Stereotyping Muslims

I am old enough to remember the good days of air travel when people actually enjoyed the experience. Those were the days when people dressed for the occasion and looked...

Islam and the clash of civilizations 4

Suicide Bombers

The following is an excerpt from The Clash of Civilizations by Panini available on Amazon. This is a great book for anyone who wish to understand effect that Islam has...

Ali Sina Interview 7

Ali Sina Radio Interview

Listen to my interview with Radio Jihad Network where I speak about reforming Islam and other things.

Paris attacks 6

Carnage in Paris

 What Multi-Culturalism and Freedom of Religion’ Means to Muslims? Within just over 10 months since the Charlie Hebdo massacre Paris was rocked by a massive Jihadi attack slaughtering in horrific...

David Wood 4

The Quran and the Siege of Paris

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, millions of people are once again trying to understand the relationship between Islam and terrorism. Both peaceful Muslims and jihadists quote the Quran...