عَلَى الله»

(I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight the people until they proclaim, `None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’. Whoever said it, then he will save his life and property from me, except for cases of the law, and their account will be with Allah.)

Allah’s statement:

[فَإِنِ انتَهَواْ فَلاَ عُدْوَنَ إِلاَّ عَلَى الظَّـلِمِينَ]

(But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against the wrongdoers.) indicates that, `If they stop their Shirk and fighting the believers, then cease warfare against them. Whoever fights them afterwards will be committing an injustice. Verily aggression can only be started against the unjust.’ This is the meaning of Mujahid’s statement that only combatants should be fought. Or, the meaning of the Ayah indicates that, `If they abandon their injustice, which is Shirk in this case, then do not start aggression against them afterwards.’ The aggression here means retaliating and fighting them, just as Allah said:

[فَمَنِ اعْتَدَى عَلَيْكُمْ فَاعْتَدُواْ عَلَيْهِ بِمِثْلِ مَا اعْتَدَى عَلَيْكُمْ]

(Then whoever transgresses against you, you transgress likewise against him.) (2:194)

`Ikrimah and Qatadah stated, “The unjust person is he who refuses to proclaim, `There is no God worthy of worship except Allah’.”

Under Allah’s statement:

Ibn Khathir’s explanation is clear. According to the Quran, shirk (polytheism) is worse than killing. Since the punishment of murder in Islam is death, the punishment of shirk, which is worse, must also be death.

In these verses Muhammad is justifying his actions to his followers who were mostly Meccan immigrants why they should attack and kill their own people. Mecca was sacred for Arabs and fighting in it was sacrilege. Muhammad says that although fighting in Mecca is prohibited, Allah gave him a special leave to fight in that city. Of course the proof of that was his own word. He could do anything he wished and break all the norms and bring his Allah to back him up. No one could hear this Allah but him. It is not that people were not suspicious, but he created such an atmosphere of terror among his followers that no one dared to question him. (I urge the readers to study modern cults to understand how the cultist controls the minds of his followers. Here is a good one.) Any of his followers who questioned him knew that he could be put to death. Furthermore he encouraged Muslims to spy on each other and report any whisper of discontent. This tradition continues to this day where every Muslim is entitled to even kill his own brother, father and son if he senses his faith is not strong.

In his next attack at Mecca he told the Meccans to stay home and close their doors if they want to remain safe. If they come out to fight and defend their city they would be killed. This is no different than a thief holding a gun to your head and telling you: do as I say and you will be safe, but if you resist I will kill you. If you read just the Quran and read “unless they (first) fight you there” you may think the enemies were attacking the Muslims and this verse is about self-defense. Note how Yusuf Ali, the translator of the Quran, cunningly has placed the inexistent (first) in parenthesis to fool the English speaking reader and give the impression that this verse is issued for self defense. That is not the case at all. Muslims were the invaders always as they are today. Muhammad demanded total surrender and if they resisted, he said they should be killed. Then he said, if they stop fighting, cease the aggression because God does not like aggression. What it means is that once they surrender, do not massacre them. This might seem logical but an explanation is needed. A couple of year earlier, the Bani Quraiza surrendered without fighting or killing any Muslim, despite that they were massacred. It was not unusual for Muhammad to kill his prisoners of war after they had surrendered. This happened in Badr, in Kheibar and in Mecca were a few were put to death despite the promise of amnesty.

But Muhammad was not willing to kill all the Meccans. After all they were his own kit and kin. Not that he cared. Nadir Ibn Harith was his own cousin who he captured in Badr and beheaded. His sin was too big to forgive. He was a story teller of Mecca much more successful than Muhammad, who derided him as well. You can’t humiliate a narcissist and not pay for it. He will take his revenge in the first opportunity. However, for Muhammad, the satisfaction of having his foes humbling themselves before him was much greater than killing them. Also he did not want to alienate his immigrant followers. After all the Meccans were their own relatives, fathers, brothers and childhood friends.

After the city surrendered, he attacked the big tribe of Hawazin of ten thousand people and gave the huge booty that was confiscated form them to the chiefs of Mecca. This show of largesse, (with stolen wealth) was intended to humble his long standing foes and impress them. You must understand the intricacies of the mind of the narcissist in order to be able to interpret the actions of Muhammad.

Dr. Vaknin: explains that for the narcissist “everything is bigger than life. If he is polite, then he is aggressively so. His promises [are] outlandish, his criticism violent and ominous, his generosity inane.”

Here we have Muhammad stealing the belongings of an entire tribe and taking their wives and children as slaves and at the same time giving everything to a few prominent leaders of Mecca. The wealthier they were the more he gave them. Why he would do such thing? Because he was a narcissist and wanted to show off. He had to impress his foes that he is bigger than them, not only he can forgive them but even lavish them with lots of wealth. Thus are the thoughts of the narcissists.

It is very important to understand the Islamic terminology if you want to understand the Quran or the language of Muslims. I already explained that in How to Speak to a Politically Correct Bigot. By reading Ibn Khathir’s commentary we also learned that when Muslims say “injustice” they actually mean “shirk”, or disbelief in Allah and his messenger. These days we hear a lot of rationalizations for terrorism. Muslims accuse the non-Muslims of “injustice”. What they actually mean is “disbelief”. The very fact that you are not a Muslim and don’t want to be after being called upon, makes you unjust and oppressor. This is called fithah and fitnah is worse than killing. Whenever you criticize Islam on the Net, ou are committing fitnah. Therefore you are worse than a murderer and your blood is halal.


Question 71

Can I continue believing in God after I leave Islam?

Absolutely! There is no reason to give up the belief in God once you discover that Muhammad was a charlatan. This is like a follower of David Koresh or Warren Jeffs decides to disbelieve in God after realizing that his false prophet was a liar. What those conmen had to do with God? Muhammad had nothing to do with God either. Yes, it is perfectly okay to believe in God after you leave Islam.

As a mater of fact you can start believing in God only if you leave Islam. Allah is not God. Allah is the figment of Muhammad’s imagination. He was an Arab idol who had three daughters. Muhammad used this Pagan deity to advance his goal of domination. It was easier for him to use a known Pagan god than introduce a completely new one. So he said this big idol is the creator and the same god spoken by Jesus and Moses. Nothing is farther from the truth. Allah and Jehovah are not one and the same. The god of Jesus is the god of love. Allah is the god of hate.

