19 years old Afghani Terrorist Muslim Attacks 2 American Tourists In Amsterdam

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  1. The Islamist Terrorist is just going to be questioned???? This is an attempted murder you dumbs??? Attempted Murder should hold some questions for dumbs who can’t figure it out at first shot!!! Boy this world is in for hell because the western authorities are so stupid and have sold us all out to Islamist countries for nothing but the cost of free murder and rape of our citizens!! Wake up world and repent of your evil deeds before the night comes down and you cannot escape your stupid columny with evil against your own people …for this you are cursed who takes part in such culumny and evil against your neighbors!!!!

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    This Muslim migrant from the Islamic nation of Afghanistan who viciously attacks two Americans in the city of Amsterdam is one of the many tragic jihad attacks results of the hostility, arrogance and hate of many jihad -minded Muslims for Western people, Western laws, Western governments , Western culture and Western civilization.
    The jihadist or jihadists attacks in Western nations be the Muslim terrorists in the cities of Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Manchester, Brussels , Paris, Nice, Berlin ,Madrid. Those jihad-minded Muslim terrorists who engage in those vicious Islamic terror attacks cannot be and will not be reasoned with. They will not respond to either logic or reason. They aren’t interested, at all, in reason or logic. So they have to be dealt with by a strong force of might. Either by the police or the military. For to even try to reason with a jihad-minded Muslim terrorist is just as much an act of futility as trying to teach algebra to a rabbit.

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