Introducing Through These Blues

Older readers of FFI may remember D.C. Watson, who was a regular contributor to our site. Watson has written a book and I had the pleasure to speak with him about it.

Ali Sina:  D.C. Watson, welcome to Faith Freedom.

D.C. Watson:  Thanks very much.

Ali Sina:  You have just published a book titled, Through These Blues.  Can you please tell our readers what is it about?

Watson:  Sure.  The title of the book is based on what I have seen with my own eyes both in our country and around the world with regard to the behavior and apparent agenda of elected officials and the Western media, and how both have been used as tools by propagandists and apologists for Islamic jihad, who have made it clear that they would ultimately like to see an all-Islamic planet earth.

The book also details a few of the exchanges I have had personally with these individuals and organizations, as well as their ongoing attempts and failures to intimidate those such as yourself, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and so many others who speak the truth about the Islamic doctrine.

Ali Sina:  Why did you decide to write about this?

Watson:  Well, from what I can tell…  Every day, everywhere, people get up and go about their day, working to take care of their loved ones and just living life. With their daily schedule usually being full, they are unable to keep a close eye on the politicians and media who are paid to protect and inform everyone, and do it with some integrity.

From what I’ve seen out of the majority of the media, it is more concerned with what type of outfit an actress or singer wears to an awards ceremony than it is in reporting information that impacts the American way of life.  It views the fact that a United States Senator took a drink of water during a speech as being newsworthy, and it seems more than willing to paint anyone who disagrees with the views of politicians who happen to be of a different race as prejudiced.

To top it all off, when it comes to actually doing its job, the majority of the media looks remarkably timid as it shies away from actually confronting Islamic supremacist spokespersons when they have them on the various news programs out there as guests. Instead, like circus seals, they gulp down the Islamists’ point of view like it’s a fresh fish.

In this book, Islamic supremacists are not afforded a pass because it is their mindset that threatens billions of decent people around the world.

Ali Sina:  Do you think the politicians deliberately ignoring the problem of Islam, lest they offend Muslim sensitivity?

Watson:  The problem with elected officials is that they +either don’t like America very much, or are too afraid of being labeled as racists by the media or even their congressional colleagues. It’s pathetic, really.  If an attack is proven to be Islamic terrorism, then it should be called Islamic terrorism.  I mean, if we point to one of our shoes, do the political correctness police expect us to call it a hat?

Ali Sina:  What have you said in the book that is new?

Watson:  To you or me, probably not much because we have been in the middle of this for a while.  But to good, hardworking people around the world whose politicians and media have made the mistake of thinking are idiots, there is pertinent information that may be useful to them now or sometime in the future.  These people are not idiots and deserve much more respect from the mainstream media and their employees in government than they have been getting.

In “Through These Blues”, while the leaders of Islamic states, through the United Nations, have tried to outlaw the criticism of Islam or “defamation of Islam and its prophet” as they call it, I figured that everyone deserves to know what has been said about Islam and its prophet and know who has actually said it.  So in short, the book outlines numerous quotes that set the record straight.

Ali Sina: It is difficult for politicians to be honest, especially when it comes to Islam. There are only a handful of politicians who are courageous enough to swim against the current and call a spade a spade.  What about the ordinary people. What do they think?  What is your experience with them?

Watson:  My guess is that the vast majority of the civilized world is already anti-jihad, and those who are on the fence deserve to know what jihad actually is.

Islamic hardliners say that it is merely an inner-struggle to be a better Muslim and fulfill religious duties.

I say let’s unhook all of the filtering and let the truth have its day so people can decide for themselves.

Ali Sina:  D.C., thanks for spending some time with us.

D.C. Watson:  Thank you.

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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