We humans do not know what is God. Muhammad, that pervert criminal, was the last person and the least qualified to know it. Whatever he said about God were lies. He had no understanding of God. God to him was just an omnipotent despot, a fearsome Hitler, a mighty Saddam Hussein, one who does whatever he desires and responds to no authority. “Allah blots out and establishes what He pleases.” (3:39). He is whimsical, wanton and capricious. He can punish anyone he wishes and reward anyone he pleases disregarding their merits and demerits. Tabari writes: “Then Allah rubbed Adam’s back and brought forth his progeny. And every living being to be created by Allah to the Day of Resurrection came forth at Na’m.n. He scattered them in front of him like tiny ants. He made covenants with them…. He took two handfuls and said to those on the right, ‘Enter Paradise! And He said to the others, ‘Enter the Fire! I do not care.’” Tabari I:305

You can’t earn your salvation with Allah through your good work. It is all up to him to decide whether he accepts your good work or not. And it all depends whether his prophet is on your side or not. It all boils down to appeasing Muhammad so he can intercede on your behalf and gain you God’s forgiveness. You can do all the good works in the world but if Muhammad is not pleased with you, you won’t go to heaven and vice versa, you can commit all the crimes but if he advocates on your behalf, Allah will make exceptions and forgives your sins. “On that day, the intercession will not avail, except for whom The Gracious permits, and whose request is acceptable to Him”. [20:109] This is awesome power in the hands of Muhammad. With this, he basically claimed the status of Allah’s partner and counselor.

This is foolish. God must be constant or he is not God. Perfection requires constancy and predictability. Only imperfect things are unpredictable. Is God so corrupt that he would bend the rules for some people only because they have gotten on the right side with Muhammad? Do influence peddling and wheeling and dealing work even in Heaven? Isn’t this enough to see Muhammad was a cuckoo? This is how Islamic countries are run. In Islamic countries you can go through any door and bypass all red-tapes, if you know the right person. Your merits and qualifications are secondary. It is who you know that determines where you go in life. If you know the right people at the top you can get away even with murder. Take the example of Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. In a democratic and fair society this joker would not be able to become anything more than a clerk. But in an Islamic Iran, he is the president because he knows the Supreme Leader. Allah’s court is just like that. How much one must be stupid to believe in these ridiculous charades of Muhammad? This man made his foolhardy followers believe that Heaven is hanky panky and that he has the power to pull some strings with the maker of this universe. Isn’t this stupid? If this is true, is such an unethical and unprincipled deity worthy of worship?

God is nothing like what that fiend mad man described. God can’t be corrupted. Paul said God does not show favoritism. Romans 2:11 Peter said he same in Acts 10:34. These disciples of Christ had a better understanding of God than this self appointed prophet of Arabia, whose only intention was to fool people and take them for a ride.

As our minds expand and we understand the mysteries of the Universe, we gradually start to give up our primitive idea of God as a vengeful loony, who sits up there watching our actions to see whom he should send to hell and whom he should reward, as if he has nothing better to do. This is infantile. And when it is believed by grownups, it is pathetic. How can one worship this stupid god as described by Muhammad? Muhammad is describing his own self. That narcissist is telling us about his own wet dream. Allah is what Muhammad wanted to be.


Question 72

Can you tell me how to find God?

You want me to tell you how to find God? I am afraid you have to find it on your own. No one can lead you to God. This is an entirely personal journey. You must choose your own path.

Trying to understand God is a futile exercise. All I know is that if God exists he must be Love. Therefore all we should care is love each other. We must see each other as members of one human family and do not fight over whose religion or understanding of God is better. If you love, you are experiencing God – you are becoming one with God.

God does not give a hoot if we pray to him or not. He is not a narcissist. He is not a needy psychopath as Muhammad portrayed him. All he cares is that we love each other. So help someone who needs you. Do something good for your fellow humans. This is how you serve God, not by waging wars and killing people. If God wanted to make people believe in him by force, he could easily have done it on his own, why would he need to hire henchmen and Jihadis to do it?

Islam is blasphemy. It is an insult to God. It implies that God is irrational. He can’t convince people with logics but he wants to make them submit by force. It also implies that God is impotent. He depends on his believers to do what he can’t do on his own, i.e. kill the unbelievers. What blasphemy can be bigger than this?

No one knows God so no one can tell you how to find him, what he is or what he wants. If anyone tells you “God said” he is lying. He wants to use you. “God said” is a logical fallacy. God does not speak and no one can hear him. No one can know what is in the mind of God. Read what others say about God but take everything you read with a grain of salt. Trust your own intelligence. Accept what makes sense to you and reject what does not. Particularly be wary of those who are convinced. Those who claim to know, know the least. No one can understand the entire truth. Truth is bigger than all of us. We all understand a piece of it. Listen to others to enhance your understanding but always evaluate what they say with your own commonsense. Reason is above everything; let it be your guide. God has given all of us enough of it to find our way on our own. We fail to use it. We follow impostors who lead us to our perdition. This is our own shortcoming. We have betrayed the greatest gift of God which is our intellect.

Jesus said God is love. This is the best definition of God in my opinion. If God is love the only way you can experience God is through love. Love the Universe. Love this Earth and all things therein. Love the sky, the sea, the mountains. Let the air fill your lungs. Follow it with your mind. Feel and love the life that it breaths in you. Love the trees and the animals. Love your fellow human beings. You can show your love for humanity by serving it, by doing something that benefits mankind. If you can’t volunteer to go to Africa to help the victims of AIDS do your daily work in the spirit of service. Love your parents and meet their needs. Love your spouse – be loyal to her, be faithful to him. Love your children and be committed to their growth, progress and well-being. But above all love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you can’t love anyone and anything. It is by loving yourself that you can love others and love God. Love yourself unconditionally. No one can or should love you unconditionally unless you are an infant or a toddler. Learn to love yourself unconditionally always. Learn to forgive yourself every time. Acknowledge your mistakes and forgive yourself. As you forgive yourself, forgive others too. Let go. This is the essence of love. This is how you experience God.

When love fills your heart, it becomes the seat of God and you become a temple where God descends. God will not descend in a heart that is filled with hate. No Muslim can experience God if he loves Muhammad and hates mankind. You can’t love mankind when you believe that unbelievers are najis (impure), Jews are monkeys and pigs and that those who do not share your asinine creed will be burned in hell. The farthest people from God are Muslims. They have shun themselves from God and his love by a veil. Look at them! Look how they live and how they are constantly waging war with others and with each other. look how miserable they are. They are worshipping Satan. They are filled with hate and this is what they get as the result. Jesus said “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” (Matthew 7: 15) Then he added, “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Look at the fruit of Islam. A cursory look at the Muslim world is enough to know Muslims are misguided.

Hate and love do not mix. A heart that is filled with hate has no room for love, and therefore, no room for God. Muslims, to the extent that they follow Muhammad, have distanced themselves from God. They are incapable of loving and as such have deprived themselves from God’s love. In hate they come, in hate they live and in hate they die.


