Monthly Archive: December 2018

Dariush Afshar IMPOSTER

URGENT: Imposter – Dariush Afshar has been compromised. The “author” calling himself ”Dariush Afshar” is posting content that I have reason to believe is controlled opposition from the Left, OR… this is just a very disturbed individual with Admin access to the site. Either way, he has posted material using my name “Eric Allen Bell” to give the impression that I am hostile and gone off the deep end. Furthermore, his use of vulgarity in his posts is trashing this site, severely injuring its credibility. Please everyone contact the site’s owner, Ali Sina and help me bring this to his attention, assuming his is not locked out. Ali Sina can be reached at: [email protected]

UPDATE: 12/29/2018: Upon the authority of Ali Sina, all of this man’s blog posts have been removed for the time being, pending review. All fraudulent posts written using my name have been deleted.

Teachings of False Religions

Any Religion which advocates any of the following is a false religion. Slavery Taking females captive Rape Looting Divides humanity into believers and unbelievers Does not allow questioning Male and...

A merry Christmas, one and all

The festive season has officially kicked off with the now traditional attack on a Christmas Market, this time in Strasbourg. Allah will be pleased, and remember all you other lone...