Author: Jacob Thomas


A Celebration of Liberty

A Celebration of Liberty By Jacob Thomas Fourth of July 2018 It is fitting on this Fourth of July 2018, that I share the message received from this brave Swiss...

The New World Disorder

The New World Disorder Jacob Thomas    What was hailed as the “Arab Spring” in 2011, has turned five years later, into a horrific nightmare impacting the Middle East, and...

Fifteen Years After 9/11

Fifteen Years After 9/11: Has the West Learned Its Lesson? Jacob Thomas 27 September, 2016 Judging by the way Western political leaders look at Islam and its global challenge fifteen...

The Death of Rawan – An Eight-Year Old Yemeni Bride

9/17/2013 It has been my custom since the beginning of the “Arab Spring,” to visit the Arabic-language division of the British Broadcasting Corporation, for the latest news coming from...

Terrorist Nidal Hasan’s Unending Jihad

So what radicalized an otherwise intellectually brilliant student who had so much to offer his native country? One answer is certainly his Mosque attendance while a student in Hamburg. He chose to worship at the Jerusalem Mosque notoriously famous for being led by a fiery Imam who never ceased hurling curses and imprecations at the Infidels. I can only conclude that ‘Atta’s conscious and subconscious mind became saturated with that fire and brimstone preaching of the radical cleric. He now had justification from his spiritual leader to go on a jihad and do something great for Allah. His aim became to murder as many Infidels as possible.

The Struggle to Stop the Islamization of Turkey

Alewi intellectuals, who had gathered at a hotel in Sivas, died in a fire that engulfed the place, believed to have been caused by arsonists. This incident has become an integral part of the collective memory of Alewis.

The second group is the Kemalists. They maintain a deep reverence for the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Reflections on the Month of Ramadan

6/7/2013 This article was posted on the Arabic-language reformist/Liberal online journal, Al-Awan (Kairos), on 29 August, 2010. It was authored by Sa’eed Nasheed, a Moroccan intellectual whose articles appear frequently...