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Derfor er disse ressursene mest overraskende tjenester for alle. For å oppnå 150 kontanter må lån kandidaten krever for å oppnå klartekst kvalifisert som den fundamentalt en beboer på Storbritannia som burde ha en fast inntekt av £1000 med en livlig bankkonto. Med hjelp av £1000 lån søkeren kan fjerne alle sine avventer kontingent som t betale sin gjeld, skolepenger, Helse Sjekk regninger og strømregninger og så videre naturlig. I tillegg må kandidaten ikke kast bort tiden ved å besøke selskapet ansvarlig organisasjon og vente i lange køer for å benytte denne kreditt; også kall vi ikke til noen faksing. Eventuelle UK kandidat til gjør en anmodning om denne rekke støtte må frigjøre en problemfri gratis online samsvar skjema med alle hans / hennes private opplysninger og sende det til selskapet ansvarlig. Kandidaten kan få disse midlene varierer fra 80 pounds opptil 1500 pounds og kan betale tilbake antallet innen 1 måned. 200 forbrukslån er riktig matchet for folk med ubehagelig kreditt-kontoen. Likevel kan kandidater med konkurs, etterskuddsvis, standarder og sene betalinger nå lett fjerne av alle sin avgjørende kontingent ærlig. I tillegg gis disse ressursene til låntakeren innen en time etter innsending. 1000 pund lån hjelpe UK låntakere å oppnå sin forsyninger med enkelhet på nøyaktig tid. Disse fremskrittene er meget smertefri og krever ikke mye sertifisering. Innen 24 timer etter innsending blir penger avsatt i søkerens bankkonto. Mest fremtredende trekk om disse midlene er at løperen kan gjenopprette deres kreditt score for å få en anstendig bilde i samfunnet. Online aksept vil hjelpe UK hjemmehørende å få rask godkjenning. Kandidaten alltid bør gjøre en innsats å betale lånet totalt til rett tid eller annet utlåner kan ta en alvorlig handling. 1000 forbrukslån - lover å løse tusen mindre penger problemer Noen av gjelden kan jage deg i lang tid. Du ville ikke ha nok penger til å betale fra lommen som du ikke tjener mye. Du vet aldri hva som skjer videre! Plutselig du går til en avdelinger butikk og kjøpe noen matvarer og andre essensielle varer. Deretter må finne du deg selv landet opp med store regninger. Det vil bringe store problemer for deg. Ellers bilen bryter ned i midten av veien og du ville ikke ha nok penger til å betale for skader eller reparasjoner. Du vil få søvnløse netter til og med mindre du finne tilstrekkelig kontanter å se din nærmeste eller nærmeste slektning lå syk på en fjern plass. Med fast inntekt på $1000, ville du bli kvalifisert for 1000 forbrukslån. Faktisk ville månedlige penge problemet bli gjenopprettet til gode forhold. Lindre deg fra kortsiktig gjeld ved hjelp av 1000 forbrukslån. Du trenger ikke å løfte noen sikkerhet mot lånet beløp. Dette er kortsiktige lån varierer mellom $100 og $1000. Rente ville være høyere. Få litt mer informasjon gjennom Internett. Du vil finne nyttig informasjon fra webområder. Disse nettstedene representerer online lån tilretteleggere. Undersøke vilkårene før du registrerer deg. Det er ikke noe skade på nytt bekreftet eller rechecked av dine venner og slektninger. Liten bit uforsiktighet får du lastet med mer byrder. Du ville ikke være disowned av lån tilrettelegger for å opprettholde dårlig kreditthistorie. Du ville ikke være godkjent for andre dårlig faktorer som tingretten dommer, foreclosures, konkurs, ubesvarte betalinger, etc. Disse lånene er kjent som 1000 lån uten kredittsjekk. Nedbetaling vil variere fra 14 til 31 dager. Trenger å nevne relevant informasjon ved å fylle opp online søknadsskjema som er som følger: A) må være statsborger i USA. B) bør nevne jobb detaljene med den faste inntektskilde. Det ville bestemme muligheten til nedbetaling. C) It må nevne bankkonto detaljer som ikke bør være mer enn 3 måneder gammel. Det ville bli brukt for pengetransaksjoner. Sende et online søknadsskjema fullført med nødvendig informasjon til sikret område av utlåner. Lånebeløpet ville bli satt i til din bankkonto. Deretter vil du kunne bruke lånebeløpet slik du ønsker. 12 måneders forbrukslån - ypperlig kontanter løsning i krise Storbritannia har en utmerket finanspolitikken markedet oppsett som hjelper flere personer i landet i settling dagen penger relaterte problemer. Det finnes flere typer fremskritt i dette markedet som enkelt tar hver økonomiske behov for enkelt. På den samme måte folket som er avhengige av sine månedlige inntekter for deres behov de har bedre mulighet for å få penger til de får deres lønning. Ja med 12 måned forbrukslån kan folk møte deres behov og kostnader uten problemer. Denne forhånd er eksklusive hele prosessen med bekreftelse og papirarbeid. Dette er et kortsiktig lån mulig for alle type av låntakere. 6 måneders forbrukslån @ Dette forhånd er oppnåelig online. Låntakere er gratis gjør papir dokumentasjon. Långiverne tilbyr Sendeskjema på sine respektive nettsteder. Tilgjengelig søknadsskjemaer skal fylles ut av låntakere og må sendes inn til långivere. Programmet må fylles ut grundig ingen falske detaljer. Etter å ha mottatt skjemaet på financers kontroller det samme og deretter godkjenne lånet. Lån penger blir sluppet på to måter. Penger enten blir avsatt i fordringshaveren konto eller finansier problemer en sjekk til låntakeren. Samme dag forbrukslån @ 12 måned forbrukslån er tilgjengelig uten garanti. Kandidatene er frigjort fra pantsettelse sikkerhet mot denne godskrive. Kort sagt kan folk ta bort penger uten sikkerhet. Personer med dårlig kreditt score er også akseptert av financers for dette lånet. Defaulters, etterskuddsvis, konkurs, skyldneren, spiller ingen rolle for finansier. Kort sagt dette lånet gjort for personer med fratatt kreditorer bare. Långiverne tilbyr tilstrekkelig mengde penger via dette forhånd. Låntakere kan oppfylle sine grunnleggende behov og ønsker ved hjelp av dette lånet. Dette forhånd er gratis fra papir program. forbrukslån @ Låntakere får en viss frist for sammensetningen dette lånet. Hver låntakeren har å gjøre det et poeng å se at han settles lånet innenfor denne tidsrammen. Låntakere faller Gesner på betalingsdato og krever litt mer dager tid så han kan informere utlåner om det og kan få ekstra tid. På sen betaling er låntakere ansvarlig for å betale høye kostnader for straff mot samme. Derfor er det tilrådelig å låntakere å tilbakebetale lånet tid i stedet for disbursing ekstra beløp som straff. Denne godskrive tilbyr utmerket nedbetaling vilkår med utmerket kontantbeløp. Tekst lån @ 12 måneders forbrukslån: nedbetaling er ikke et problem Har du alltid tenkt som kan være den største slags fremskritt? Er du alltid kjører her og der i perfekt form for finans? Vil du ta opp hva slags fremskritt som vil alltid gi deg en slags lykke? Vil du ta opp disse fremskritt slik at du kan betale utestående regninger? Hvis ja, er endelige svar på alle de ovennevnte spørsmålene så er det ingen andre bedre alternativ enn 12 måneders forbrukslån. Slike fremskritt er rolig forbløffende og vil alltid få en ekstrem glede og smil på de står overfor. Dette regnskapsåret hjelpe gir den slags fremskritt som alltid kan vise seg for å være det mest fordelaktig til alle de tjene eller selv lønn klassen folk i Storbritannia. Dette er det fordi slike typer fremskritt vanligvis til stede en kortsiktig pakke til låntaker som kan enkelt betales av den lønn klasse på slutten av måneden når han får sin lønn sjekk. I enkle ord, låntaker kan enkelt betale tilbake hele den lånt figur til respektive utlåner på slutten av måneden fra hans eller hennes månedslønn uten risiko og derfor uten komplikasjoner som oppstod. For å søke om disse lånene må låntaker ikke faks alle papir eller dokumenter til utlåner å få beløpet. Låntaker må bare gi noen av hans personlige detaljer som hans navn, alder, kjønn og lønn. Etter denne prosessen med bekreftelse fra långivere er gjort og etter bekreftelse långivere vil gi umiddelbar godkjenning og overføre beløp direkte i sin bankkonto. Som navnet antyder, er nedbetalingstid for disse lånene 6 måneder. Hele prosessen er rask og enkel låntaker kan enkelt fylle ut skjemaet uten å forlate bekvemmeligheten av sitt hjem. Tilbys av disse lånene er ganske anstendig. Dette beløpet avhenger av låntakere krav og repaying evne. Noen betalte person kan låne økonomi med god eller dårlig kreditthistorie som 12 måneders forbrukslån ikke prosessen med kredittsjekk. Dette gir fordeler for folk vender dårlig kreditt problemer som CCJs, IVA, konkurs, etterskuddsvis, standard eller sen betaling for å søke om disse lånene og få ønsket mengde i rask tid. Hastigheten av interesse høyere men websøk kan hjelpe låntakere å lande selv en rettferdig avtale. Lånte beløpet kan benyttes enkelt for ulike formål som betaler av uventede regninger, kredittkort regninger, medisinske regninger, av dagligvarer, elektrisitet, gass osv. 12 måneder forbrukslån beste pakken av kontanter Behovet for pengene slutter aldri mens situasjonen og tid ting vokser som kravet til mer penger. Dermed for å gi en følelse av lettelse, mange finans-bedrifter har kommet opp med svarer lån ordninger for å dra av folk som har falt i mørke avgrunn av finansielle knase. For å takle tilbyr hinder selskapene en lukrativ lån ordning kalt 12 måned forbrukslån. Lånet anlegget er i hovedsak gunstig for arbeider eller lønnede klasse leter lån å møte deres daglige behov. Kreditten også gir prosedyren involvert noen spørsmål om arbeidet betegnelse, evnen til lån nedbetaling og andre relaterte tilleggsinformasjon. På den andre er tilbakebetaling av dette lånet enkelt der folk kan betale i avdrag i tid. Å erverve 12 måneders forbrukslån en person må ha en aktiv bankkonto, han/hun må tilhører Storbritannia og må være en arbeider person med minst seks måneder lønn slip å vise. Trenger haster penger å holde liv hekk i sjakk? Hvis du er lønnede personen så trenger ikke å bekymre deg fordi du har nå bedre alternativ å nyte lett lån etter jobb betegnelsen. 12 måneders forbrukslån er slike lånefasilitet hvor du kan nyte enkel kreditt anlegget som din jobb betegnelse og tilbakebetaling kapasitet. 12 måneder forbrukslån er investeringer som er tilgjengelig for alle slags karakter. Det er gjort blant dårlige og gode kreditt ranker. Dette gjør det klart at en person med berøvet finansielle rating kan ta tak i dette penger. Penger pakken som vil få en i denne kreditten er rolig nok. Ulike lyster og ønsker på personen kan oppfylles med dette penger. Dette penger kan brukes til å møte noen av de hjemlige kostnadene som betaling av strømregningen, telefonregning, betale kontingent av kredittkortet ditt, gjenopprette utgiftene til renovering av din hjem etc. Man kan enkelt lage program for dette lånet uten noe svinn av tid og uten å sette noen innsats for samme. Det er ingen papir credential spurt av utlåner for å gjøre en klage. I stedet tilbys online søknad anlegget i hver enkelt. Dette er den best måten for hele personen for å gjøre øyeblikkelige program. Den aller første tingen som personen har å gjøre for å lage en underskriftskampanje for lånet er logge på nettstedet til utlåner, og derfra har sende medfølgende innlevering skjemaet til utlåner. Enkelt må sørge for at han har gitt alle riktig detaljer i skjemaet. 15 reverse forbrukslån myter avdekket Mens reverse forbrukslån blir stadig mer populært det er fortsatt mange tankefeil om dem som skal ryddes. Disse misforståelsene er ikke de eneste finner du. De som er nevnt i denne artikkelen men er det mest utbredte. Denne artikkelen vil fokusere på oppklaring topp 15 reverse forbrukslån myter. 1. banken overtar eierskapet av eiendommen. Dette er en av de største mytene rundt. Omvendt lån er lån. Som alle andre lån beholder låntakeren etiketten. 2. egenskapen må ha null gjeld på den. En egenskap med en utestående forbrukslån kan fortsatt kvalifisere. Utestående forbrukslån beløp kan betales med omvendt forbrukslånet. 3. kostnader er høy. Alle avsluttende kostnader kan finansieres dermed kutte den fryktede ut av lomma kostnader vanligvis forbundet med et vanlig forbrukslån. Disse lånene er regulert av FHA så bare HUD godkjent avgifter er tillatt. 4. betalinger månedlig. Denne type lån krever ikke betaling, bare når lånet er grunn eller andre omstendigheter oppstår som låner flytter eller forgår. 5. låntaker får midler umiddelbart. Låntaker kan velge hvor de vil motta betalinger via følgende alternativer: nåverdi, månedlige innbetalinger eller som en linje av kreditt trukket som låner ser passe. Låntakere kan også velge å motta midler i en kombinasjon av det over omtalte veier. 6. hjem egenkapital konvertering forbrukslån (HECM)-lån håndteres av Federal Housing Authority (FHA) eller regjeringen. Disse lånene utstedes privat. Regjeringens rolle er bare for å sikre mot standard og ingenting mer. 7. kun visse hjem er kvalifisert: nesten hver enkelt type hjem er kvalifisert for denne type forbrukslån. I tilfelle av mobile hjem må de har blitt bygget i de siste 30 årene. Låntaker må eie land mobile hjem sitter på. Mobile hjem må plasseres på en slags permanent grunnlag. Noen condos og rekkehus er også kvalifisert. 8. en reverse forbrukslån kan bli overlevd. Ett hus fortsetter å leve i hjemmet som sine primære bolig og fortsetter å betale skatt og forsikring vil ikke lånet forfall. 9. du må ha en god kreditt score å kvalifisere. Det er bare to primære krav må oppfylles for å kvalifisere. Låntaker må være minst 62 år, og egenskapen må være sine primære bolig. Din kreditthistorie eller finansielle status har liten betydning til utlåner. 10. lånesaldo vil overstige egenskapsverdien. Det er mulig i noen tilfeller at verdien av lånet er høyere enn verdien av eiendommen. Forskjellen er tilgitt. Arvingene eller eiendom er ikke ansvarlig for å betale mellomlegget. 11. kun ville finansielt fastspent eldre vurdere å få en reverse forbrukslån. Ideen om at bare desperat seniorer trenger penger er de eneste som får disse lånene er helt feil. Mange seniorer finne disse lånene er en stor økonomisk planlegging verktøy bruke penger til å forbedre sin pensjonisttilværelse år. 12. når lånet er vil banken selge eiendommen. Når tiden kommer for lånet skal betales re du eller arvinger har betale ned saldoen og beholde eiendommen eller selge hjemmet og bruker inntektene til å nedbetale lånet. Utlåner vil ikke tvinge deg å selge huset. 13. min Medicare eller sosial sikkerhet inntekt påvirkes. Social Security og Medicare fordeler påvirkes ikke av mottar denne type lån fordi de ikke vises som inntekt. 14. det er regelen krav styrer hvordan lån penger kan brukes. Det er ingen regler som forteller deg hvordan eller hvor du får pengene du får. Disse beslutningene er helt opp til deg. 15. når hjemmet er solgt noen leftover midlene går til utlåner. Når lånet er nedbetalt gå alle resterende midler tilbake til låntaker eller deres arvinger. Mange av disse reverse forbrukslån myter forbrukerne har kommet fra frykt eller misforståelse om hvordan disse lånene arbeid. Når en forbruker forstår fordelen er de kan ta bedre informerte beslutninger. 3 viktige Mortgage refinansiere Secrets må du velge rett hjem lån Selv om redusere dine månedlige forbrukslån betalingen er alltid attraktive, ikke la en litt lavere forbrukslånsrente lure deg. Hvis du ikke er forsiktig når du tenker en forbrukslån refinansiering, kan du koste deg mer i utgifter enn hva du lagrer i månedlige innbetalinger, og ikke engang vet det. (Selv med såkalte "gratis" forbrukslån.) Refinansiering et hjem lån har mer til det enn det som vises på overflaten. Husk å konsultere med en profesjonell før du får deg selv til noe du ikke kan tilbakeføre forbrukslån. Feil #1: Venter på lavere rente. forbrukslån er notorisk uforutsigbar. Ingen kan spekulere på forbrukslån med nok nøyaktighet å vinne hver gang. Hvis priser er attraktivt, kan du vurdere refinansiering. Hvis du gjør det riktig, og prisene gå ned igjen senere, kan du alltid refinansiere igjen. Hvis prisene gå ned betraktelig før du fullføre lånet, kan du alltid endre forbrukslån meglere. Hvis prisene går, vil du være glad du låst den opprinnelige hastigheten i! Feil #2: Ikke shopping rundt nok med lokale forbrukslån bankfolk/meglere. E-lån og utlån tre andre online forbrukslån nettbutikker er stor, men vær forsiktig! De er nasjonale forbrukslån shopping-områder. Det kan høres fint fordi du får forbrukslån långivere fra hele landet konkurrerer om virksomheten din, men vær forsiktig - noen utlåner enn et forbrukslån som er kjent med utlån i hjem-staten ikke vil være kjent med lokal praksis, og som kan koste deg på mange måter. Det kan ikke bare koste du at lavere rente, men avhengig av andre omstendighetene, det kan faktisk føre du savner at vindu av muligheter. Feil #3: Ikke se på hele bildet. Hvis du har vært å betale forbrukslån for flere år, kan hvor lagret hver måned ved refinansiering ikke lagre så mye som du tror. Faktisk, koster det vanligvis langt mer enn folk tror! Med andre ord, hvis du er 10 år i din forbrukslån, ville Refinansiering ditt forbrukslån gjøre deg starte på nedbetaling av at gjeld. Selvfølgelig, det kan være flott å spare penger etter Refinansiering ditt hjem lån, men når du refinansiere lånet du har betalt på i 10 år, du skal betale ned det lånet for ytterligere 10 år! Det kan virkelig vondt. Jada, kan det virke flott at du er å senke $1200 månedlig betaling av $100, men når du faktor i ekstra 120 utbetalinger på $1100 som du har etter refinansiering. Sørg for å få en "god tro anslag" og "Sannhet i låner setningen" fra din forbrukslån megler før hoppe inn i et nytt lån som kan koste tusenvis av dollar (om ikke hundretusener) over livet til ditt nye lån. Få din pant megleren å forklare ikke bare hva din månedlige betaling vil bli, men også hva din nye lånesaldo sammenlignet med gamle lånet hva nye renten er og hvor mange år du vil legge til tidsplanen tilbakebetaling hvis du refinansiere. 3 måneders forbrukslån - for å utrydde monetære Stigma Tilstrekkelige midler på kontoen sikrer at du kan overvinne midten måned problemer innen kort tid. Men mangel på midler forlate deg forvirret i et omfang som du faller byttedyr til sykdommer. Ikke være knust når fast i slike tilfeller. Bare gjelde for 3 måneders forbrukslån, en unik finanspolitikken hjelp laget spesielt for de som bor i Storbritannia. Eneste hensikt å introdusere dette lånet var å hjelpe lønnede klasse bosatt i Storbritannia. Uforutsette midten av måneden problemer som medisinske regninger, bryllup utgifter, ferie eller barneklubb pedagogiske behov må være død umiddelbart uten forsinkelse. Det er i tilfeller som dette kan du søke om denne rask ennå enkel lånefasilitet uten en tanke. Som selve navnet tilsier, er disse lånene godkjent for deg for en svært kort periode. Det betyr en låntaker kan bruke mottatt penger for å møte denne kortsiktige behov. Utstedt under dette lånet anlegget er tilstrekkelig for petite behov. Du kan benytte midler i dag for å overvinne problemene og tilbakebetale lånet beløp innenfor et spenn på tre måneder. Penger-långivere forstå din haster, og dermed tilby kreditt uten å be deg om å forklare hensikten. Det er mange fordeler med å skaffe dette lånet. Långivere overføre penger inn på sparekonto uten gjennomføre kreditt sjekker. Nå som har virkelig jobbet for dem som lider av forferdelige kreditt-status og leve et liv merket med konkurs, individuelle frivillige ordninger, foreclosures, insolvens, hoppes over eller ubesvarte betalinger, sen betaling eller tingretten dommer. Inntil noen år tilbake, var dette bestemt segmentet nektet lån på grunn av de åpenbare grunnene. Men er de nå fri til å søke om det uten å nøle maur. En annen funksjon som fanger fancy låntakere er pant gratis godkjenning. Å være usikret i naturen, er disse lånene åpne for alle om ikke huseiere eller leietakere. I tillegg finnes det folk som ikke ønsker å risikere sine verdifulle eiendeler mens søknad om lån. Disse lånene er bare riktig hakke for dem. Å være kortsiktige og usikrede i naturen, kommer kreditt avansert gjennom dette lånet på litt høy rente i forhold til andre standard lån. Som ingen gang er bruke i sivile evalueringsprosess, lån fremgangsmåten raskere. Du kan bruke for 3 måneders forbrukslån direkte fra komfort og privatliv på hjemme eller på jobben. Ja, med online-modus i programmet kan du bruke noen timer av dagen uten å måtte stå i lange køer. Faktisk har søker online du ikke til å gjennomgå tidkrevende og kjedelig papirarbeid formaliteter. Så bruk nå og gjenvinne tapt smil innen kort tid. 3 måneders forbrukslån - bruk midler nå og gjengjelde det innen tre måneder Nå har stakk i økonomiske krisen i midten av måneden er ikke til bekymring. Folk som bor på begrenset månedslønn ofte synes det er tøft å håndtere uventede omstendigheter som avlinger opp i midten av måneden. Dette er tiden når du har allerede oppbrukt du lønn. Søker monetære hjelp skjemaet venner og familie synes ikke å være en god idé. Her kan du søke om 3 måneders forbrukslån. Finanspolitikken markedet i Storbritannia har planlagt denne lån ordningen for sine innbyggere. Så, dekke den midterste måneden uforutsette økonomiske problemer uten mye ubehag. Penger-långivere tilbyr dette lånet er brukervennlig, samt elementære. Du kan søke riktig for å hente den beste avtalen tilgjengelig med online tilgjengelighet av lån. Det ville neppe ta å godkjenne lånet programmet. Kontanter vil bli satt direkte inn på din konto. Du trenger ikke å vente i lange køer og deretter bank offiser godkjenne lånet programmet. Tradisjonell modus bruker var tidkrevende samt forsinket. Når lånet er sanksjonert er behovet for det over. Men tilbyr online-modus i programmet enkelhet og brukervennlighet som ikke kan finne noen andre steder. Søker online er trygt også. Långivere vil holde din personlige informasjon sikker en safe. De gjør bruk av den nyeste teknologien for å holde informasjonen sikret. Internett er mye raskere, mindre tidkrevende og enklere sammenlignet med konvensjonelle modus av programmet. De som kjører mangel på penger kan kjøpe riktig monetære hjelp med ingen ekstra formaliteter involvert. Ikke papir-arbeid, ingen dokumentasjon og enkel godkjenning er noen aspekter som gjør dette lånet anlegget et populært valg blant lån søkere. Dårlig kreditt holdere kan utnytte god 3 måneders forbrukslån. Dette lånet er fri fra alle type kreditt sjekker formaliteter. Dette har gjort det mulig for de som lever med blemished koder som tingretten dommer, etterskuddsvis, sen betaling, personlige frivillige ordninger, foreclosures og insolvens å ha tilgang til øyeblikkelig midler. Kort, disse lånene er bare perfekt hakke for alle dem ser for umiddelbar kilde til penger. 3 måneders forbrukslån A finansielle Bliss å rive penger krisen i en problemfri måte 3 måneders forbrukslån gi 3 måneders periode for å tilbakebetale tilbake en godkjent lånebeløpet. Innenfor denne perioden kan privatperson bruke hans lånebeløpet overalt for økonomisk formål uten noen begrensning. Utgifter til ekteskap fest, kjøpe en datamaskin, reparere bilen, medisinske utgifter, ferie utgifter og avdrag er de finansielle forpliktelsene hvor kan man trenger raske penger med en fleksibel tidsperiode for hånden. Mange økonomiske problemer kan oppstå før lønning på et liv i noen funksjonærer. Disse økonomiske vanskeligheter omfatter kontanter krisen i en person som han kan møte uventet. For å rive disse brå økonomiske forstyrrelser, kan en normal lønnede person ta hjelp fra disse lån fasiliteter. Bortsett fra avlønnet mennesker vil denne typen lånet anlegget omfatte ikke-huseiere og huseiere også. Personer med forferdelig kreditthistorie er også tillatt å søke om en rask lånet anlegget. Online lån gir prosessen omfatter bare fylle opp søknadsskjemaet med noen personlige opplysninger som navn, adresse, og bankkontonummer. Ingen faks er nødvendig å sende med dette online lån forespørsel-skjemaet. Samtidig, er uten kredittsjekk laget for en person med forferdelig kreditt posten. Personer over 18 år kan søke om et beløp de ønsker å låne. 3 måneders forbrukslån gir elastisk periode for nedbetaling og er beregnet for å gi en effektiv økonomisk støtte til en normal lønnede person før hans lønning. Kontanter fasiliteter som disse kan oppnås raskt gjennom en usikret kontanter anlegget. Denne penge-støtte er ikke egenskapen basert. En annen er sikret en og folk trenger å risikere en egenskap for å skaffe et lånebeløp for slik slag av lånet anlegget. Begge disse lån fasilitetene bære konkurransedyktige renter for å tiltrekke seg en søker. Et beløp kan man forvente bare innenfor samme dag av godkjenning. En godkjent lånebeløpet sendes direkte til en gyldig bankkonto tilhørende søker i Storbritannia. Folk kan benytte slik type kontanter støtte direkte fra hjem og kontor. Det tar bare en Internett-tilkobling til å søke gjennom en leverandør av lån. Alle disse lån er tilgjengelig på rimelig rente slik at en søker kan enkelt betale tilbake det han har lånte. Lånene skal en lønnede person som kan samle en egnet lånebeløpet bare før hans lønning. Disse lånene er svært gunstig for kortsiktige økonomiske løsninger og også for plutselig dukket penge problemer. Søkeren kan også ta eksperter forslag å velge de beste cash avtale for sine økonomiske forpliktelser. Det kan derfor gi lykke og umiddelbare sjelefred. 3 måneders forbrukslån be pengepolitikken bidra for haster arbeider Når du sjelden trenger litt penger foran neste paycheque og ønske om å betale noen regninger, kan du ta resort i 3-måneders forbrukslån. Disse lånene kan være løsningen siden kan du umiddelbart nytte kontanter innen 24 timer på din bank brukskonto. Imidlertid bør du sammenligne flere långivere for mindre belastende avtale. Du vil bli godkjent for lånet hvis du får vanlig paycheque fra en gjeldende jobb. Du bør også ha en brukskonto i bank i ditt navn å kvalifisere seg til små kontanter lån. Alder for lånet må være mer enn 18 år. 3 måneders forbrukslån kan hente deg tilstrekkelig mengde penger. Dette er usikret lån som du kan låne uten noen sikkerhet. Disse typer kontanter lån kan hente deg kontanter spenner fra 100 til 1500, som er din månedlige lønn sjekk. Du kan ha i en kort periode på to uker, med nedbetaling datoen samsvarer med datoen for å få din neste paycheque. Et karakteristisk trekk ved lånet er imidlertid at långivere også tillate deg å betale på lånte beløpet i 3 måneder i flere avdrag. Hvis du er blant tusenvis av mennesker med dårlig kreditthistorie, likevel, er du kvalifisert til å låne penger til tross for tidligere flere tilfeller av sen betaling, mislighold og CCJs. Du kan enkelt få kontanter i rask tid uten kreditt sjekker fra långivere. Dermed er siste risikabel sak ikke et hinder for penger til å håndtere noen haster personlige arbeider i samme dag. Når du utforsker 3 måneders forbrukslån, kan du betale en gammel regning å unngå sen betaling straffer på den. Du kan utføre mange presserende arbeider gjennom slike lån. Disse lånene også hjelpe deg å reparere en bil for å gå til kontoret neste dag. Ulempe låne penger for haster gjennom disse lånene er imidlertid at lånet er svært kostbart for funksjonærer klassen av folk. Disse typer haster kontanter lån har svært høy APR. Derfor låne nøye. Lånebeløpet bærer en tung rentetermin. Før du signerer avtalen med en långiver, gjør det at 3 måneders forbrukslån er tilgjengelig til deg uten alle ekstra eller skjulte betalinger. Sørg for å betale tilbake lånet på forfallsdatoen å unngå gjeld. Betalt i rett tid vil hjelpe deg å flykte fra slike høye renter. 3 måneders forbrukslån betimelig kontanter å takle haster Mange mennesker tjene en mindre paycheque og regelmessig trenger noen økonomisk støtte. Slike folk trenger vanligvis penger før neste lønning slik at de kan kjøpe de nødvendige tingene i livet og betale strømregninger, dagligvarebutikk regninger etc. 3 måneders forbrukslån kan være godt alternativ for slike låntakere. Disse typer lån tillate tilbakebetaling av på lånte beløpet på praktisk måte. Du er kvalifisert for lånet på bestemte vilkår. En forutsetning er at du bør være i en jobb som regelmessig betaler deg månedlige lønn for ikke mindre enn siste halvåret. Långivere også du har en gyldig og aktiv bank brukskonto å få godkjent mengden lån i den. Alder for lånet skal være over 18 år. 3 måneders forbrukslån er raske penger mellom £100 £1500. Normalt godkjenne långivere en mengde lån en time på grunn av rask bekreftelse sysselsetting post, månedslønn og privatadresse. Du bør være forberedt på å fakse dokumentene sammen med programmet lån til utlåner. Godkjent mengden kontanter er tilgjengelig i kontoen sjekke innen 24 timer. Du kan låne lån bare for en kortsiktig to uker. Utlåner løser neste lønning som datoen for repaying lånet innbetalingen interesse. En fordel med 3 måneders forbrukslån er at du kan rollover lånebeløpet for sine nedbetaling i flere ukentlige avdrag. Slike nedbetaling av lånet er for en lengre periode spenner inntil 3 måneder. Dette reduserer nedbetaling belastningen på din paycheque når du trenger det for andre haster. Personer med risikabelt kreditt profil saker som sen betaling, betaling standarder og CCJs registrert i kreditt-rapporten er også kvalifisert for disse lånene. Lånebeløpet er fortsatt tilgjengelig på samme dag, som du får godkjenning av lån uten kredittsjekk fra långivere. Kontroller at tilbakebetaling av 3 måneders forbrukslån er på forfallsdatoen og så tidlig som mulig for å unngå tyngende renteutgifter. Skanne flere lån nettsteder for å finne ut konkurransedyktig tilbud fra långivere. Gjør det sikker på at du leser vilkårene og betingelsene av långivere før avtalen. 3 måneders forbrukslån-For enkel og rask økonomisk hjelp Hvert menneske har noen eller andre ønsket at han ønsker å oppfylle på grunnlag av umiddelbar. Uventede omstendigheter, ofte ta bompenger over dine ønsker. Det er et kjent faktum at ønsker kan før neste lønning men uventede problemer ikke kan. For å balansere situasjonen, ender opp ofre ditt ønske om å møte de uforutsette behovene. Men med 3 måneders forbrukslån har du ikke mer å forgo dine drømmer. Alt du trenger å gjøre er bruk for dette lånet og nyte fordelene. Midler benyttet gjennom dette lånet kan brukes til å oppfylle uventet krav som ønsker. Bilde bare et scenario, du planlegger en ferie med familien og samtidig du fikk bilen skadet. I en situasjon som dette, vil du sikkert foretrekke å få kjøretøyet reparert enn å gå for en ferie. Men vil å få dette lånet gi deg frihet til å oppfylle begge kravene uten å ofre enten. Disse lånene, sørger dermed for en sikker skutt måten å møte alle dine ønsker og behov samtidig uten forsinkelse. Disse lånene er lett tilgjengelig på nettet. Det betyr en låntaker kan søke om det direkte form komforten av sitt hjem eller arbeidsplass. Økende konkurransen blant online penger-långivere har gjort underverker for låntakers lomme. De kan velge fra et utvalg av lån tilgjengelig. For å tiltrekke seg flere kunder, tilbyr långivere lån til en rimelig rente samt lett nedbetaling alternativer. Shopping for disse lånene betyr at du må lage en smart avgjørelse å unngå noen skjulte kostnader senere. Gå gjennom vilkårene nøye før nullstilling på en bestemt utlåner. 3 måneders forbrukslån utstedes for en periode på tre måneder eller nitti dager. Du kan bruke penger til å oppfylle alle dine behov umiddelbart. Lånene er sikret igjen neste lønn dag sjekken. Ikke huseiere og leietakere er gratis å nyte fordelene av dette lånet uten å løfte noen sikkerhet med utlåner. Så bruk for dette lånet nå og kvitte seg med alle problemene dine midlertidig. 3 måneders forbrukslån-valuta med ingen ID sjekker Når du trenger økonomi og vet ikke hvor å søke har hjelpe fra du et flott alternativ som har blitt introdusert av långivere i UK. Søke etter en egnet og praktisk alternativ. 3 måneders forbrukslån vil være egnet løsningen. Du trenger ikke å vente på neste lønnsslippen, som om du hoper seg opp visse utgifter de vil bare tendens til å øke. Denne formen for fiskale assistanse kan bli benyttet av alle typer kunder. De involverer ikke kreditt sjekker. Leietakere, ikke-huseiere og dårlig kreditt holdere kan også utnytte teser fremskritt. De er kortsiktig fremskritt belastes søkeren en stor rate av interesse i forhold til langsiktige behov. Midler lånte er en stor hjelpe å overvinne din uventet kontanter nødhjelp. Betale alle utestående regninger, bilen reparasjon utgifter, utføre noen ekteskap utgifter, utdanning gebyrer, boligmoderniseringskunder kostnader, rutinemessig regninger og så videre med 3 måneders forbrukslån. Låntakeren kan benytte £80 til £1500 for en periode på 1 - 30 dager. Hvis du ikke klarer å tilbakebetale beløpet lånt tid kan du fremme forlenge perioden men med forutgående varsel til utlåner. Saksbehandlingen for innlevering er veldig enkelt som her finnes ingen kreditt sjekker. Selskapet ansvarlig vil bekrefte dine opplysninger å gjøre visse at informasjonen du er sant. Søknadsprosessen er veldig enkel og tar et par minutter. Når programmet er akseptert midlene er overført til din konto innen 24 timer. Tilkoblet modus er mindre tidkrevende. Alt du trenger å gjøre er å fylle en elektronisk Innsendingsskjema med totalt informasjon. Denne metoden er mer praktisk enn tradisjonelle medium. 3 måneders forbrukslån gir enkel penger med ingen dokumentasjon og ingen problemer av å stå i lange køer. 3 måneders forbrukslån - få forbrukslån med lengre nedbetaling varighet 3 måneders forbrukslån gir enkel og rask cash lån til å møte din haster likviditetsbehov med 90 dager tid for nedbetaling. Lånet kan bli benyttet uten noen sikkerhet og de som har dårlig kreditt kan også benytte lånet uten noen forlegenhet. Når du har en uforutsett kostnad mellom to påfølgende paydays det skal være kontanter underskudd. Dette må du ordne ekstra penger innen en kort varsel. Det kan skyldes en plutselig sykehusinnleggelse eller en uunngåelig og uventede reise eller en plutselig reparasjonsarbeid som haster. På dette tidspunktet availing forbrukslån er det beste alternativet for deg å komme ut av krisen. Men selv om kortsiktige forbrukslån er veldig rask og er enkle å benytte, finner du det vanskelig å tilbakebetale lånet over en periode på 30 dager eller 60 dager etc med faste månedlige inntekten. Derfor bør du velge en plan for lån som gir tilstrekkelig tid til å tilbakebetale loan.3 måned forbrukslån er ideelle for avlønnet mennesker som deg. Noen permanent statsborger UK som er 18 år og tjener en månedlig lønn ikke mindre enn £1000 er berettiget til å benytte disse lånene. Søkeren bør holde en legitim bankkonto i hans navn. Dette spesielt utformet lånet planen kan du låne opptil £1500 og du kan tilbakebetale lånet komfortabelt i lett avdrag over en periode på 90 dager. Renter på disse lånene er rimelig. Også trenger du ikke å arrangere noen sikkerhet for å låne lånene. Kanskje er du bekymret for din kreditt profil mens søknad om lånet. Faktorene som CCJ, IVA, etterskuddsvis, forsinket betaling og foreclosures etc. kan ha opprettet en dårlig kreditt for deg fordi du pågripe avslag på søknaden om lån. Men negativ kredittvurdering er ikke til bekymring når du bruker for 3 måneders lån. Långivere sjekke aldri kreditt posten før sanksjonering lån og resultatet du kan benytte disse lånene uten problemer. Det tar bare noen minutter å søke om dette lånet, og at også fra komforten av ditt hjem. Du trenger ikke gå noe sted eller vente timer i kø for å søke om lån. Fra PCen kan du fylle opp det enkle online søknadsskjemaet. Du trenger ikke utføre noen tungvint papirer. For å låne lånene, kreves ingen forskudd gebyr skal betales. Det tar bare et par timer for at lånesøknad å få behandlet og penger overført til din konto. Du kan bruke penger til formål av ditt valg. 3 måneders forbrukslån: en ordning som bringer komfort i livet ditt Har du ikke nok fondet å møte de ulike utgiftene? Uten penger livet synes å være svært bekymret, rett og du føler veldig frustrert uten penger. Du alltid forbli i sinne, alltid kamper i hjem og alltid få spent som hvordan å tjene mer og mer penger. Tid kan være et stort problem for deg, hvis du trenger midler umiddelbart å løse økonomiske krisen. Og hvis du blir lei av alle slike problem og ønsker å komme ut fra disse problemene så, bør du ta hjelp av 3 måneders forbrukslån. Lånene er ganske lett å kilde og kan brukes til å tjene utgifter på behov som betaler medisinske regninger, kredittkortbetalinger, plutselig tour utgifter, utilsiktet bilverksted og så videre. Hvis du hadde en dårlig kreditt posten og føles skumle å ta lån på grunn av dårlig kreditt posten. Så ikke føler skumle som under denne ordningen når du går for å søke om lån pengeutlåner bare vurderer din nåværende finansielle status i stedet for forrige dårlig kredittstatus som pengeutlåner føler at sjekke forrige kreditt posten er fullstendig sløseri av tid og innsats for. Så ikke føler skumle å søke om lån. Disse lånene inneholder ikke noen form for papir arbeider aktiviteter som faks eller dokumentasjon. Du kunne der lett søke om lån bare sitte foran datamaskinen personlig eller offisielle dvs. du kan ta en hjelp av online-modus. Som du må bare være søke om et elektronisk søknadsskjema. Etter å ha mottatt skjemaet må du fylle alle viktige detaljer kreves av skjemaet som: navn, alder, adresse, jobb profil, lønn blant med andre og sende inn skjemaet på Internett. Etter din innsending av skjemaet bekrefter pengeutlåner den. Så snart kontrollen blir fullført godkjenner pengeutlåner dine lån. Og etter godkjenning prosessen pengeutlåner overføre hele sanksjonerte beløpet på bankkontoen din. Så, alle kan lett søke for lån via sin personlige eller offisielle datamaskin. 3 måneders forbrukslån faller under kategorien usikrede lån og så du får å benytte lån uten behovet av å plassere alle objektene som sikkerhet. Du har muligheten til å forlenge tilbakebetaling av et par dager mer, på å betale en liten nominell avgift. Imidlertid bør du velge dette alternativet bare i tider med ekstrem tilsynekomst, som virkelig gjør lån litt dyrt. 3 måneders forbrukslån: få lånet for bekvemmelighet